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Duluth Trading


I’m sure a lot of you might have a working man on your Holiday List this year, I know I do! While my husband may make is living working for a computer company, he’s a hands-on guy and loved to do word working in the garage that we turned into his workshop. So when I stumbled upon Duluth Trading I was overwhelmed with the endless possibilities. Duluth Trading products and sells clothing and accessories that are build tough! Their story began in Duluth in 1991, when two tradesmen saw guys lugging tools to the job site in all kinds of strange containers, and thought, “There’s got to be a better way.” So they invented the Bucket Boss®. We carry on their ingenious tradition today with gear that solves problems for working people. While they’ve since stopped selling the Bucket Boss, everything on their site is meant to last and preform a function that is simply going to make any task easy!

Originally, Duluth Trading was only for men, but they’ve branched out in many ways and now even have a large variety of women’s items, too! My family got the opportunity to shop their online catalog and both my husband and I chose one item.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but the mister- he’s 6’4! He’s really tall and while in most cases, you might order “big and tall sizes” he’s slightly unfortunate in the fact that those swallow him! It’s hard to find a good fitting shirt. They are often too short or two wide. Duluth makes a line of work shirts they call “Longtail” that are meant to avoid that dreaded moment where your underwear (or more) shows when you’ve got to bend over on the job! I thought this was a genius idea and could really be useful to someone as tall as my husband. But he dug a little deeper and actually found something even better!

Above, you can see him sporting is favorite jacket that he has ever owned. It’s called the Fire Hose Iron Range Work Jacket and it’s got more bells and whistles that you might think just by looking at it! This jacket comes in 3 colors: Brown, Camel and Navy. He chose Navy so that it would go with much of his wardrobe and was more his “urban” style. As the name suggest, this jacked is made of Fire Hose material that makes it incredibly strong. Fire Hose canvas is woven with twice the threads in both directions for more toughness than standard cotton duck. Treated to shed water and repel stains. The lining features a plush 66% polyester/34% acrylic berber lining to tame the coldest days. Not to mention, all the work friendly features you need to take on your own daunting challenges: deep, fleece-lined handwarmer pockets and back “glove box” rear pocket for fast-grab storage, 2 inside pockets, rugged triple-stitched main seams. All in the tradition of the iron-willed men who built America.

This jacket is out of this world and my husband can’t help but tell everyone about it, but on top of how well made this jacket is and all the great features, Duluth also offers a huge range in size! They offer Big & Tall sizing starting with Large, (where most companies start at Extra Large) so we were able to get this extra long without in being extra wide- meaning it fit like a glove!

My boys are outgrowning their diaper bag, but since I’m “Mommy” I sometimes still have to carry around stuff that feels like a bag of rocks! So, I decided to try out the Duluth Trading Women’s Travel Tote. They carry many sizes, variations and colors of this bag but I opted for the color Wheat and one that was open on that top in case I wanted to put something large like my laptop inside (yes, my laptop fits into this tote! Easily!)












They’e made space for everything inside, courtesy of a front organizer zip compartment with key fob, a mesh water bottle pocket, a slip pocket for magazines, and a side flap pocket for anything else. A light-colored lining makes it easy to see and find what’s inside – no more losing small items in the murky depths of a black bag. Plus, the Travel Tote is built to stand up to everyday use, from its strong, durable canvas to its reinforced web shoulder straps. For me, this bag is just perfect!




I was amazed at the strength in these products. They really are made to last and I know we’ll be enjoying them for many years to come. If you’re still searching for some amazing gifts, be sure to check out the Duluth Trading Website. They’ve got some great sales and specials going on that you don’t want to miss!

Sweet Romance Jewelry


I’m a big fan of BIG jewelry. I live in Texas and there are a lot of “big things” I’m not a fan of, like big skirts or big hair, but big jewelry; That I can get on board with! While big jewelry is a dime a dozen in my neck of the woods,
I go for jewelry with an edge and I love to have what other’s done.

When I heard about Sweet Romance, I was instantly hooked by their unique designs and pieces I couldn’t find anywhere else.
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Sweet Romance is a jewelry line designed by Shelley Cooper. Shelley Cooper is not only a jewelry maker and designer, but she is also a historian. She is inspired by jewelry through the ages and  had a special esthetic for the vintage and antique. Each collection is more inspiring than the last and I soon got lost in a sea of jewelry must-haves. I soon settled on three pieces that are truly other worldly.

The first thing I selected was this Ollipop Tang Butterfly Gemstone Cuff. The goldtone version of this bracelet was featured on the lovely Vanessa Williams when she was on the show, Desperate Housewives. The first thing I thought when I saw this was that is was a touch small as I have slightly bigger wrists. (7.25-7.5″ bracelets fit me best) but this bracelet is easy to adjust by applying slight pressure. The detail of the faux gemstones on this cuff  is amazing. Each tiny piece is placed by hand and perfectly positioned for the design. I gifted this bracelet to my Sister-in-law who thought it was just as stunning as I did.

I also got this Nautical Chain Necklace. I love all things Nautical and my jewelry collection is mostly silver so I thought this would make a welcome addition to my jewelry box. Of the two pieces I kept for myself, I wear this one most often. I goes great with my Fall and winter wardrobes and it really jazzes up a boring top. Even thought the antique finish of this necklace makes it look rustic, the bling around some of the links adds real pop and brings the look into a more “current” fashion for me. Even though I have small children, this chain has stood up against curious toddlers pulling and  even biting on it.  I love having beautiful jewelry that I don’t have to worry about breaking or repairing after wearing a few times. I really believe these pieces will last me a long time!

Last, I got this Locks & Keys Necklace. This one is probably my favorite necklace I own at the moment. I ADORE keys and this necklace does old keys better than any jewelry piece I’ve ever seen! The length of this necklace is perfect to lay just below your collar bones acting as a collar itself. The chain easily hold the weight of these charms.

The detailing on each charm is just magic. From the decorative detailing to the large, antiqued chain- I think this piece is a work of art.

Overall, I thought each piece was sturdy, well made and even more beautiful in person than I expected! I was really blown away when my package arrived and I have a few of these pieces on my Wishlist this year! If you know someone that likes unique, lively jewelry- Sweet Romance is the place to shop. You’re sure to find something your loved one will enjoy that she can’t find anywhere else.

EveryBodies Lingerie- Shoe Shopping


It’s no secret that I’m not a size 2 & frankly, I don’t know a lot of women (or moms) that are. I’ve shopped in a few lingerie boutiques and browsed Victoria’s Secret and I can say it was less than ideal. Things in my size are either scarce or they’re just unflattering. It’s like they’ll throw anything in their stores for their “plus size” section just to saw they have one! Not to mention the sizing! On a trip to visit a boutique with a friend last year, I probably spent an hour in a hot, stuffy dressing room trying to get something that fit my waist and bust and NO women wants to wear a 5x when she’s typically a L/XL…ever. Under ANY circumstance. I eventually found a nightie and went about my day, but it’s the experience that comes to mind when a girlfriend of mine chimes up with the idea to go shopping. After that, I took up looking online and found a lot of the same issues: a confusing sizing system and a limited selection for the average or plus size women. Then I found and my headache went away!

EveryBodies Lingerie owner, Nichole G., set out with a mission- to offer lingerie and other accessories for women of all shapes and sizes. She wanted to have a place where everything was easy to find and the selection was big enough to match anyone’s personal style. After browsing her site for an hour or so, I have to say she succeeded- in a big way.

I was able to browse lingerie by what style I wanted (or even search color) THEN by what size I needed. So, instead of searching through a few pages in the “Plus Size” section, I was able to choose my favorite night time attire- baby doll nighties and then select my size. I wasn’t limited to 5-10 selections like I have been in the past. I was able to click on a nightie I liked and sure enough- it was available in my size! Plus, on every page featuring an outfit or clothing product, the size chart is clearly laid out in the details. You can choose by your weight, bust, hip or even your dress size, whichever is easier for you! I really felt like all the bases were covered!

I have to admit that I’m not used to having THAT many choices when it goes to Lingerie! It was almost overwhelming and narrowing it down to an item I wanted to review was too hard! So, I went to my safe place. Shoes! I couldn’t turn down these leopard print heels! Shipping with EveryBodies Lingerie is fast- orders ship same or next day. (Meaning you still have time to order before the Holidays!)

I got these Ellie Shoes Satin & Lace Stilettos & I have to say, they’re perfect! These are some serious heels for sure, but they are insanely comfortable for a 6″ heel. The leopard print is super smooth satin and these are detailed in black lacy ribbon with charms on the back heel. They’re bling encrusted keys.

I loved the attention to details on these. Each bow and strip of ribbon was perfectly in it’s place and these shoes are just beautifully designed. Since I picked out this pair, the selection at Everybodies Lingerie has continued to grow!

Aside from your “basic” lingerie, they also carry, shoes, clothing, accessories, cosmetics and they even boast a selection for men. Their styles are current and in style and like I mentioned earlier, it’s hard to pick just one! The damage I could do on a shopping spree at 😉

If you’re looking for something to wear for that special night it, be sure and check out their selection. Whether you’re looking for something wild or mild, and no matter your “number” they’re sure to have something that’s the right fit for you.
PLUS, right now, they have 10% off your entire order! Applied automatically when you add any item to your cart!

Payless Shoe Source


I’m a sucker for a good pair of heels. I know it’s a weakness for many women out there. I’ve got a pretty good collection going, but if you can believe it, I’ve paid less than $30 for each pair. Why? Because I hunt for bargains! The exception? Sometimes I just walk into Payless– not hunting required!

I received these beauties from Payless Shoe Source for review and let me tell you, they’re perfect! These are by Brash and they call them the Kosmic Playform Pump. Originally $34.99, right now, these are on sale for only $24.99!!

These are real show stoppers and most people are shocked when I tell them the price! They’ve got a pretty big heel (these have got to be at least three inches) but the platform at the toes makes them feel stable for some serious heels! These are the most comfortable pair of 3″ heels in my closet. Plus, the soft red fabric make these even feel lush!

I couldn’t believe how inexpensive these heels are and you can even get them in 4 other colors! I’ll be getting the gold and nude ones VERY soon! They’d make perfect Holiday shoes along with my red ones 🙂



Almost every year, I get a new wallet for the Holidays. I love it! I’m always switching out my purses and handbags, but for whatever reason, I don’t think twice about carrying around the same beat up wallet all year long. I guess I just can’t justify the high price tag for a quality wallet. A leather wallet can easily put you back $80 and I would much rather get a nice new handbag for that amount! But this year, I decided I would treat myself because at Walletbe, I can save a pretty penny on a great new leather wallet!

I received my Cash-Card-Coin Wristlet in purple just a few days after my order was placed and I fell in love!  This Italian leather accordion style wallet retails for only $25.50. It’s genuine leather, but that’s not the only reason this price is a steal!

Inside there are spaces for 10+ cards. I love how easy this is to access all you cards. Each card is at your finger tips and you can just thumb through. I’ve never owned a wallet that didn’t have the flattened card holders & my last leather wallet actually had a VERY snug spot and I would struggle to get my ID out. I remember because I had just turned 21, not very smooth for someone trying to order their first margarita! Never again! I’m hooked on this style and just how easy it is to navigate through.

On the back there is a coin pouch with a snap (button) closure. This is perfect for loose change or a space key. I like how small this coin space is because I don’t like to carry a lot of change BUT it’s just not practical not to have one at all!

My wallet also included an optional wrist strap. I haven’t busted it out yet, but I love having the option. I’ve got this tucked into my purse because I know one day I’ll be wanting it 🙂

Overall, I was blown away by the quality of my WalletBe wallet. I admit, at the price, I wasn’t sure it would be real leather! I feel bad for ever thinking that. The sweet smell of leather hit me right away 🙂 Eventually, I’ll need to replace this wallet too so I might try another one of the 10 colors of this same one or even opt up for a larger one.

WalletBe is not only the place to get colorful women’s wallets. They also carry wallets for men and even other leather accessories like key fobs, passport covers and even Stick-it-mats for your car! Everything at Walletbe would look GREAT in a stocking so be sure to check them out!

Pearlotica Pearl Earrings


There is nothing more timeless than Pearls. I mean, nothing. I’m sure I’m not the only girl who played dress up with Grandma or Mom’s pearls. Of all the staples in my jewelry box, I’m sad to admit, button pearl earrings are missing. It’s a shame!  Then someone told me about Pearlotica and real pearls didn’t seem so elusive or expensive anymore.

At, they carry a large variety of GIA certified pearls and jewelry featuring these pearls.  Everything from button earrings, strands of pearls, rings accented in diamonds and so much more. The best part? Their prices are wonderful! I got my package in this beautiful box above. They don’t skimp on any of the details and the professional box was just the first part of that!

Inside, I received my White Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings in 14 White Gold. These have a retail value of $169. At Pearlotica, you can snatch these beauties up for only $35! A fraction of the price, but the quality is great. Both pearls were the perfect match and each is perfectly fixed to it’s 14k White Gold setting.

These earrings are light and so comfortable. I personally don’t own a lot of white gold. I have a few rings that are really important to me (engagement/wedding ring, etc) so it’s a real treat to be able to find a pair of earrings in White Gold at such a small price. These were just big enough to be visible, but stay classy 🙂

Each piece of Pearlotic jewelry also comes with a certificate of authenticity as well as a appraisal. Making them the ideal gift for someone who truly appreciates a nice piece of jewelry! If you’re looking for a piece of jewelry for that lucky lady, you can never go wrong with pearls and you can never save too much money 🙂

Del Sol Color Chaning Sunglasses


I don’t know about you, but I love to slip small fashion accessories in when I’m stuffing stockings! It’s fun for all ages and one accessory that speaks to everyone is Sunglasses. My boys love them, I love them and even grandparents love them! What’s better than a nice pair of sunglasses? How about a pair you won’t find anywhere else?

At Del Sol they made amazing clothing and accessories but with a fun Solar sensitive twist- they change colors in the sun. From sunglasses and nail polish to hoodies and shoes and everything in between 🙂 I searched the Del Sol website for a good hour before finally deciding what would make the perfect addition to The Rosy Snail Holiday Gift Guide. I wanted something colorful, possibly gender neutral and something that would be “in” all year long.

That made picking these Key Largo Green shades a breeze! They’re classic, vibrant and I’ll have to fight with my husband over who gets to keep them long term 😉 They come in a tin for shipping and storage and then packed inside a soft, black drawstring bag to keep them from getting scratched. They felt great on my nose and are very well made. I think they’ll last for many, many years.

But if they don’t? Well, Del Sol’s got you covered. Also inside the tin; a Lifetime Guarantee on your sunglasses. If they’re Lost, Stolen OR broken, all you do is pay the shipping and Del Sol will replace your sunglasses! With toddlers and the memory of a little old lady, I really couldn’t ask for more from a company!

Overall, I loved browsing the selection at and I can’t wait to share a few other goodies I picked out as well 😉

Shop Shadora this Holiday!


It’s no secret that I love to shop online at for amazing deals on jewelry. My jewelry collection has EXPLODED (without emptying my wallet) since I first discovered them a little over a year ago. At you get extreme discounts on natural gemstone and even diamond jewelry. Most of their items are set in Sterling Silver, which adds sparkle without the extreme price tag! They add new deals everyday at Midnight so there is never a shortage of new pieces on my wish list!

I recently picked up a new ring from them and I can’t say enough about it! This ring features 2ct of Blue Topaz and even a small diamond on each side. It’s solid sterling silver and had a great weight to it. They estimated this ring would retail $189 which is what I would expect if I went to a jeweler and picked this out! It was only $14.99! Check it out HERE. Most Shadora deals are only available for a short time so I was surprised to see this one still available!

I chose my size and the fit was spot on! Usually Shadora’s rings are available in a few different whole sizes. (This particular ring comes in 6,7,8 or 9) But you can also get these rings resized by your local jeweler if they don’t come in your size.

Overall, it’s easy to get addicted to Shadora’s insanely low prices and huge selection (typically about 100 deals at any one time!) and I’m constantly sending the husband little email hints with links 😉 He’s pretty good about remembering. I got an amazing pair of earrings for Valentine’s this year! They happen to match this ring 😉



Oka-b “Shoes That Love You”


I have a confession, I may or may not have been loved enough as a child. Okay, random, BUT I do remember feeling like I had the VERY BEST mother in the world when she took me to the mall and bought me my very first (and certainly not my last) pair of jelly sandals. They gave me blisters, attracted dirt and make my sweaty feet reek!

But I loved those shoes until I outgrew them 🙂

As an adult, I get nostalgic when I see gel style shoes. They make me feel a little bit warm and fuzzy, but the fact is, most of the shoes like the jelly sandals I wore as a kid are just flawed. I can’t see walking around with blisters and smelly feet now that I’m not longer 8-years-old. I need comfortable, fashion forward shoes that hug my feet and have people begging to know where I got them! I need shoes that love my feet like my mom loved me when she gave in and bought slightly tacky blue and green plastic sandals!

I found all of those needs in my new pair of Oka-b flats.

Before I even put my shoes on, I noticed the amazing magnetic closure box they came beautifully packaged in. The box has accordion style corners that open up as you open the box. The details inside are just so pretty. I often keep shoes boxes for just a little while to keep my shoes feeling and looking new, but I don’t see myself ever getting rid of this one. I currently have some new jewelry in it that I’ve been mixing and matching to go with these shoes 🙂

I received Ballet Flats in the style “Taylor“. This style is available in 19 different colors and I have to say, I’m already wanting another pair! This color is called Jade and I love to use it to add a pop of color! I just match a necklace or ring to an otherwise bland outfit or dress and BAM, instant style 😉

Not only are these shoes comfortable (with plenty of bounce in the sole), but they also hug you feet and never rub. I have wide feet across certain points and sometimes, this makes closed toe shoes a little less than ideal, but with my Oka-b flats, they give just enough to still feel great! They even highlight my tattoo  🙂

Even the bottom of these flats are beautiful. It’s hard not to love a shoe company that pays this much detail to the tiny things in their products. I admit, it was hard to want to break them in with something this cute.

Overall, I thought the selection, price, comfort and style of Oka-b shoes was out of this world! I can’t wait to get my hands on another pair and coordinate more items to match the pair I received for review 🙂

Anyone on your Holiday Shopping list love shoes? Be sure & check out

Nano Jewelry- Love, in 120 Languages


It’s getting colder outside and two major Holidays are on the way. If you’re a clothing and accessories lover like me, that means one thing; Shopping! Pretty soon, you’ll be shopping for your loved ones too and not only for your Fall and Winter wardrobes. So, what do you get for someone to shop you truly LOVE them. What will be the sweetest gift… It’s a tough call, but I think I found a piece of jewelry that is sure to send the message of love, no matter the language you say it in.

I recently received a necklace from a company called Nano. Nano is the first jewelry company to engrave semi precious stones with 24 karat gold. They do this in the teenie-tiniest of sizes, hence the name Nano. They have a wide selection of stones, designes, religious themed verses and sayings. You can even choose between gold and silver accents and chains.

I received the “I love you” in 120 Languages pendant in Onyx. This particular piece from the Nano line only comes on Onyx, likely because it has so many characters that this is the only stone large enough. This beautiful necklace retails for $99 and that includes a stunning piece of Onyx, the 24 karat gold words engraved on the stone and both the outside of the Onyx and the piece the chain is strung through are solid sterling silver. You also have a choice of chain, there are 3 options in 45cm length that are included in the price or you can upgrade for a longer chain (50cm).

Because the print is so small, they actually include this tiny magnifying glass. I thought this was a fun and cute addition to this gift giving experience.

Overall, I really love this necklace and I’m glad that this time around, I’ll be able to just keep it for myself. this necklace is casual enough to be worn any day but because of it’s sleek, simple design, it’s easy to dress up as well. Aside from that, this necklace has proven to be a sure fire conversation starter and I’m tempted to keep the magnifying glass on hand at all times just to show people how interesting this piece truly is.

To see Nano Style’s full line, check them out online HERE.
Like I said, they have a great selection so you’re bound to find something you like 🙂

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.