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I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, smelling the Holidays is almost as good as opening presents ๐Ÿ˜‰ I know when about my Seasonal Scents (Winter Holiday or not) I think of Scentsy. If you’ve never heard of Scentsy, I worry that you might have been living under a rock since, oh I dunno, 2004. Scentsy is most famous for their wickless candles or as I know them “wax warmers” but they have come an amazingly long way to offer you a multitude of ways to enjoy their amazing variety of fragrances.

I received a few Scentsy items from my amazing Scentsy Consultant, Thea Wheeler. She’s prompt, always has a big selection on hand (like for last minute shoppers like me!) and did I mention she is just awesome to talk to! She’s super sweet and takes care of her customers- what more could I ask for!

That being said, order HERE by December 18th to get your Scentsy products by Christmas ๐Ÿ™‚

The Scentsy Barย  was one of the first items available for purchase and I’m sure one that most people are familiar with. Scentsy Bars comes in more scents than I can even begin to tell you! With new scents being released and old ones being retired every season. If you’ve got a favorite scent combination, even if you think it’s an odd one- it probably exists. OR you can pop in wax pieces from two different wax bars and create your own concoction! With these waxes, the possibilities are endless and I always like to have several on hand!

If you’re ever in a pinch and need your house to smell “Scentsy Good” (because all other brands are second best, let’s face it!) you can grab one of their newer Room Sprays. If I’ve got family or friends about to pop over for a visit, I usually have time to smooth out some toddler hand and put away dirty dishes- that’s about it! As a busy mom, convenience is key so these ultra concentrated room sprays are a major win in my book! Plus, you get nearly 3oz for only $8 which lasts us about a month between using our warmers!

And let’s not forget your vehicle ๐Ÿ™‚ Scentsy has you covered there too. These Scentsy Circles give off just the right amount of scent to keep your car fresh and smelling great without being overpowering. You can get these Circles in a wide variety, much larger than any other car fragrance company I’ve ever seen!

Last, but not least, I can’t not mention the latest Scentsy sent innovation, Layers by Scentsy. Layers is a personal scent line created with all the Scentsy magic that contains bath tablets, shower gel, shower cream, body lotion, body butter, body spray, washer whiffs,ย  Dryer disks, hand soap, hand cream and my favorite- Solid Perfume. Everything to make you smell just as delicious as your house, but you know, a little different ๐Ÿ˜‰ The solid perfume has a non-greasy, light feeling and absorbs into the skill quickly for long lasing fragrance.

Overall, it’s hard to go wrong with Scentsy! & when you’ve got a rep. as great as Thea standing by you, well, it’s a no brainer! Aside from these AMAZING stocking stuffer ideas, there are many other great deals and sales going on. Like Scentsy Buddies. These are ADORABLE stuffed animals with scent packs inside! You can get two for the price of one right now, a deal this mommy is going to have to do since we lost our buddies! There is also a buy one, get one deal on Fragrance Foams that are super compact to fit into stockings or that extra space in the gift bag you need to fill ๐Ÿ˜‰

Be sure and check them out online and get your Scentsy Fix today!



It’s rare that I have the money to invest in a new perfume. For a “smell”, perfume can be very pricy but when you find one that you love, it’s hard to say no! Earlier this year I got the chance to smell Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb and I just couldn’t get it out of my head. It turned the heat up on my old “girlie” perfume and I thought, this is way more “me”. The problem? A 3.4oz bottle of this amazing perfume retails for $150. There was just no way I could justify this purchase! Then I discovered FragranceNet.com

At FragranceNet, they offer discounts on popular, name brand perfumes and box sets. Aside from the new love in my life, Viktor & Rolf, they also carry other well known brands like Ralph Lauren, Christian Dior, D&G and many, many more. All at a great discounted price! It’s very hard to find Flowerbomb discounted anywhere, which is why I had just about given up the dream of owning this perfume. I received the 1.7oz bottle that typically retails for $100. At FragrnaceNet, their prices are already discounted automatically- this bottle is $80, (an automatic 15% off of their listed price) but you can add further discounts all the time. Right now, for instance if you sign up for their email, you get an additional 20% off!

My perfume came in perfect condition, even the box the perfume was packed in was in flawless condition which is great because I know SO many people love to keep their boxes. Especially when it’s as interesting as the one mine came in ๐Ÿ™‚ My order arrived fast too! I had my perfume in about 3 business days, so it’s perfect for getting those Holiday Gift orders in!

I adore my new perfume! It’s certainly a burst of “flower” like you’d expect from the name but it’s way more than that. It’s also sweet with a bit of musk. It’s a grown up version of my previous perfume in my opinion. I think this perfume screams “romance” and it’s dare I say it, a little sexy too ๐Ÿ˜‰ The best part is knowing when I want to get another, I won’t have to pay full price! If I decided to spring for the larger bottle, I could save over 33% if I shop with FragranceNet! Sounds like I no brainer to me!

What is your go-to perfume & where do you shop for it?

GreenLeaf Gifts


I love gifting home items and at the top of that list is candles. Not just any candles, I want them to smell great, burn clean, look nice, come in a variety and if I’m really in the gifting mood, I want to have the option of purchasing smelly goodies for myself or my gift recipient. I get all of these things and more when I shop Green Leaf Gifts.


At Greenleaf Gifts, they make amazing home items in nearly 30 different scents. From sweet to earthy, they have a scent for everyone and in every form you can think of. From candles and sachets to room sprays and oils. Aside from the vast variety, their products are so well made and the fragrances are strong but never synthetic smelling. Their motto is “bring nature home” and I can certainly smell that in their products.


The first thing I pulled out of my package was this Merry Memories Tin Candle. Both the lid and the outside of the container are decorated with a “visual of the scent” and each scent’s design is unique. This wrapper reminds me of the Holidays and boy, let me tell you, the scent is spot on for the same thing. It’s a little bit of evergreen and holly berries and just the perfect bite of cinnamon. I’ll be honest and say I’ve saved this candle for the week of Christmas. It just makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside, but I DID burn my other candle…


Which was in the scent Sugar Berry. If I could, my entire house would spell like Sugar Berry- all the time! It smells so nice andย  even though it is sweet (hence, the sugar) it is not overly sweet like so many other brands I’ve tried before in the past. My husband does not like sweet smells and I’ve been able to burn this one so much that it is in fact, almost gone! There is no smoke and the candle burned down almost level the entire way. I also really loved the box this candle came in. It almost wouldn’t need to be wrapped if you were planning to gift it. The top lifts up and the candle is nested inside.


I also received scented Sachets in both Merry Memories and Sugar Berry. If you’re like me and have small kids, candles aren’t always an option. These large sachets fill a room easily without the worry of an open flame. The scents lasts for a lot longer than I anticipated. I’ve been using the several I have for nearly two months now and they still smell amazing.


If you aren’t looking to fill an entire room or you’ve got limited space to stash a sachet, they also make a small and a slim version, seen above. These are perfect for closets and dressers and they are a real steal! Not sure what you would do with scented sachets? How about 101 different uses? That’s right Greenleaf Gifts has compiled a list of 101 different (useful) things you can do with their amazing sachets. Check it out HERE.

Just to name a few of my personal favorite places to stash these:

  • in sock drawers
  • in garage or basement
  • in trash compactors
  • under bathroom sink
  • place on guest bed as a sweet welcome

& many, MANY more.

Overall, I loved getting to try GreenLeaf products and scents. Not only did I love the way everything smelled, but the lasting power and quality in each and every detail put GreenLeaf ahead of all the competition for me.


Pacifica Perfume- Lotus Garden


I first saw a bottle of Pacifica perfume on the dress of a friend of mine and I was drawn to the ornate design of the bottle. Without being too “over the top” the bottle was beautiful and simple and on top of that, it smelled amazing! So when I reached out to Pacific recently and they agreed to send me a scent of my choice for review, I didn’t realize I had a tough choice ahead of me! Which scent to choose. They are all so beautiful and which scent would be right for me?

I decided on Lotus Garden. I love the smell of Lotus flowers and I thought this bottle design was perfectly my style, but it was what the founder said about her inspiration for this fragrance that really sold me on it. “The lotus, said to always be looking for its place in the sun, is a symbol of strength, unyielding passion, spiritual enlightenment and unconditional love. This fragrance is dedicated to all who seek such beauty in life.” Maybe I’m a sap, but I love the idea of live being a journey. Of always looking to do better and be a better person at whatever you’re doing and whatever stage you are at in life. She also goes on to explain where her company, Pacifica, came from. Her love of scents and spices at a young age propelled her passion to crate these scents as an adult, a passion that would one day become this beautiful brand.

Pacifica recently launched their new sample program for online ordering. When you spend $25 or more, you get one solid perfume sample OR if you spend $50 or more, you get 2 free solid perfume samples and free shipping. My perfume was $22 so with shipping, I qualified for one free sample and got one in the coordinating scent. These samples are .1oz, but really pack a punch. It’s great to have this small tin on hand for your purse. There is nothing more disappointing than spilling or busting a perfume in your handbag.

I can’t stop gushing about the design on both the box and the bottle! It’s just beautiful. I’m not usually one to keep the boxes for my perfumes (they take up enough space as is) but in this instance, I don’t have the heart to throw out something so beautiful. Aside from looking pretty, the scent is also what I would describe as pretty too ๐Ÿ™‚ Lotus Garden is certainly floral like you would guess but more than that, it has an earthy musk to it. One of the “loudest notes” to me was the green or earth bite to it. I love the careful balance or girly but the strong, serine outdoors. Both the floral and green notes are wrapped up in just a touch of citrus. I admit, I’m a sucker for perfumes with a citrus undertone and this one is so beautifully put together and the floral is still the star here ๐Ÿ™‚

One thing to note about the Pacifica line is that they are all “top less”. Each bottle comes in an ornate box and bottle, but no cap. I am certain this helps keep the price as reasonable as they are. This intoxicatingย  1oz bottle only costs $22. I’m lucky to find other perfumes I like for that on clearance. Aside from perfumes, Pacifica also makes products for the home such as candles and reed diffusers as well as other personal items like soap, lotions and body wash. Each of these items are made with natural, essential oils and are products in an environment that strives for 0% waste during production. This takes place here in the USA ๐Ÿ™‚

Be sure to check out Pacifica’s Site for purchasing as well as on Facebook to stay in the know ๐Ÿ™‚


Zents Petal Attar


I was recently SO lucky to win a Facebook drawing/giveaway from Zents and I won a Attar in the scent Petal! It just showed up in the mail! It was an amazing surprise to get in my mailbox. I love to get mail, but unexpected mail?!
Well, that is a whole other thrill. Haha.

So, the cute, but simple packaging arrived like this. I also got a little letter telling me that I was a winner from the Facebook contest & urging me to post a picture on their Facebook. Which I did! (I have to say that I was SHOCKED that out of all 10 winners, I was the ONLY one who posted a picture!)

Inside, is a cute little glass bottle. This perfume oil is SUPER concentrated! So even though this look like a small amount and is only 5ml, you can barely tell I’ve used it- A LOT. I’ve used it everyday since I got it and even let several other people try it. It takes next to nothing to make your whole body smells SO good.

The application is actually a rollerball, which I really like! This little cutie retails for $40 and is worth every penny! I love to put a tiny bit on my hand then put my hair serum on top. I work that into my hair and I smell AMAZING all day! It’s to die for!

Zents is generously giveaway feebies ALL THE TIME on their Facebook so be sure to follow them
and sign up so you can win just like I did!!

You can access their Facebook HERE and check out the current contest to win a Full size Lotion HERE. The cool thing is you always get to pick your scent too! Feel free to let them know The Rosy Snail sent you ๐Ÿ˜‰

Glossybox (super late) July


Well…it takes a lot for me to dislike a company as much as I dislike Glossybox right now. So, even if you don’t want to read it, I’m going to tell you all why. It all started the first week of July when I saw everyone on Facebook complaining that Glossybox had already billed them. I waited a few days before emailing Glossybox to ask why I hadn’t been billed. After 6 days- they let me know that my credit card on file was declined. I knew that my previous credit card had been cancelled and we had I updated my credit card information right away and was told I would be billed on the 23rd and that my box would ship the following Friday (the 27th). I was billed on the 25th and my box was shipped on August 8th…to add insult to injury, my shipping email stated that my “July Replacement box was on it’s way”…replacement? Really? That would mean that an original box was ever shipped in the first place- which never happened. During this whole process, I was not once apologized to nor offered any sort of compensation for the errors on Glossyboxes end- that is until I sent a stern email letting them know that I would like more done for me. I was then apologized to…I sent a second email letting them know that frankly, that wasn’t good enough. I got a reply after a few days:

“I am so sorry that you have been having such a bad experience with your July GLOSSYBOX. We will be sending you a few goodies in the mail as soon as we can. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.” So, if this happens, I would honestly be happy with that solution. I think, personally, that this box should have been free. Nonetheless, I am giving them the chance to send the box and 3 days ago I was billed for August…we shall see. Like I said, it takes a lot…

So, on to a review- as unbiased as possible. I got the same beautiful pale pink box, nicely wrapped in black tissue paper, a crown “seal” (sticker) and a bow. Because Glossybox doesn’t have their name on these boxes they make wonderful gift wrap. I’ve saved all my boxes and plan to use them for gifts for the lovely ladies in my life this Christmas.

July’s theme was Summer Nights.

On the reverse is a list of the items included. There were five products (two of which are full size) and a bonus item as well.

Going down the list, first is Alessandro Internationsal Pedix Feet Heel Rescue Balm. It has a peppermint scent, like a lot of foot products do. I’m in need of a pedicure and am actually having a mani/pediย  party this weekend with some girlfriends so, I’ll be trying this then. I am a little confused about the availability of this product because you cannot purchase this in the US- when you go to their site and choose North America, it only shows placed for Canada. So, I’m hoping I don’t love this. A full size at 100ml is $18.50, making this 30ml sample worth around $5.55

Next was a shampoo sample from Sebastian. I’ve heard great things about Sebastian so I was excited to see this on my card. It smells SO good. The full size of this is $14.95 making this 1.7oz sample worth $3.26

And, like a breath of fresh air, they included the conditioner too. I know I’m not the only one that gets frustrated when you only get one or the other. This condition is different because it is in a metal can and it comes out like a foam. Because I’m the last to get this box, I heard from others (namely Erica from Erica’s Primp & Polish) that this does not hold to your hair so doesn’t get the chance to condition it. Bummer. This sample is worthย  $4.21

Next was our first full size product. This is a new product from Figs & Rouge and it’s their Sweet Geranium lip, face & body balm. I heard wonderful things about this products but I am not sure if it’s for me. It smells nice but it is so floral that my first thought was I might not want it on my lips. Once I dipped into it I realized it was SO oily. Like vaseline but even thinner. I tried it on my lips but I’m not seeing any amazing results right away. I’ll try it a little more before I have a final verdict. I love that they went with an organic, natural product. This is full size and retails for $6

Next was the other full size product and it is an eyeshadow trio from Senna Cosmetics. I was happy to see this and in a very flattering color assortment. This trio is called Satin Doll, on their site it is described as “matte light pink and rose with metallic warm plum” This retails for $24 and essentially pays for the cost of the box.

Our bonus this month was one I had to giggle at a little bit, not because it’s not a product to be taken seriously, but because of circumstance. This is a toweled packed with a warm vanilla like scent. It’s vanilla, but there is so much more to it, so I hit the web for a more accurate description “Featuring notes of bright red currant and rich vanilla, wrapped around subtle sweet lemon, slightly spicy ginger, and kissed with a hint of sugar“- yep, sounds right ๐Ÿ™‚ This is a night smell and I think of all the items, it reminds me of Summer Nights the most. I look forward to wearing this to an evening BBQ or get together with friends.This has a sample value of $.92

Over all, the value of this box is $43.92- pretty consistent with previous months. My problem is that I often get this value out of my less expensive boxes, like MyGlam OR I get even more of a value out of my boxes that are just a few dollars cheaper, like Sample Society. So far, Glossybox is the most expensive for no good reason. They don’t have exclusives, or later samples, etc. The one thing that can be said this month was they included a full sized eye shadow trio and I’ve never seen that done, but not everyone received it.

I’ll be updating you all on Glossybox and whether they stick to their word about making it up to me for the terrible customer service. How has Glossybox been for you?

Saturday Steals


So, today, I just went all over the mall in my town and got a bunch of great freebies and deals that I wanted to share with you all!
First of all, I didn’t have to go far, just my mailbox where I got this. A while back I signed up for the CVS Savology deal HERE. You pay $1 and you are suppose to get a $10 gift care and you are given $15 to use on their site. I used the $15ย  in Saveology money and selected this product, waited 24-hours to claim it, then I cancelled. They told me that I would be refunded and my orders would be cancelled. Apparently you have to keep the membership (you are billing $10 after 48-hours) & I didn’t do that. Apparently, the Savology order didn’t get cancelled ๐Ÿ™‚ Sweet.

So, I picked up my little sister this afternoon & decided we were going to Bath & Body Works because I got a coupon for a free Fine fragrance mist (retails for $14) when you spend $10. I wish I could remember where I found this awesome deal but I do still have the coupon that I can send as an attachment so just e-mail me (therosysnail@yahoo.com) and I’ll send it to you! Tomorrow is the last day for this deal so jump on it! I chose the scent Malibu Heat which is a perfect beach-y smell for the summer. I also snagged a lip gloss at 50% off and I got this adorable anchor room/car freshener for $6.50

We also went over to Victoria’s Secret where they are giving away deluxe samples of their new Bombshell perfume if you try on a bra. The only downside to this one was I fell in love with the bra I chose to try on. Maybe next time.
Tomorrow is also the last day for this offer.

I’m a little addicted to perfume lately so I decided to go into Macy’s
and snag some perfume samples from the perfume counter.
All you have to do is ask.
I got the newest fragrance from BCBG, the new one from Ed Hardy & Justin Bieber’s Someday

While we were walking around Macy’s, we saw a big display with these cards. All you do is choose a brand (we chose Lancome) and ask the lady to match you an give you a sample. The sample size is pretty small but it’s a nice foundation and I admit I like sitting in the chairs there and being made up a little.

Not sure this will last me 10 days (maybe if I conceal first) but it’ll be fun to try!

I also got this sample of Chance by Chanel at Dillards ๐Ÿ™‚

Lastly we decided to go to Claire’s and check out their 10 for $10 sale. Every couple of weeks, Clair’s clearances a ton of items and marks them down in red pen. If the items original price was $10 or lower, it is $1 during 10 for $10, otherwise it is half off the already discounted red price on the tag. I got the cassette zipper pouch and bangle for $1 and my new shades were $2.25

I also got this pretty scarf for $2.75 It’s a little warm for it right now,
but it will be a great piece to pair with jeans in the fall.
(it’s got xoxo around the outside, fleur de lis and skulls all over)

So, these are just some deals I happened to get today, all of these are still available so be sure to check them out! Leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions!