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BareEase Review & Giveaway


Little known fact, before I had kids I was certified to do two things, CPR (since I was a teen for babysitting jobs) and wax. I’ve always loved beauty products and I have great memories of the first time my mom let me get my brows done. Thanks Mom! But you could have kept the 80’s eyebrows you passed on to me πŸ˜‰ I remember thinking, “Beauty is pain!”. Now that I’m grown, I’ve begun waxing other places, like my bikini area.

If you’ve ever had a bikini wax, you know it’s certainly an “experience”. If you’ve never had one, you’ve probably heard about it from a girlfriend. I’m here to tell you, it does NOT feel good. It’s certainly the most painful thing I do to maintain myself on a personal level! I’ve tried a few sprays or creams that promised to “numb” the area and make the process less of a burden. All of those, no matter the price tag, turned out to be worthless. That was before I tried BareEase.

BareEase is a cream that has 4% Lidocaine to help reduce the sensation (okay, PAIN!) that goes along with hair removal. Aside from the “secret ingredient” that works wonders against discomfort, BareEase cream also contains aloe juice & Jojoba seed oil to help hydrate and sooth your skin.

The real magic behind BareEase is actually not the Lidocaine, it’s how easy it is to use! BareEase comes with a cream that you apply to the area you’re getting ready to wax then, just like you would at the doctors office, you need to give it some time to “kick in”. Your Prep Kit also comes with a latex panty (available in Small/Medium or Medium/Larger) that you wear during that time. With the panty on, you just go about your day! It takes 30 minutes for the full effects, but since you have your panty, you can comfortable walk around and get other things done without worrying about ruining your clothes or worse- having to sit still for that time!

I certainly give BareEase 5 stars! Not only for the convenience but because it works! I’m planning to recommend this to my girlfriends who have been terrified of the pain of bikini waxing.
Lucky for you, do don’t have to just take my word for it!
Three lucky readers will with their very own BareEase Prep Kit OR you can even opt to pick up something for your man and try their Numb Nuts. (funny name, same great effect!)

Click on the image below to head over to the Rafflecopter to enter!

Campus Book Rentals


Soon, students all over the country will be out on Winter Break! One of the most anticipated vacations from school. Traveling back home to see mom & dad and shopping for Holiday Gifts can leave any student a little strapped for cash. So, what about that new class you picked up for next semester? That book is going to cost how much?! Keep enjoying that Holiday Cheer and worry no more, that’s why we love Campus Book Rentals! is the text book alternative. What’s different? Instead of shelling out $100 to purchase a book you’re only going to need for one class then trying to sell it to a picky used book store or find a friend who can use it- you can RENT your book from and save yourself the hassle and the money!

You can search any title or topic of interested on the Campus Book Rentals Website. They have it all. I headed over to the website of a major book retailer and searched through their titles and after searching over two dozen of those titles on the CBR site, I think it’s safe to say they have everything you’re looking for. Aside from every book a college stupid might be assigned for classes, they also carry exciting books to jump-start learning for kids. My boys would love to get their hands dirty with some ideas from “101 Great Science Experiments” & if we rent, we don’t have a book we no longer need after we’ve tried them all πŸ˜‰ Their kids section is very impressive! I’m having a hard time deciding.

If you’re not 100% sold on renting books, I should mention that Campus Book Rentals offers a 30 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you’re notΒ  happy with your new or gentle used borrowed book, you can let them know and their happily work things out with you. Even if that means giving you a refund or even if you just drop a class πŸ˜‰

In addition, Campus Book Rentals is also taking their time and using resources to Make a Difference. With Operation Smile, they have teamed up to help provide lift changing cleft lip surgeries to children whose families could otherwise not afford it. They have promised to donate enough money for at least 1,000 of these surgeries! For every book rented, money is donated. If as a mom I wasn’t already sold on supporting a company that is helping cut costs on books for learning, this certainly has me sold πŸ™‚

If you or someone you know is planning on purchasing new or even used books for school with the new Semester fast approaching, give them this little gift of knowledge and send them over to and help them save a bundle!


Shop Shadora this Holiday!


It’s no secret that I love to shop online at for amazing deals on jewelry. My jewelry collection has EXPLODED (without emptying my wallet) since I first discovered them a little over a year ago. At you get extreme discounts on natural gemstone and even diamond jewelry. Most of their items are set in Sterling Silver, which adds sparkle without the extreme price tag! They add new deals everyday at Midnight so there is never a shortage of new pieces on my wish list!

I recently picked up a new ring from them and I can’t say enough about it! This ring features 2ct of Blue Topaz and even a small diamond on each side. It’s solid sterling silver and had a great weight to it. They estimated this ring would retail $189 which is what I would expect if I went to a jeweler and picked this out! It was only $14.99! Check it out HERE. Most Shadora deals are only available for a short time so I was surprised to see this one still available!

I chose my size and the fit was spot on! Usually Shadora’s rings are available in a few different whole sizes. (This particular ring comes in 6,7,8 or 9) But you can also get these rings resized by your local jeweler if they don’t come in your size.

Overall, it’s easy to get addicted to Shadora’s insanely low prices and huge selection (typically about 100 deals at any one time!) and I’m constantly sending the husband little email hints with links πŸ˜‰ He’s pretty good about remembering. I got an amazing pair of earrings for Valentine’s this year! They happen to match this ring πŸ˜‰



Kidz Gear!


This Holiday season, we’ll be shopping for a 3-year-old who wants nothing more than to be “big”. He’s got it all planned out how he’s going to get a job, driving mommy’s car, get money and go shop for groceries. (namely milk and strawberries. Because you know, the rest isn’t necessary.) One of the many things he likes to do because he is a “big boy” is wear head phones. Especially his Poppie’s wireless set he got last year at Christmas time. The problem is he has noΒ  sense of what might be too loud and as a Mom, I don’t want him hurting his ears.

That was when I heard about Kidz Gear. They create headphones especially for kids that limit the volume so that it cannot get beyond the recommended volume for little ears!Β  Kidz Gear Wired Headphones are available in 5 colors: Pink, Orange, Blue, green and purple. Originally, they came in Orange so we received this color. Parker is a BIG fan of Orange, so we know he’s going to love these. I look a look at these for myself, but we’ve decided we’ll be saving these for Christmas. The ear pieces are super plush and I think they will feel so good on his little head! The cord is pretty long and certainly long enough to work with a wiggly toddler.

Kidz Gear also has a handful of accessories to go along with your colorful, kid friendly headphones. We got their travel bag to keep our pair safe when we decide to travel with them πŸ™‚ They even offer a wireless transmitter and “splitter” which we may have to invest in as soon as baby brother catches on to this fad πŸ˜›

I’m really excited to gift these to Parker this year, I think they will be a huge hit with our noise lovin’ little man!
Who loves a good beat on your Holiday Gift List this year?


Green Grab Bag- November


There are so many monthly subscriptions out there, but Green Grab Bag is in a class of it’s own providing “green”, natural and ecco friendly beauty products every month. For $15 a month (shipping included) you get a Grab Bag with at least 6 samples of natural beauty products. You can sample everything from skin care and cosmetics to bath and even hair items, but the best part, you never know what you’re going to get πŸ™‚

Every month, Green Grab Bag comes packages in a beautiful bag, all made of and decorated with earth friendly materials and inks. Each item is listed on the white card attached to the bag. This month we received 8 products total.

Everything is not only listed on this card, but there is also a brief description on the products and also a discount on almost ALL of the companies included. So, if you find something you love, you can get on average 25% off, which is a really great deal! They aren’t sampling very expensive brands, so they were already affordable.

First up on the list in a 3-some by Purity Botanicals. I got a sample of their Deep Pore cleaner for Normal to Oily Skin (yay, said the oily girl!), Liquid Gold and their Lip Whip. I haven’t figured out what the Liquid Gold is for yet, but I plan to read up more on their website. I cannot wait to try the Deep Pore Cleaner, it smells nice and light with a hint of “earthy”.

This sample of Lip Whip is somewhat small, but when you consider what it is and how little it takes, you’ll realize this will last for a while. The color is beautiful and the texture is awesome. I’m a sucker for lip products and this is one I’ll certainly be using and maybe repurchasing.

Next was a full size ZuZu Luxe (Gabirel Cosmetics) eyeliner in Obsidian. A matte black with cool blue undertones. This eyeliner retails for almost as much as the monthly bag, making it a serious steal! A girl really can’t have too many eyeliners and if she does, she can always gift it πŸ˜›

In the body care department we received a sample of Terra Mia Organics Goat Milk Therapy lotion. Mine leaked quite a bit and needed a touch of cleaning, but there was still a ton inside. I’ve tried several different Goat Milk Soaps but never a goat milk lotion so I’m interested to try this one out!

We also got a Peppermint Body Milk by Isvara. This body wash smells amazing.
I look forward to trying this one too πŸ™‚

Because one of the samples was not received in time to be put into the Green Grab Bag this month, but was printed on the card, we received this Bambola Acai Anti-oxidant Cleanser in it’s place. I was glad to see a replacement, but I don’t have any information on this sample and I’m not sure if it’s a face wash (pretty sure) or a body wash. The bottles contents also weren’t mixed very well and there was a glob of dark orange at the bottom. Not sure that I’ll use this one…

Last was a sample from Jefferey James, The Eye Gel. I’m a big fan of eye care products so I’m excited to try this and it’s got enough for several uses, but I’m NOT a fan of foil, one time use packets. I’d have to store this in a baggie or the like to keep it fresh, not my idea of a good time.

Overall, I thought this month’s Green Grab Bag had a great mix and several items I’m pumped about diving into! This time of year, we’re all searching for the perfect gift so if you’ve got that natural beauty on your list, give a gift that keeps on giving and get her a subscription to Green Grab Bag πŸ™‚

Oka-b “Shoes That Love You”


I have a confession, I may or may not have been loved enough as a child. Okay, random, BUT I do remember feeling like I had the VERY BEST mother in the world when she took me to the mall and bought me my very first (and certainly not my last) pair of jelly sandals. They gave me blisters, attracted dirt and make my sweaty feet reek!

But I loved those shoes until I outgrew them πŸ™‚

As an adult, I get nostalgic when I see gel style shoes. They make me feel a little bit warm and fuzzy, but the fact is, most of the shoes like the jelly sandals I wore as a kid are just flawed. I can’t see walking around with blisters and smelly feet now that I’m not longer 8-years-old. I need comfortable, fashion forward shoes that hug my feet and have people begging to know where I got them! I need shoes that love my feet like my mom loved me when she gave in and bought slightly tacky blue and green plastic sandals!

I found all of those needs in my new pair of Oka-b flats.

Before I even put my shoes on, I noticed the amazing magnetic closure box they came beautifully packaged in. The box has accordion style corners that open up as you open the box. The details inside are just so pretty. I often keep shoes boxes for just a little while to keep my shoes feeling and looking new, but I don’t see myself ever getting rid of this one. I currently have some new jewelry in it that I’ve been mixing and matching to go with these shoes πŸ™‚

I received Ballet Flats in the style “Taylor“. This style is available in 19 different colors and I have to say, I’m already wanting another pair! This color is called Jade and I love to use it to add a pop of color! I just match a necklace or ring to an otherwise bland outfit or dress and BAM, instant style πŸ˜‰

Not only are these shoes comfortable (with plenty of bounce in the sole), but they also hug you feet and never rub. I have wide feet across certain points and sometimes, this makes closed toe shoes a little less than ideal, but with my Oka-b flats, they give just enough to still feel great! They even highlight my tattooΒ  πŸ™‚

Even the bottom of these flats are beautiful. It’s hard not to love a shoe company that pays this much detail to the tiny things in their products. I admit, it was hard to want to break them in with something this cute.

Overall, I thought the selection, price, comfort and style of Oka-b shoes was out of this world! I can’t wait to get my hands on another pair and coordinate more items to match the pair I received for review πŸ™‚

Anyone on your Holiday Shopping list love shoes? Be sure & check out

Starlooks Starbox November in “Light”


This month, Starlooks debuted their first “semi customizable” box in that they asked you your skin tone to make a box centered around whether your complexion was light, medium or dark. I, obviously, fall into the light category…”ghost” wasn’t an option πŸ˜›

I think Starlooks was reading my mind this month because I absolutely ADORE leopard print! Starlooks has sent out different boxes every month since I started and it certainly doesn’t go unnoticed! I think it’s so fun not knowing what your box is going to look like and they usually coordinate with the box’s contents!

Before I get into this month’s box, one quick reminder! (and note) I have to say that aside from their eyeliner, and brushes, my ALL TIME favorite color item that Starlooks makes in their eyeshadows. They are the top of the line, easy to blend, pigmented, crease proof (especially with the help of Starlooks’ eye primer) and I just cannot say enough about them! That being said, December’s Starlooks Starbox is going to feature a 15 pan eyeshadow palette. One the Starlooks website, palettes of the same size retail for $99! They haven’t disclosed which palette (they could even be putting together a special one JUST for us!) but honestly, out of 15 colors, you’re bound to find a favorite and you’ll fall in love with the quality if you haven’t already! You only have until the last day this month to sign up to receive the December box or to gift it so if you’re interested in getting this amazing Holiday box- sign up now! It’s only $16.98 (after a shipping charge of $1.98) and I can’t tell you how great of a deal that is!

This months box is meant to help you create the “Primed Looks” or what I would call a “base look”. With nudes and subtle shadows to accent your skin tone. It’s also an easy way to create that “no-makeup” makeup look. Which I know sounds like a silly idea, but it’s been around and I think it’s here to stay πŸ˜‰

AND…this month’s box!

The first item I pulled out is a Tender Gloss in “Nude”. Starlooks Tender Gloss is the perfect combination of lipstick and lip gloss. It applies smooth and stays in place while providing a glossy shine and moisturizing your lips. I have an orange shade from a previous box that I wear so much that my husband tells me to STOP since wearing orange is such a bold thing πŸ˜‰

Swatched, this color is very close to my skin tone. There is a slight champagne shimmer to this color that was hard to photograph. I’m not sure this is my top choice in lip colors (I prefer a bold lip) but the formula is a win. I’m certainly considering creating a full look to go with a nude lip.

The “extra” item this month (along with a few crystals) is this mascara shield. It certainly looks like some cold time torture device, but when you realize what it is actually for, a little light bulb goes off. (at least for me anyhow) You can use this to shield your skin from mascara whether your applying it to your top or bottom lashes and at the bottom, there are two different size “combs” in case your mascara decides to clump on you. Sometimes I get a full look finished and then I go for my last step, mascara. If I get mascara on my lid, I usually end up putting a liquid liner over top to cover that mistake!

& Last, but certainly not least- a 4 pan eyeshadow palette. I do have to address one issue some people had with this months box, because Starlooks wants their palettes to be easily interchangeable, their pans are loose. Meaning, these pans came without glue, tape or a magnet holding them in. Because of this some people received broken shadows. (one of my shadows has a crack, but it is still 100% useable and you only notice if you’re looking for it)

Overall, I thought this was an unfortunate learning experience for the company and they are quickly beginning to ship out replacement pans to subscribers who had this happen. They will be adding more packaging for next months larger package because they certainly do not want this to happen again! I know that I am one of the “lucky ones” who did not have much damage to my shadows, but had mine been broken, I’d be thinking the same thing. Starlooks is a new company and this is their first experience sending out their “build your own” fill-able palettes out to subscribers so you live and you learn!

I do want to apologize to any readers of mine who used my special code to get a bonus item and had this happen on your first month. It’s certainly not typical for Starlooks and I hope you’ll stick with them to give them another chance!

From Left to right: Identity, Celestial, Brazed Beige & Mocha Move. I received two matte shades and two shimmers. That’s one thing I love in a palette, different finishes. Mixing and matching colors in always fun, but mixing finishes is a true thrill for me πŸ˜‰ I love that this will create a “base” and hopefully we’ll get some colors with true POP next month in our 15 shade palette. (Though I’d be happy with ANY colors!)

With a lip color that retails for $11 and 4 eyeshadows that retail for $9 each, the grand total for this month’s box is $47 not counting the extra mascara shield. I was certainly NOT expecting such a high value box just before December! I cannot wait to play with these gorgeous colors and come up with a look I love to suit my new creamy nude lip shade πŸ™‚

If you do decide to take a chance with Starlook, please let them know you heard about them here on The Rosy Snail πŸ™‚

Twistbands, the Perfect Stocking Stuffers.


As the oldest of 3 sisters, I’ve got two teenagers that look up to me for what’s new and exciting in the beauty market, so this year, I’ll be excited to gift them something not only useful, but also fashion forward. Enter, Twistbands.

If you are a subscriber to a few select monthly subscription boxes, you’ve likely already been able to get your hands on a few of these Hair TieΒ  Twistbands. They come in so many colors and patterns that you can coordinate them to literally any outfit. Looking at these, you might wonder what the big deal is. A hair tie is a hair tie, right? Wrong. When I think about throwing my do up in bun or pony tail, I think of one major thing- creases. Some days I spend 20 minutes getting my hair straight or my curls in place and that last thing I want to do mid day is put a hair tie in my hair that is going to ruin all that work!

Twistbands are soft and flexible, but still get the job done. They will not leave lines in or hair, pull your hair or cause any frizz.

You can purchase Twistband hair ties individually or in premade. I received the Jessica Hair Tie Set. This sets colors reminds me of the ocean, but they also make great winter colors! These are original thickness, but they also recently came out with a “skinny” version of these.
When you order a set, you get them packages on a cute little “chain” making them easy to keep up with!

Twistbands also makes head bands! They are just as soft and also create a crease free hair style. I received a set of headbands in tie-dye . This is the Angela set in blonde, brown and black. These are great to have neutral colors but in a funky design to add just a little bit of pop! I often have a hard time with headbands being too big or slipping (something about my head πŸ˜› ) but these headbands fit perfectly and are always comfortable.

You can even brand your own Twistbands. You can get your brand or event printed on your choice of Twistbands to have special accessories to give to friends or event goers. I’m thinking about getting some “Rosy Snail” branded ones for Giveaways, wouldn’t that be so neat?!

Overall, I really love the Twistband products I was able to try and I look forward to trying out more and collecting new colors!

Who on YOUR Holiday shopping list could use a Twistband or two?



Simple Green Giveaway!


I hope everyone is having a relaxing Saturday and catching up on the sleep you missed yesterday! I did NOT brave Black Friday this year. I spent about 3 hours last year in Target to get a camera I thought I really wanted. It ended up being wrong for me (because it used AA batteries and not a rechargeable lithium battery) so I went home (after returning it) vowing that I would never get caught up in that again! Haha. BUT I have been living through all my readers and friends who have been able to snag some amazing steals! I will be taking part is some deals and sales online! I’m excited for Cyber Monday!

That all being said, I’d love to hear what YOU got! I personally, stayed in and CLEANED! So, I thought today was a good day to tell you about my new favorite “get it all done” cleaner!

Simple Green All-purpose cleaner is Non-toxic, biodegradable, non-hazardous, non-flammable,Β  and non-corrosive. This makes it a winner in my house, but aside from the “specifics” of what is inside a cleaner, I need to know that it works! So, I took Simple Green into my bathroom for my most dreaded cleaning job- the bath tub. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like a clean bathtub, but something about a 50 year old “refinished” tub makes it a magnet for soap scum! Not to mention, it’s very bright white color makes it look dirty after just a few uses. Before Simple Green I was tackling this job with a magic eraser AND Clorox. (I’m chlorine intolerant, but that’s the ONLY thing that has worked). Not anymore!

One of my favorite things about this cleaner is that you use just a small amount (mixed with water) to determine the strength you need for your task. I used the average strength that only takes a small amount of Simple Green. Even with the “average” strength, it cut right through the soap scum “ring” in my bathtub. I barely had to scrub at all.

I’m not one to complain about the smell of any cleaners because I tend to associate smells like “bleach” with being clean, but my husband is not a fan. We often need to switch cleaners due to his headaches or stomach aches because of strong cleaner smalls. This one has a nice, earthy smell that doesn’t linger so after about 10 minutes, you can forget about it.

I took my “Black Friday” day off to clean, but as the Holidays approach, I know most of us will be in a mad frenzy to get our homes in order for guests! Spend more time wrapping presents and less time scrubbing with Simple Green πŸ™‚
Right now, all kits are 50% off! Meaning you can get a combo kit of this cleaner for only $6.49!

One lucky reader has the chance to win her own bottle (and dilution bottle) of Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner!
Just click on the image below to enter to win!


Gift Baskets Plus- Special Savings!


Whether you’re planning a close family get together or a large cooperate event, Gift Baskets can be a time saving, elegant gift option. I know personally, when I’ve got a crowd to please, a candy or snacks Gift Basket can be the perfect solution when you’re trying to feed everyone. I can’t tell you how many times a bowl of nuts or cheese tray has helped to keep the little ones from being underfoot while trying to prepare big Holiday Meals.

Over at Gift Baskets Plus, they have Gift Baskets and sets for anyone on your Holiday gift list this Season and for any budget
They have baskets in all shapes and sizes ready for the Holidays. Whether you’re shopping for a chocolate lover,Β  golfer or aficionado- they’ve got a basket that is sure to please!
You can save time and money by letting them do the work for you this season.

I’ve got my eyes on a few of their amazing Holiday baskets, but they also make gift towers! This one features 4 levels each filled with a tasty chocolate treat.

The baskets put together by Gift Baskets Plus are not only delicious, but they are almost too pretty to eat! This “Wishing you Happy Holidays” basket is even color coordinated with blue and white wrappers making it a great addition at any party. I just placed an order, so I’ll have a thorough review for you all as soon as it arrives!

Right now, Gift Baskets Plus is offering a SPECIAL discount to The Rosy Snail Readers!
Use the code ROSY15 for 15% off any order!

Right now, all Christmas and Holiday baskets are already on sale (most of them are $10 off or more!) So with smaller baskets and sets starting around $20, you could really get a STEAL this Season and put smiles on many faces πŸ™‚