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Glass Dharma Review & Giveaway


So, confession: I LOVE to drink from straws. I know it will probably give me MASSIVE wrinkles when I’m older, but I don’t care. I love it. I don’t drink anything without a straw, it is my strange obsession. To the point where my husband gifted me one of those cute old-fashioned looking straw caddies where you pull up the middle and pick your straw- he must really love me! The thing is that all these plastic straws I sip and throw away are really adding up :/ I was probably going through 2 plastic straws a day. Aside from the cost of my habit, fact is I’m just adding more plastic to the trash pile- not anymore πŸ™‚

In comes Glass Dharma, the original glass straw. (proudly handmade in the US). Glass Dharma is not only the original creator of the glass straw but they are by far the most diverse. They have 4 diameters for everything from sipping wine to chugging that yogurt smoothie, 4 lengths and even 6 different color dot options- perfect for avoiding mid part drink confusion.

The first straw I tried was the Decorative Dots Sipper. This super small straw is ideal for sipping red wine (I prefer to use a straw to keep wine away from my teeth- is that odd?) It comes with a small, curable cleaner and with the adorable blue dots, I’m not going to mix up my wine with my hubbies πŸ˜‰

Here is an up close of the detail of the decorative dots. It blows my mind a little that all of this is handmade. I’ve always been interested in glass blowing, but the details are so cool. There is not a single imperfection in any of the straws I got to try!

The next straw I opened was the smoothie straw. I haven’t gotten to try this with a smoothie yet (I know I’m bad!) but I start my 90 day weight loss challenge tomorrow so I see myself having a LOT of breakfast smoothies! This straw is flawless.

Aside from how wide this straw is, I also wanted to point out the amazingly smooth edges. Have you ever stabbed yourself in the roof of your mouth with a straw?! Well, I have and it’s TERRIBLY PAINFUL! With Dharma Straws, that can’t happen because the rounded glass is SO smooth. Speaking of painful accidents, I can’t imagine how upset I would be if one of these broke, but I’ve put them through the wash and even dropped on and it didn’t crack or anything- should you find some force of nature break one, they are covered for LIFE.

Speaking of life, I’ve found the straw I’m going to use even when I’m 90. Haha. These is the Beautiful Bents Ice Tea Straw. It’s got a slight bend in it just like a bendie straw! It’s my match made in glass straw Heaven πŸ™‚

These are just a few of the exciting combinations you can find at Glass Dharma, the possibilities are endless and you can find something for any occasion. Aside from sending me these amazing straws to try out and share with you guys, they are also giving away a $25 Gift Card to their online store to one lucky reader!


1. First of all, make sure you are subscribed to The Rosy Snail via email. I won’t be emailing the winner, you will see it here in a blog post!
2. Head over to the Glass Dharma on Facebook and hit “like”.
3. Comment with your favorite beverage to sip with a straw :

Want extra entries?!
5 extra entries if you head over to The Rosy Snail on Facebook and post a picture of your favorite drink!

Be SURE to leave a comment with ALL details needed to verify your entries!
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Winner selected on September 8th.

Travalo Perfume Atomizer


I got some pretty sad news recently when the fabulous Betsey Johnson filed for chapter 11. I’ve been wearing her signature scent since I was 16 and let me tell you, I was NOT ready to give it up! I’ve been stalking discount stores that carry it ever since, but I digress. In spite of my LOVE for this perfume, there was one problem! The bottle is bulky and not at all travel friendly! In comes Travalo πŸ™‚

Travalo is the light weight, dummy proof refillable perfume atomizer. It’s even airline friendly. Above, I have two different models of Travalo. In Gold is the Excel and in Silver is the Elite, their newest release. Both models are fairly similar in that they both hold 5ml of your favorite scent which will yield about 65 sprays! They are about the size of a tube of lipstick. The main difference is the Elite version has more of a “tube” shape and is textured with small “dots”- for me, this makes it much easier to find this in my handbag! Plus, I don’t confuse it for other lipsticks that might be floating around πŸ˜‰
Each of these models retails for $19.99. You can find them online atΒ or Or if you rather pick one up in person, you can head over to their website and use the store finder πŸ™‚

Travalo Excel also comes in this hard plastic case that you could store it in if you choose πŸ™‚ The Excel is available in 10 awesome colors, you can check those out HERE.

Filling a Travalo is likely the easiest thing I have done in months! In the past I’ve actually funneled perfume into a small atomizer and it was an experience I don’t wish on my worst enemy! No funnels here.

First, you will need to remove the “cap” off the perfume of your choice. The small plastic tube sticking up needs to be exposed.

On the bottom of either model of the Travalo is a small “port” like area where you will insert the perfume tube πŸ™‚

Then all you do is pump! It’s that easy!

There is a window where you can see how much liquid is in your Travalo, that way there is not guess work and you won’t run out when you need it most! It took me about 25 pumps (small, short pumps) to fill this Travalo. You can see more on the Travalo Elite HERE.

If you get sick of the scent that is in your Travalo, you can clean out the inside by using the same method but instead fill the atomizer with alcohol. How genius is that?! Then you spray out all of the alcohol and move on to another travel friendly smell πŸ™‚

This is a must have to the women (or Mommy!) on the go!
Be sure you check out Tavalo on Facebook and hit “like” because everyday they give their Facebook fans a chance to win a Travalo!

Stick With It Palette Review & Giveaway!


I’m really excited to share this product with you all! Not only is it beauty related but it will help you stay organized AND make your life easier- who could ask for more?! I’ve heard of a lot of palettes that boast a flat surface (usually a magnet) where you can place and arrange all you loose or refill cosmetic powder items: translucent powder, blush, eyeshadows, etc. and I’ve even tried a few, but none as easy to use as Stick With It.

First of all, how cute is this? I love the slightly retro vibe of the design.This palette feels super sturdy in your hand. The plastic is impact resistant (also earth friendly recyclable and soy-based inks are used for the print) and I can say first hand that is TRUE! My three year old actually dropped- okay he BANGED- this on our table just days after I got this beauty in the mail! #MommyMiniHeartattack!!
Not a scratch! However, one of my homemade, pressed shadows SHATTERED. (That’ll teach me to get crafty with my cosmetics!)I had to laugh at this, but it was certainly all the proof I needed that this was the real deal and if it can handle a three year old, it can handle my travel and the shuffle of my daily hand bag.
So…that shattered shadow? That brings me to what’s inside πŸ™‚

Inside there are two sides of a sticky area (it is NON magnetic and is also not an adhesive) and a velum paper that you can use for reducing powder transfer. Each side is really spacious. Here I have just a few 35mm shadows in it. (The same size as MAC)
“Pop, Set & Go”- and that’s exactly how it works.

Removing or repositioning is just as easy! You just pull up one side or corner and take it off. You don’t have to fuss with adding magnets to pans or making sure your palette fits the right size- this fits all of it!

Of course, there is eventually going to be some powder on your palette, but clean up is easy. Just used a pre-moistened towelette of any kind to wipe the surface. You don’t want to run water over the palette or clean it with soap and water because that is bad for the surface and the stick-it factor πŸ˜‰ Rubbing alcohol is fine just use that sparingly if you are trying to disinfect.
After my huge shadow disaster in this case, I will say it was impossible to get ALL of the powder off the surface, but I was able to get most of it off. My “spill” was obviously a really extreme and my case is still SO sticky.

I’m in love with my new Stick With It and my next goal is to de-clutter my carry all cosmetic bag and put all of my everyday powders into this palette- what an amazing thought! Stick With It retails for $28 on their website. (and let me tell you, it is worth every penny!) BUT….why not win one?!

I was also sent one Stick With It Cosmetic Palette to giveaway to one lucky reader!
Not to mention, how cute is this wrapping?!

1. Please head over to Stick With It on Facebook and show them some “Like” ;)- Feel free to tell ’em The Rosy Snail sent ya!
2. And do the same for The Rosy Snail on Facebook.
3. Make sure you are subscribed to The Rosy Snail via Email (Top Right Hand) because for this giveaway, I will NOT be emailing the winner! I will just announce it via a blog post!

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Be SURE to leave a comment with ALL details needed to verify your entries!
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A winner will be named September 10th.

BellyBar Prenatal Vitamins


I don’t know about you guys, but my first pregnancy, I vaguely remember a day when I did not puke my guts out. The main trigger? For me, it was my prenatal vitamins. Just the smell of those giant, throat scratching horse pills and I wanted to gag. I get a little queasy thinking about it now!

There was recently an opportunity to review BellyBar’s prenatal vitamins through Swaggable, and I jumped all over that! If I found of I was pregnant tomorrow, this is a product I would want to know about!

BellyBar comes with two chocolate bites. One which is your vitamins and another which contains DHA. I’m not sure how new this is (having two different doses) but I had this with both my pregnancy. When you open the bottle, these smell a bit like traditional vitamins, but the taste? Miles apart. Imagine a ball of Hershey’s chocolate with a soft (think slightly caramel in texture) center and just…melt in your mouth goodness. These will make you GLAD you get to eat two.

I find myself saying “Where was this product when I was carrying my babies?!”
If you know a chocolate lover with a baby on board, make their last trimester sweet and gift this to her pronto!
A one month supply (set of both bottles) is only $24.99 on the Bellybar website.


Julep Maven (September) Boho Glam


Hey guys! I just got my Maven box this month! I’m loving the designer they teamed up with this month! If you aren’t already a Julep Maven, STOP! You can get for first box for a PENNY. Why not at least try it out?! There are NO strings attached, shipping is FREE and if you don’t absolutely love Julep, you give them a call and tell them you don’t want to be a member anymore. It’s that easy! So click HERE and use the code COLOR2012 to get your first box for just one cent.

Is it just me or are our Maven boxes getting smaller?! Probably because we only got smaller items this month, but either way, it’s adorable and I love anything that says Julep and is sticking out of my mail box πŸ˜‰

This month I went with Boho Glam. Julep teamed up with Trina Turk to create amazing creme polishes inspired by her bold and AMAZING textiles. I want to raid her closet and I want to do it now! It was SO hard to select my box this month! & I did order 2 add-ons πŸ™‚

We got a really cool extra this month of a sketch that goes with our colors and our style. It’s actually a magnet! I thought this was really neat. It is not the strongest magnet I’ve ever owned and I don’t see it holding anything onto my fridge but this will be cute fridge art.

This is my FAVORITE packaging so far. I love the dots!!

Dear Julep,
I love you. I really do and you are one of my most exciting boxes I get each month, but I love you for WHAT you are. You are my go to nail care brand and subscription box. I hate to see you pretending to be something you’re not. You’re better than this generically packaged brown mascara. I have never considered a break up, because honestly, you’re the best I’ve EVER had, but don’t cave into the pressure to give “more” of yourself. Do what you do best!

The Rosy Snail.

I haven’t tried this mascara and I plan to put it up for trade on the Julep Swap page, but I’m not saying it’s bad and for all I know it’s just as amazing as everything else Julep has sent me, I’m just not a Julep Maven to get cosmetics. I feel bad saying that because I know subscribers to other boxes that would KILL for a full sized mascara so, please don’t think I’m being a brat! I just love me some mani/pedi products πŸ™‚ If you tried your mascara this month, please let me know what you thought!!

And here are my colors. I’m SO in love. I went for colors I don’t usually purchase. For two reasons, first I want to expand my collection and two, because I couldn’t take my eyes off these!

The color in these polishes are SO pigmented. These are one coat wonders! I’m loving them!

I was so happy to see this collaboration this month, I look forward to seeing more months like this. It made the whole thing extra special πŸ™‚ I saw a few people who got some extra special prizes from this designer too! So awesome!!

Crum Creek Review & Giveaway


So, I have a HUGE giveaway opportunity for you guys! I’m really excited to share this with you guys, but I’m going to need your help! I’ve got two “one month’s supply” packages of delicious Crum Creek snacks to giveaway, but it doesn’t have to end there! If we can get 100 people to go to Crum Creek’s website and sign up for their newsletter, we can giveaway another! PLUS, if 100 people sign up for their blog, we will be giving away a total of FOUR one month supplies!
So, like I said, I’ll need your help!!

So, for this giveaway, CrumCreek is highlighting their Soy bites and a few other best sellers. They sent me a box of goodies to try out. You know, I’ve got to taste test these before they hit the general “Rosy Snail” population πŸ˜‰

My favorite of the snacks was their Soy Nut Mix. At CrumCreek, they are on a mission to help you snack smart and healthier without taking away from taste. They’ve got to be doing something right because this sweet and salty snack has been featured in Oprah’s magazine AND on the Dr. Oz show! That is one popular nut mix! This mix has a little bit of everything in it: soy nuts, raisins, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and….chocolate chips! While I’m with everyone wishing there was more chocolate, everything is balanced for a nice mix of the sweet and salty!

Next was Soy Bites. I got to try these in two flavors: Outrageous Onion & Remarkable Rosemary & Garlic. In high school I ate a LOT of Gardetto’s and these remind me of the shape and size of one of my favorite pieces in their mix- only these are MUCH better for you. I have to mention that these were a little bit dense and a tad bit too crunchy for my taste, but the flavors were spot on.

The last things I got to try were their Almond Biscuties. These were very yummy and I’m not typically a raisin fan. I found these to be a little dry, but I can only begin to imagine all the things you can dip these into. They feature Almonds, raisins and spices perfectly blended together.

So, how are you going to win a whole Month’s Supply of trail mix from Crum Creek!?

  • First of all, make sure you are subscribed to TheRosySnail via email and on Facebook. That way you won’t miss a thing!
  • Next, head over the the Crum Creek website. Scroll all the way to the bottom and you will see four options to “Stay Connected” Facebook, Twitter, Subscribe to their Blog and then just to the right of those you can enter your email to join their newsletter.
  • Lastly, you will need to leave a comment letting me know which you did! You MAY sign up family members to subscribe to their newsletter and blog to help us get to 100, but you will need to let me know what their email addresses are. Each “task” is broken down for different packages as follows:

1st Month’s Supply- “Like” on Facebook, Follow on Twitter & leave a comment.
2nd Month’s Supply- Subscribe to the Crum Creek Blog.
3rd Month’s Supply- Sign up for the Crum Creek Newsletter.

We will ONLY be able to giveaway a second and third Month’s supply if we can get 100 people to sign up for those two things so be sure and tell your friends!!
Winner’s announced September 6th.

B*O*N*U*S Giveaway!!
Do you have a video camera!? I’ll be giving away a Bonus One Month’s Supply,Β  but the only way to enter is to create a video saying why you want to try Crum Creek’s trail mix! Make a video and upload to either Facebook or YouTube and leave a link below in the comments! For this giveaway, ONLY video entries will count!
We will announce the video winner on September 15th!

Honeybee Gardens “Party Girl” Palette


I’ve been really into natural and mineral cosmetics, my favorite of which are eye shadows. I love to play up my baby blues! But I have two main complaints with mineral eye shadows. 1. Loose powders are SO messy. and small pots that usually hold eye shadows make it even more of a hazard! 2. The colors are often boring. So, when someone mentioned to me Honeybee Gardens, I was instantly a fan.

I contacted Honeybee Gardens and they sent me their Party Girl Palette
The palette has a cute “beachy” retro vibe to it.

This palette features 4 pressed eyeshadows inside a light weight paper palette. They chose to go with paper so that the materials used could be easily recycled. While I understand the importance of recycling, I do wish the palette itself was more sturdy. There are 4 colors in this palette: (left to right) Velour, Mojito, Cupcake & Shipwreck. LOVE the names and these colors are so bold!

All of these colors apply smooth and have wonderful color pay off. I can’t even pick a favorite!

While these colors can look intimidating at first, it’s easy to “play down” bold colors. I used Mojito over a nice taupe on my lid. I also popped a bit of Cupcake on the apples of my cheeks- it’s an amazing blusher color! If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter- you probably saw this shade used as an eyeliner recently! All the colors in this palette make awesome eyeliners! Just dip an angled brush in a bit of water and apply πŸ™‚

This is one of the boldest colored palettes in my collection, but I find myself reaching for it time and time again. At $29, the price is comparable to other natural lines I’ve tries, only this one is a LOT less messy!Β  Be sure and check them out at


Tatcha “The Ritual”


I was drawn to Tatcha for their amazingly “relaxing” look. Their skin care secrets go way back (we’re talking hundreds of years) and as much as I’m always trying “the next big thing”- I’ve got to say, they had it right all along.
Tatcha makes a whole line of exciting products for every skin type, I chose to try The Ritual for Oily Skin. It’s four easy steps to beautiful, pampered skin.

First step is Pure- one step camellia cleansing oil. Another fun fact of Tatcha, is their reference to the Geisha. Geisha’s are always so graceful and whether you’re a fan or not, you have to admit, they always have beautiful skin. This cleansing oil features their signature HADASEI-3 complex of rice bran oil, red algae & green tea. Cleaning your face with an oil is, well, a strange thing to wrap your mind around. For me, I admit, it took me a few days to get excited about. I’ve got oil skin and this is a very runny consistency. I was SURE it was going to clog my pores, break me out or leave me a grease ball! After all, I’m not a Geisha! I sweat. I’m SO glad I tried this product. This leave your skin baby soft and not the least bit greasy! And the smell! Oh my goodness! This whole line smells amazing. It’s a bit of natural with sophisticated twisted in- I’m a big fan.

I’m not sure what this oil (and the rest of the line) has a “hint” of as far as smell, but did you ever go through your Grandmother’s perfume and feel like you were smelling “classy women” from their day? I smell this and I feel like that is whatΒ  Marilyn Monroe and Aubrey Hepburn much have smelled like….I want to bathe in it.

Step two: Exfoliate! My personal favorite πŸ™‚ They make three different versions of their “Polished” Rice Enzyme Powders. Gentle- for sensitive skin. Classic- for normal skin & Deep- for “active” skin. I decided to try Deep to really get a deal clean. I had Erica over and she tried the Classic version πŸ™‚ We added water to create a nice paste. I had some dry patches going on from having gotten some sun the previous week and this instantly smoothed away those areas. Of all of the facial “polishes” I’ve ever tried, this was the least abrasive, but I saw instant results.

Step three is something I’m guilty of not always using- a serum. This is Tatcha’s Deep Brightening Serum. This is meant to not only brighten but to help clear up your complexion. This is my favorite product, by far! I don’t usually use a serum but ones that I have tried, left my skin oily and only seemed to magnify my pores. Tatcha’s Deep Brightening Serum instantly absorbed into my skin and added even more balance to the texture and appearance to my skin. It only takes a few drops to have amazing skin. One days where I’m pressed for time, I wash and add a few drops of this while my skin is still damp and it’s like I escaped to a spa πŸ™‚ I should mention that my sister-in-law who has super sensitive skin told me this did not work for her when I offered for her to try it. I don’t have sensitive skin but it is something I think readers should know πŸ™‚

The last step in any skin care routine- moisturizer. This is Supple- moisture rich silk cream. Just like the serum, this absorbs beautifully into the skin. This moisturizer is also made without Mineral Oil, Synthetic fragrances, Sulfate Detergents, Parabens, PEGs, PPGs, Urea, DEA, TEA or Phthalates. I also like the smell of this one, though it also has hints of SPF, and I’m not sure if there is actually SPF in it. There is however wild thyme, ginseng and royal jelly- ooh, fancy πŸ˜‰

Tatcha products are certainly luxury with full sized ranging from $12-150 but right now you can try all these mini sizes (half sizes in some cases) for only $49. This Sampler Set can be found HERE. It normally sells for $162!

Also included in the Sampler Set is a full size of their Japanese Beauty Papers- Aburatorigami. These papers are only $12 for a 30 pack. I will certainly be reordering these when I run out! These papers are meant to blot the oil from your face- without disturbing your makeup & they really work! I could feel the oil being lifted/pulling the oil from my skin. Aside from the fact that these work, they are actually a by product of the gold leafing process, so some of these sheets actually still have gold on them.

After using Tatcha products for several days, I felt like my skin had gone to a nice spa…only, my body didn’t go. Haha. I loved the way they make my skin feel. Feel free to check them out at their website πŸ™‚



Unreal Candy


If you guys didn’t already know, I’m a Bzz Agent πŸ™‚ And while I’ve been with the program for several months, I recently got my first campaign! I was chosen to try Unreal candy! I had actually started seeing their super colorful packaging and was curious about it. I was excited to try candy- especially chocolate, but then I found out that this was NO ordinary chocolate candy.

With BzzAgent, I got to try one of these for FREE, the others, I splurged on πŸ˜‰ We like candy around here. Unreal is different because it is free of artificial flavors, coloring or ingredients, its contains no Hydrogenateds (i.e. hydrogenated oil, etc), no corn syrup, no preservatives and no GMO’s. In my mind, it seems like a no brainer to leave these out of my sweet treats- apparently, Unreal is the only candy company that agrees!

I’m a big fan of Snickers (it feels wrong comparing the two, but like me, I’m sure it’s what you are familiar with) so I went with their peanut and caramel chocolate bar. It also has a purple wrapper- how could I say no!

I LOVED it. I admit I could taste the difference. 1. It was not nearly as sweet. I mean that in a good way! I get two bites into a Snickers and I feel a sugar coma coming on. This was sweet, but edible. 2. The caramel was just, better. It didn’t stick to my teeth as much and it had a much more pleasant after taste. Given a choice, I would go with the Unreal bar any day. The prices are the same. I picked this bar up at CVS for $1.19

When I was checking out at CVS, the cashier asked about my coupons and I briefly explained BzzAgent. I also asked her if she had tried any Unreal candies. She said she had tried the peanut butter cups- she disliked them. I asked her if she had ever had natural peanut better, because she claimed it was too dense for her liking. She had not. I grabbed a few of their peanut butter cups to try out!

I took one bite and knew what was wrong. Unreal if you’re listening- your flavors are delicious! But your ratio is ALL WRONG! We need more peanut better! My husband and I have discussed a few times how the Reese’s cups ratio is just- PERFECT. But would we switch to a better for you brand if their ratio was good- absolutely! They did however, print their logo on the botton- touche Unreal. I like it.

Overall, I really like this brand. I’m not one to keep a lot of candy around the house because it’s not something we try to eat a lot of, but given a special occasion, I love the idea of having the option of leaving out all the nasties.