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Our Wittlebee Box!


I was pretty much SHOCKED to see my Wittlebee box on my doorstep today. It feels like just yesterday that I was letting them know exactly what my sweet little Parker would like to see in his box πŸ™‚

So, if you missed my last blog post What is Wittlebee?, be sure and check that out.
A quick refresher, Wittlebee is a month subscription service for children’s clothing. It cost $39.99 and you get over $100 worth of clothing (usually 8 pieces) If you’re interested in trying Wittlebee you can use my link HERE & get $10 off your first box.

Our Wittlebee box came in a plain white box the contents were wrapped in bright green tissue paper. I let Parker know that this special box was for him. It was difficult to take photos of it without his little toes in the shot πŸ˜‰

The first thing that stuck out to me was this card attached to the top of the box. It basically let you know what Wittlebee provides in their services and their guarantee that you will love what you get or they correct any issues you may have- all standard stuff. Until I got to the end- Have feedback? Text message the CEO direct…Yes, you read that right. I thought that was a great touch, I love feeling connected to a company especially when you’re paying them for a service on a regular basis.

Because we live in Texas where it is already hotter than hot, we let our stylist know we were looking for some great short sleeved shirts and some shorts for playing outside in the sun! We also mentioned that Parker likes music, stripes and is not afraid of color. For our overall “style” we chose casual. They hit the nail on the head and really covered ALL of those things!

The first thing I pulled out was a swim suit set. It’s PERFECT for our little Splash pad play dates!I love the bold colors and I was glad to see swim trunk in colors besides blue & green.

Next I pulled out this adorable red, white & blue outfit. First of all, my husband is going to love this. He is always picking out plaid shorts for our boys. This will also be great for the 4th of July

Inside the stripe details was a cute drum set & guitar line drawing. Parker immediately noticed this & I think he’s a fan.

We also received two t-shirts. These are great everyday, fun in the sun pieces to add to pieces we already have. This monkey shirt is adorable & something I definitely would have picked out.

The last outfit was a cute orange shirt with a scuba mask and grey drawstring shorts. The shorts are 100% cotton and feel so soft. I wish I had a pair for myself.

One of my favorite things about subscription boxes is trying new products and brands that otherwise I may have never been exposed to. This shirt (like the others in my box) looks and feels really well made & I loved the saying “for little citizens of the world”. That is exactly how getting our Wittbee box made me feel, like my son was a little citizen with his own style. It’s fun to get mail. It’s even more fun to share this with my boys.

As soon as I told Parker this was his box and showed him the clothes, he wanted to put them on- right away. All of them. I made him decide on one outfit and he was more than happy to show off his new duds πŸ˜‰


In the process of taking pictures and “directing him” I would tell him things like, “Say cheese.” and “Look at the camera & show me your teethies!” and when I asked him to sit on this step and look at mommy, he told me, “I look down like this, you take my picture.” Yes, sir!

I asked him if he liked his new clothes, he replied, “I’m happy!!” Mommy is happy, too!

& for anyone who was wondering, little brother Jack is just as happy knowing
that he’ll get these cool clothes when brother outgrows them πŸ™‚

Julep Maven Add-ons for June


Today among my mail was this tiny little box with a Julep stick on it. Initially, I was confused.
Obviously, this is NOT my Julep Maven box.

Upon further inspection, this box is my Add-ons I ordered for the month of June! I checked tracking and while my box did ship two days before this box, it seems to be stuck out in Kent, Washington. Hehe.

Like I mentioned in my previous review of my Introduction box, Julep Maven gives it’s subscribers the option to add up to two products to their box (it does state that they might ship separately as to not delay shipment of your actual box, so no, this was not an error) at an EXTREMELY discounted price. From what I’ve noticed from my options,they are always colors and products that are available in all the different boxes for that month.I chose two nail polishes. They usually retail for $14 each, as an add-on, they are $5. With any Julep Maven subscription you are always given free shipping and 20% off any items. This add-on deal trumped that offer by miles!

I chose two colors I thought would be perfect for Summer: Rose & Sasha. It was great to have these as options because I almost chose different boxes just to get these two- it’s always SO hard to decide!

Just like with my last box, these are super pigmented, dry quickly and smoothly & only require two coats.

My June box should be here in just a few days so I will keep you all posted!
Doesn’t Julep Maven look lie fun! It’s Flip Flop Season!
GET YOUR FIRST BOX FOR A PENNY!! (Use the Code: PENNY at checkout)
Or Click here to read my review on my Introduction box that I got for only one penny πŸ™‚

Julep Maven “Bombshell” Intro. Box


I wanted to share with you all another subscription company that I cannot get enough of.
Julep Maven. I know what you may be thinking, “Well, Alison, you seem to love them all.” BUT this one is all about nail polish and nail care- said the nail polish Junkie.

Julep Maven is a monthly subscription service that costs $19.99. For that fee, you will receive at least $40 of nail polish and nail care from Julep’s exclusive (and oh so luxurious line). Their polishesΒ  retail for $14 a piece! When you sign up for the service you take a personality quiz to establish what “style” Julep box would fit you. I initially got Boho Glam, but after your first test you can choose a different style with one click. You are able to see what will be included in the box before you buy it. (& that’s every month) AND if you are not into any of the boxes offered that month, you can skip. It’s that easy.

But it gets EASIER, you can try Julep Maven for 1 cent. Free shipping, no hidden fees or charges just one PENNY.
Go to Julep Maven (just click here) and use the coupon code: PENNY. You don’t have to even continue with the service, you can cancel as soon as you receive your introduction box! I’m not kidding!!

Let’s break down my Bombshell style Intro Box,

My box came all neatly wrapped with a pink bag and a black ribbon. Everything was not only cute but also secure.Β  There is an option to gift your month or an additional box to a friend & I have to say, whether this is for you or a loved one- it’s so pretty & SO fun to open.

As a little “extra” I received these cute orange and white toe dividers. With summer here, pretty toes are a must have. Especially here in Texas- where yours truly wears flip flops ALL year round πŸ˜‰ These were something that was not mentioned online so it was a nice surprise, I hear they always include a little something.

I received two cards in my box, one welcoming me to Julep Maven (yay!) & one shown here with a rundown of all the things that come in my box. They also include cute beauty tips and pointers every month.

The nail care item the I got in my introduction box was The Best Pedi Creme ever. This retails for $22 for the 2oz size show here. It needs to be said, you just cannot argue with the name. I was lucky enough to have already received a tube of this from a friend on MakeupAlley AND even more lucky that my husband volunteered to rub my feel for Mother’s Day. This left my feet feeling smooth & refreshed….now if only I could get some more foot rubs…

I also received two beautiful nail colors. One is a gold glitter polish, Oscar and the other is a VERY orange red creme polish called, Natasha. I was drawn to this box because of the idea to do an awesome accent nail with Oscar. These retail for $14 each.

So, I did just that! These polishes are superb! Natasha took two coats to become an extremely rich covering. I applied three coats of Oscar for some added pazzaz. These two go great together, but I have already started to think of combinations to create with my existing stash. These will blend right it.

My box’s value this month was $50- not bad.

Overall, I really enjoy Julep Maven. For one penny it was worth trying out- even if I ended up hating the products- which was NOT the case. I have decided to continue the subscription for the $19.99. Especially after getting to view the June boxes! I’m stoked. I have decided on a new style, American Beauty. Every month you are also given the option to include up to two “add-ons” to your box. Add-ons are full sized products that you can get with your box at an extreme discount. I decided to add two polishes to my June Julep box- they cost me $5!


So be sure to at least check out Julep Maven at the above link, it’s one penny- what have you got to lose?!
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Disclaimer: All products were purchased with my own money. None were sent to me & I have never been paid to do a review. The above is my honest, personal opinion. The prize of the random pendant necklace will be provided by Review & GIVEAWAY


Thanks everyone for stopping by for my very FIRST giveaway! I could not find a more appropriate website to partner with. I have been purchasing amazing jewelry deals from since January of this year, in that short amount of time, I have purchased over 25 pieces from the site. In addition to my own purchases, I’ve also been gifted a few pieces from friends and family. It’s safe to say that I have a substantial collection & perhaps a bit of a jewelry addiction πŸ˜‰

For Valentine’s Day this year, my husband surprised me with these beautiful earrings.

These are sterling silver with a diamond accent & generously sized blue topaz & while it may not be lady like to know what your honey spent, I can proudly say he got these for a steal at $12.99. And at Shadora shipping is always free.

My current favorite stone is Tanzanite. It is my main stone for my wedding ring & my favorite shade of a blue tinted purple. I got this beautiful ring as a deal of the day for $9.99. Solid sterling silver and just over 1ct of beautiful, sparkly stones. Just look at it πŸ˜‰

Because I recently took up wire wrapping and other sterling silver jewelry making, I was looking for a cheap supplier for sterling silver chains. It crossed my mind to check Shadora and of course, they had a GREAT deal. Sterling silver chain in your choice of length (16″-22″ in 2″ increments) for only $6.99. Needless to say, I stocked up on these! I use them for all of my pendants. They are delicate looking but so strong.

Shadora has a little something for everyone πŸ™‚ After suggesting to a fellow blogger Laniebugzlikes, she surprised me with this super cute enameled snail necklace! Complete with sterling backing and diamond accent πŸ˜‰

So, to the Giveaway, Shall we πŸ™‚ was so kind to offer a “random” necklace to one very lucky reader!

How to enter:

  • First of all, check out Shadora on Facebook & be sure to “like” their page.
    This is also an amazing way to find out about flash sales and daily deals is constantly offering.
    For instance, I got these earrings for $1! Thanks to a status update on Facebook πŸ™‚ I also scored 3 other pair: White Topaz, Blue Topaz & Peridot. All sterling silver & genuine gemstones.
  • Second, Go to and sign up for their newsletter. They will also e-mail you about their daily deals and flash sales. Trust me, you do not want to miss out on these deals!
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  • Lastly, Leave a comment on this post letting me know your favorite necklace available right now on, be sure to include your e-mail address in the comment!

& that’s it! Be sure you do all four to qualify should you be selected πŸ™‚

One winner will be chosen at random on June 7th at 5pm central time.
Disclaimer: All products were purchased with my own money. None were sent to me & I have never been paid to do a review. The above is my honest, personal opinion. The prize of the random pendant necklace will be provided by

MyGlam May


I received my MyGlam Bag in the mail a few weeks ago & I’ve put off playing wit the goodies inside so I could give a good review and show you all what is inside πŸ™‚ MyGlam is similar to Birchbox in that it is $10 a month, shipping is Free. That being said, I cancelled my Birchbox. I thought it was terrible. I LOVED MyGlam this month. I thought the products were great & I would/will use all of them. In the spirit of fully reviewing, I will say that MyGlam seems to be geared towards younger women. This is only my first month, so I’ll let you know if that changes.

MyGlam is the only beauty subscription I get that all comes in a cute little bag. (It also ships in a shiny pink bubble mailer!) I thought that was a great twist. I have a fairly large makeup collection so having some extra makeup bags around is always a great idea. Plus, if I even got too many or received one I wasn’t too keen on, they would make great gifts or gift packaging. The theme this month was “Love is in the air”. I heard a lot of people were confused by this because Valentine’s Day has come & gone. I guess I’m the odd man out OR I watched a lot of Bambi as a kid, it made perfect sense to me. Spring has sprung & everyone is feeling a little “twitterpated” πŸ˜‰

The first item I pulled out was a perfume sample. It’s made by Philosophy & the scent is Love Sweet Love. & I’m in love with the way this smells. I think it’s a great scent for the Spring and Summer and likeΒ  all the Philosophy scents I’ve tried it’s light and airy but still has great staying power. The perfume vile is longer than most, and holds 1.5ml. the full size is 2oz and is $42, making this sample worth about $1.05

Next in my box was a full sized Studio Gear lipstick. I had never heard of this brand before, but it looked really nice. The packaging is a soft matte black, very sleek. It feels just like NARS packaging, but for whatever reason, it doesn’t get dirty like my NARS products always do. At full size, this sample value is $15

I got a color that I really like called Pink Blush. This lipsticks formula is super smooth and it glides on- not for me. I find that it’s almost too smooth. I worry about lipstick “bleeding” onto my skin & I often use lip liner and concealer around my lips to prevent this. Applying this almost feels like a lip balm, which would be great if it weren’t so pigmented. I tried this lipstick for a few days before deciding it just wasn’t to my taste.

I was SO excited to see that I got two MyGlam makeup brushes in my bag! I got a lip brush and an eyeliner brush. I wondered if MyGlam was psychic for a minute. While my makeup brush collection has grown a lot recently, I found myself shuffling through makeup looking for an eyeliner brush just the other day- tada! The quality of these are great!

I was however, BUMMED when my card included in my package informed me that these were the last two brushes to the set- I missed out on the rest of them 😦 Since MyGlam makes these, I have no way to know their “value” but I would probably pay $10 or so for brushes like these.

Lastly, I got ISS Beauty Nail Bling. I first thought these were like the Sally Nail stickers that are just like nail polish, but , I think they are better πŸ™‚ I like to use things like these for accent nails and with the other brands, once you open it, you are on a strict timeline before they dry up and can no longer be used. These are more like stickers that you can seal on with a top coat πŸ™‚ I couldn’t find the website to tell you a sample value, but this is full sized. (20 pieces)

Overall, I’m really loving MyGlam.Β  I can’t wait until I get my next bag πŸ™‚

Enjoy πŸ˜‰

BeautyFix Spring/Summer Box


I have recently began subscribing to several much talked about Beauty Subscription boxes,my current favorite is BeautyFix.
This was my first box, the Spring/Summer Quarter & here are some of my first impressions when this lovely (and large) box arrived on my doorstep.


My BeautyFix “haul” (minus my EXTRA bonus) Beauty Fix is a QUARTERLY subscription box that costs $49.99. Shipping is free & you get to pick 8 items from 30+ items* (many of them being full sized). Products included in the BeautyFix box are always high end. My box’s value was well over $200. I was also able to save $30 off my first box with the code BFBLOG.
*I registered VERY late in the quarter and have been told that there is often MANY more choices than what I was able to choose from. More on that Mid June when I get to pick the items for my Summer/Fall Quarter πŸ™‚

Every Quarter, you are given the choice of a makeup bag/case. This is considered a “Bonus” item & does not count as one of your 8 products. I had a choice of 3, but I hear that there has been up to 5 choices at any one time! Retails for $10

My quilted bag had a cute “BeautyFix” embroidered logo on the corner. The bag is a great size. Everything fits inside, (still in it’s original box/packaging) MINUS my 10oz Johnathan Product Hair Spray!

This was a bonus item that I didn’t even see on the list! It was well hidden underneath everything else in my bag πŸ™‚ It was a great surprise to find!Β Raw Color Multi-Tasking Retractable Brush Retails for $15 It’s too small to be a good powder or blush brush, but I thought it would be ideal for a highlighter or even contouring.

Global Goddess Beauty i Divine Eye Color – Darjeeling.
This caught my eye because it’s a full size eyeshadow- YAY! & because it is infused with White Tea.
The back claims that is an Anti-aging Chinese secret πŸ˜‰ The retail is $18 for 1.9g of product.

I chose the color (one of three neutral/brown toned shades) partly because of the name “Darjeeling”
which makes me think of a certain movie πŸ˜‰ But it is also a soft taupe that I think would look great on my light skin!

So, here you can see that it’s very pigmented & the application is SO smooth. I expected some shimmer based on the photos online. I wouldn’t call this matte, but a satin maybe. No shimmer. It is VERY hard to see on my skin, but would still make a great base color.

This is the product I was SO excited to get!! If you don’t know Skindinavia is the brand that makes Urban Decay’s All Nighter spray. Of which I own two. I love this stuff & with the summer coming up, a makeup setting spray is going to really make a difference! This will keep your blush in place, your mascara where it needs to be and your face looking perfect hours longer than without πŸ™‚ I got a 4oz product which retails for $29.99

Bella Bronze Olive Oil and Shea Butter Tan Extender Retails for $25. This is good for your face and body. I got this mainly because it’s almost SUMMER! & this pale Mama has hopes of getting Sun kissed! But also, the words Olive Oil. I’ve been hearing some great things about Oliver Oil and what it can do on your skin πŸ™‚
I wasn’t sure what to expect but this item does have a “light tanning agent” in it. It doesn’t smell beachy or chemically, more like a moisturizer.

Jonathan Product Create Smooth Anti-Frizz Volume Serum retails for $26. This stuff smells so good!
It’s like every time I’ve had my hair professionally washed in a salon.
For whatever reason, my bottle came without a lid. I could care, but I don’t πŸ˜‰

One of the GREAT things about Jonathan Products is that their stuff is 100% Vegan.
Am I a vegetarian? No(t anymore)
But it’s great to see companies going above and beyond for what they believe in.

Chella Enzyme Exfoliating Crema Mask this 2.5oz bottle retails for $60 & has RAVING reviews! I could it to try this! While the smell is not great, it does have Sugar Cane in it so the slight sweetness makes it more bareable πŸ˜‰ This was the first thing I tried out of my box. I rubbed it into my skin gently and went about giving my boys a bath, 10 minutes later, I washed it away with warm water. My skin has never felt smoother. If I were to only get to keep one item from my box- it would be this one. without a doubt.

Jonathan Product Finish Control HS Flexible Hairspray. I was drawn to this because it’s HUGE! 10oz & because I own NO hairsprays. I find them gross most of the time, but this one claims to be Flexible! I’m excited to try this with my favorite hair style lately, loose curls. Retails for $30

Again, 100% Vegan πŸ™‚

I got this Styling clay hoping it might be a good product for the guys πŸ™‚
My husband is always playing with this hair now that it’s short &
I figured if they don’t love it- I’ll use it to create messy locks! Retails for $26

I’ve heard nothing but great things about this nail kit! & this amazing color!
How could I pass this up!! Retails for $17.50 & $9.99 OR $20 as this kit shown.
The red color is a new favorite of mine, it is called “Moscow”.

Sounds like everything I need for my abused nails all in one bottle! This is their largest size bottle at .5fl oz.

I really cannot say enough good things about BeautFix. For $49.99 (free shipping) you get to choose 8 items- all deluxe travel sized OR full sized. (all my choices were full size) The website clearly states how many Ounces, Grams, etc of each product you will be receiving. I received my box 6 days after my order was placed. This seems to be typical of Beautyfix πŸ™‚ I’m very excited because I choose to sign up late in the Spring/Summer quarter which means that the Summer/Fall quarter is fast approaching! I will get to make my next selections as early as June 15th!

For anyone who wasn’t keeping tabs: My Grand Total for the Value of my BeautyFix Box IS- $259.99

Beautyfix is one of 7 beauty subscription boxes I am currently subscribed to, so look out for future reviews on those boxes and some of the great products seen here πŸ™‚
Have you ever tried a Beauty Subscription box? Which is your favorite?

Welcome :)


I’ve been toying with the idea of a blog for…well, too long.
Such a small word, Blog. Yet it’s the BIGGEST thing I’ve done in so long.
A little bit about Me, I am a stay at home Mom to two rowdy toddlers, both boys. Living in a house with three dudes, I find myself buried in boy germs. Not in any literal sense, but between the wrestling, filling sippy cups and kissing boo-boos, I realized I needed girl time. I started crafting, reviewing cosmetics, opened an Etsy store and once my hobbies because too big for one site, I thought, “Hey, you NEED a blog.” So, here I am- with a mission. I want to share. Everyday I want to share a small piece of my “me time” with anyone who cares enough to stop by any have a peak. Whether I’m crafting, trying a new skin care routine, shopping or just painting my nails, I’ll let you in on it πŸ˜‰