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BareEase Review & Giveaway


Little known fact, before I had kids I was certified to do two things, CPR (since I was a teen for babysitting jobs) and wax. I’ve always loved beauty products and I have great memories of the first time my mom let me get my brows done. Thanks Mom! But you could have kept the 80’s eyebrows you passed on to me πŸ˜‰ I remember thinking, “Beauty is pain!”. Now that I’m grown, I’ve begun waxing other places, like my bikini area.

If you’ve ever had a bikini wax, you know it’s certainly an “experience”. If you’ve never had one, you’ve probably heard about it from a girlfriend. I’m here to tell you, it does NOT feel good. It’s certainly the most painful thing I do to maintain myself on a personal level! I’ve tried a few sprays or creams that promised to “numb” the area and make the process less of a burden. All of those, no matter the price tag, turned out to be worthless. That was before I tried BareEase.

BareEase is a cream that has 4% Lidocaine to help reduce the sensation (okay, PAIN!) that goes along with hair removal. Aside from the “secret ingredient” that works wonders against discomfort, BareEase cream also contains aloe juice & Jojoba seed oil to help hydrate and sooth your skin.

The real magic behind BareEase is actually not the Lidocaine, it’s how easy it is to use! BareEase comes with a cream that you apply to the area you’re getting ready to wax then, just like you would at the doctors office, you need to give it some time to “kick in”. Your Prep Kit also comes with a latex panty (available in Small/Medium or Medium/Larger) that you wear during that time. With the panty on, you just go about your day! It takes 30 minutes for the full effects, but since you have your panty, you can comfortable walk around and get other things done without worrying about ruining your clothes or worse- having to sit still for that time!

I certainly give BareEase 5 stars! Not only for the convenience but because it works! I’m planning to recommend this to my girlfriends who have been terrified of the pain of bikini waxing.
Lucky for you, do don’t have to just take my word for it!
Three lucky readers will with their very own BareEase Prep Kit OR you can even opt to pick up something for your man and try their Numb Nuts. (funny name, same great effect!)

Click on the image below to head over to the Rafflecopter to enter!

Twistbands, the Perfect Stocking Stuffers.


As the oldest of 3 sisters, I’ve got two teenagers that look up to me for what’s new and exciting in the beauty market, so this year, I’ll be excited to gift them something not only useful, but also fashion forward. Enter, Twistbands.

If you are a subscriber to a few select monthly subscription boxes, you’ve likely already been able to get your hands on a few of these Hair TieΒ  Twistbands. They come in so many colors and patterns that you can coordinate them to literally any outfit. Looking at these, you might wonder what the big deal is. A hair tie is a hair tie, right? Wrong. When I think about throwing my do up in bun or pony tail, I think of one major thing- creases. Some days I spend 20 minutes getting my hair straight or my curls in place and that last thing I want to do mid day is put a hair tie in my hair that is going to ruin all that work!

Twistbands are soft and flexible, but still get the job done. They will not leave lines in or hair, pull your hair or cause any frizz.

You can purchase Twistband hair ties individually or in premade. I received the Jessica Hair Tie Set. This sets colors reminds me of the ocean, but they also make great winter colors! These are original thickness, but they also recently came out with a “skinny” version of these.
When you order a set, you get them packages on a cute little “chain” making them easy to keep up with!

Twistbands also makes head bands! They are just as soft and also create a crease free hair style. I received a set of headbands in tie-dye . This is the Angela set in blonde, brown and black. These are great to have neutral colors but in a funky design to add just a little bit of pop! I often have a hard time with headbands being too big or slipping (something about my head πŸ˜› ) but these headbands fit perfectly and are always comfortable.

You can even brand your own Twistbands. You can get your brand or event printed on your choice of Twistbands to have special accessories to give to friends or event goers. I’m thinking about getting some “Rosy Snail” branded ones for Giveaways, wouldn’t that be so neat?!

Overall, I really love the Twistband products I was able to try and I look forward to trying out more and collecting new colors!

Who on YOUR Holiday shopping list could use a Twistband or two?



Original Sprout, Worry-Free Luxury


As a mom it’s important to find products I can use on my kids that is not only going to work but is not going to damage their hair. While baby shampoo has been a favorite for a long time, the older they get and the curlier Parker’s hair gets, the more Johnson & Johnson’s baby shampoo is just not enough.

That’s when we discovered Original Sprout. Original Sprout makes all natural Vegan products that are “free & clean” and contain organic botanicals and help restore your hair, lock in moisture and even provide UV protection. The best part? All Original Sprout products are tear free, sulfate and paraben free and are safe for every member in the family- even tiny babies.

The first thing we tried was Original Sprouts’ Natural Shampoo and Conditioner. One both myself and the boys, this shampoo & conditioner duo provided soft, clean hair and smelled great! Original Sprouts has a clean, gender neutral scent that is suitable for men, women and children. The scent is not too strong so even for someone like my husband who is not a been “fragrance fan” these would still work fine.

Along with this, I use the Curl Calmer on my oldest, Parker who’s headΒ  is often a ball of messy curls. I am often tempted to put styling products in his hair to show off his curls but things like alcohol, sulfates and parabens deter me. They will leave his hair styled but as soon as I was those products out, I know they would leave his hair damaged. Baby/Toddler hair just can’t take the same abuse as full grown adult hair can! So, when I saw this I got VERY excited. This Curl Calmer not only calms the curls by bringing them into a tight, frizz free look, but it also makes his hair super soft the next day. I’m in love with this product and even use it on baby brother (who has straight hair) to add a bit more styling and polish to his look for special occasions.

Lastly, we tried the Miracle Detangler. Because I’m the only one who really gets tangled hair (and sometimes Parker does too) I used this one more than anyone and I have to say I really enjoyed it. It was best to avoid my roots because it did add a tiny bit of oil to my hair, but who gets tangles at the roots anyhow? Again, I enjoyed the scent and the act that if I wanted to, I could use this on anyone in the family.

We really enjoyed Original Sprout and I love the idea that if we were to go on a vacation, etc we could just take one set of products for the whole family. We’re constantly trying new hair care around here so we have quite a collection for each member of the family- we could never pack all that for a getaway πŸ™‚


Knot Genie Review & Giveaway


As a kid, I grew up in a beautician’s home. This meant constant hair styling and dare I say it- perms- until about the age of 5. To this day, brushing the knots out of my hair is, for me personally, my most dreaded form of personal “beautifying”. Because I have two boys, you would think their hair styling would be much more simple and for the most part it is, but with high energy boys, one with thick, curly hair, getting brushing out of the way and pain free is always the objective.

We got our Knot Genies a few weeks ago and my boys were instantly drawn to the colors. They call this print, Camo Cloud.

Upon examining the unique shape and design of the Knot Genie, I noticed several things I liked right off the bat. Knot Genie does not have a handle, rather it’s domed shape is easy to grasp firmly in your palm. Even my youngest found the shape easy to grasp with his pint sized fingers and spent about 15 minutes brushing Mommy’s hair, something he’s never had any interest in doing before. They claim that it is not only easy to use but it will get through knots with ease, even on the most tangled of do’s.

Aside from it’s lack of handle, what makes the Knot Genie so different? Well, there are two “sets” of bristles on the Knot Genie, each at different levels/heights. These different sized bristles are what gives the Knot Genie it’s “magic powers” and it’s ability to whip through tangles with ease. There is also a well defined curve in the brushes bristle covered side that perfectly contours to the scalp. I found this feature to be especially useful with squirming toddlers. Because it is curved in this way, it covered a larger surface area and leaves every hair in its’ path well groomed, meaning brushing a toddler boys hair is literally done in just 3-4 quick passes.

Knot Genie retails for $19.99. While as a beauty lover, I spend this much on my personal hair brushes, I thought at first I wasn’t sure I would be able to “justify” this sort of price tag on a child’s brush. After using the Knot Genie, I have to say, I think it is well worth the price. My boys love this and no longer run in fear when it’s time to “tame their manes”. Instead, they enjoy brushing my hair and their own to shiny, smooth perfection.

Think the Knot Genie would be the saving grace to your child’s hair care stresses?
One Lucky Rosy Snail Reader will win their very own Knot Genie πŸ™‚
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It Factor


Β I have been using It Factor Quick Blowdry Shampoo and Conditioner for a few weeks, but just today, I got to try their newest product for the first time. It Factor Beauty Creates products that are meant to help cut your drying time in by a lot…

They say HALF the time. That is a pretty bold statement. Is it true? I say, YES!

I got this adorable packaged kit in the mail. It Factor Quick Blowdry Shampoo & Conditioner comes it two different types- one for fine hair and one for medium to course hair. With my mountain of hair, I use the Medium to Course version. This kit also included their brand new Simply It Quick Blowdry Smoothing Lotion. While I have adored their shampoo and conditioner and had NO complaints, this product was certainly what the line was missing!

You can use this Smoothing Lotion on wet or dry hair to help smooth your hair (obviously) and calm fly aways and frizzies.Β  The entire It Factor line is safe for color treated hair which is a HUGE plus for me. This product also acts as a heat protectant. While It Factor Shampoo & Condition helps cut your drying time, it did nothing to help protect from the use of blow dryers or the heat tools I always use after- this product completes the puzzle for beautiful, easy to dry hair.

So, what is it about It Factor that makes it different than other Shampoos and Conditioners and how on earth does a shampoo/conditioner combo help reduce drying time?! I’ve been using sprays, serums and balms for years to reduce drying time, but had never before heard of these results from a shampoo and conditioner. Why? Because It Factor did it first. They call it VaporBoost which includes “includes protective antioxidants, broad-spectrum sunscreen, nourishing rose hip and hydrating sea kelp for healthy, shiny hair.” I admit, the entire science aspect of this is WAY over my head, but as a beauty lover I have to say, this stuff works! On top of that, it is sulfate free, alcohol free, safe for color treated hair, paraben free and smells SO good. If it did NOTHING for my dry time, I would still think this was a wonderful shampoo!

Have you ever been in a pinch with NO time to dry and style your hair? I know that was me, every day, mostly because I have two toddlers! Not anymore. I switched to It Factor and said Bye-bye to messy buns πŸ™‚

What do you do to hurry up your hair style?

“What’s In My Bag” Tag!


I’m really excited to be doing this because, well it’s fun! At the end, I’ve selected a handful of awesome bloggers who I’m tagging and hopefully they will be showing you what they carry around in their purses as well! I’m a little concerned that everyone MIGHT try to stage an intervention! I realized two things while taking photos for this blog post. 1. My bag really can hold me WHOLE life and 2. I need to prioritize my purse items, seriously!

I did not add nor take away anything from my bag, just picked it up and photographed what was inside. (I did have to put my makeup bag and wallet back inside because I throw them in as I’m about to leave)

I am still carrying my amazing Mary Satchel from so, I’ll start with the back pocket/zipper!

First thing I pulled out what a voucher for a free item from B&BW. I got this because I picked up a few goodies the other day and this will be good at the end of this month. I wanted to mention it because I know we all love freebies!

I also have this mint container from The Salvation Army where my Mother-in-law is a board member (or at least that’s what I think her “official” title is) and we recently went to a lovely dinner they had.

Two Milani Lip Flash pencils I grabbed for $2 each in the clearance section of my local HEB. SCORE!

& an insane collection of coupons, receipts, notes, HEB Buddy bucks and some cash…Yeah…LOL This is asΒ  close to “trash” as my contents of my bag got, I was pretty surprised with that!

Now for the larger zipper pocket!

Because I’m a mom of two in diapers (Parker is potty training but wears pull-ups in public as of now) I HAVE to carry wipies. It’s a no brainer. I usually have a soft pack in my bag, but I’ve had this one for the last week or so.

I ALWAYS end up with a car or two (or four!) in my purse. Sometimes I put them there, sometimes my little guys do, but it never fails that I’m looking for something and I pull out a die cast car- today it’s Mrs. Holly Shiftwell πŸ™‚

On to MOMMY stuff! First thing is my Billie Lashes from Bullseye Lashes. I haven’t used this specific pair yet because I’m waiting for something glam to come up BUT I’ve been carrying them around as a reminder of how amazingly beautiful they are (and to inspire me).

My favorite Deep Steep hand cream in the whole entire world.

New B&BW Fall Scents! This is Honey Autumn Apple. If you like green/candied apple flavors and scents, you will LOVE these. I didn’t like the other Fall scents as much but they were still nice. These minis were 3 for 10 so I couldn’t say no!

My Betsey Johnson sun glasses. These just hang around loose because they are old and beat to all get out, but I love them so much I can’t part with them. (no matter how many other, not beat up pairs I own)

An adorable pack of Kleenex- because you never know when you’re going to WISH you had one of these!

My Lola by Mark Jacobs solid perfume ring. I think I carry this around out of guilt! Because it’s SO beautiful but I never (and I mean NEVER) wear the ring OR the perfume. I like both but I’m just never dressed up enough :/

My red leather Fossil ID wallet. This baby is OLD, but I love it and you can’t tell. The other wise has a plastic part with my Driver’s License in it.

My Konvine leopard print ballet flats. These are perfect for when your feet get tired from walking in heels. I’ll be doing a full review on these VERY soon, but just know that I love these and they now live in my hand bag!

My favorite glasses ever that I got from Firmoo ❀

Then I have two makeup bags at the bottom! One is my MyGlam from September and the other is a BIG Betsey Johnson cosmetic bag.

In my MyGlam bag is the most RANDOM assortment of things. Basically, if I find it floating around in my bag, I throw it in here. I’ve got some Jane lipgloss, Karen Murrell Lipstick, an Uglee Pen, my Travelo, Nailtiques Formula 2, Sweaty Bands, Twist bands, Julep Reveal…random party favors,…change. It’s just SO random!

Inside the inside zipper of my bag, there was also this randomness, a necklace I got from Claire’s for $1 (and I love), a nail file, my favorite pen ever by Sharpie! Cuticle oil from Entity Beauty, hand sanitizer and gum!

AND here is the inside of my Betsey Johnson Makeup Bag…the amount of lip products here is unreal…who needs this many in their purse? Not to mention the stragglers I found in other places! I can’t even begin to list all this out, but ta-da!

I’ve been wearing pink lips everyday in October ❀ These are my current favorites.

So, I want to see what you’re totting around ladies!
Please check out the AMAZING bloggers below and see if they’ll need an intervention too πŸ˜‰

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ONE Styling, doing their part


I’m sure you’re all aware that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month & well, if you didn’t know, now you do πŸ˜‰ I love reading about companies that are doing their part to help support research, clinics and above all, Awareness. Because knowing is the first step in any cancer treatment and the sheer number of cases that go undiagnosed or diagnosed late is staggering. I want to take a second to say, Ladies, check yourself. Talk to your doctor about when is the right time to take the next step with mamograms and regularly scheduled checkups. We’ve come a long way with treatments for a wide variety of cancers and early detection makes all the difference.

I wanted to tell you all about how my favorite hot tool company- ONE Styling is giving back! for the entire month of October, $3 of every purchase of their Special Edition Pink Verge Bubble Wand will be donated to Bright Pink. In addition to that, you’ll also receive a Pink ONE Power Bracelet!

And if by some insane chance that you missed my review and tutorial of this awesome wand, I’ll mention again how EASY this want is to use and create the perfectly messy curls!
Curls are IN this Fall and this look is simple to create and effortless to pull of.

I got news that The Rosy Snail can offer a super exclusive discount to readers. Can I get a show of “likes” for who would be interested?!

Sample Society October


Well…I’m not SO in love with this months box. I just want to be up front about that. I think the samples this month are far too small and there is not one since cosmetic item…But I’ll let you see and decide for yourself πŸ™‚

Same beautiful, sturdy black box. I usually save these for a while and stick other samples in it throughout the month.

And here is this month’s contents…am I just a negative Nancy or is there a LOT of empty space in the box this month?

The first thing on top was a little “extra” this is a hand sanitizer wipe. This has a sample value of $.80 These apparently have many uses, I took this list off of the BeautyBar website.

Uses for our lavender towelettes:

  • inhale aroma to calm and relax
  • smooth over burns or scrapes to disinfect, ease pain, promote quick healing, and prevent scarring
  • massage temples and back of neck to relieve headaches and/or stress
  • inhale aroma and tuck in pillow case to aid in a goodnight’s sleep
  • toss in the dryer to infuse clothes and linens with lavender aroma
  • rub all over skin to repel bugs and relieve itching due to previous bug bites
  • dot on blemishes to clear breakouts
  • remove makeup on the face
  • place in the tub to infuse bath with relaxing lavender oil and aroma
  • clean baby’s bottom and prevent diaper rash

Next was a product I am actually looking forward to! This is called ExfoliKate (Intensive Exfoliating Treatment) and it’s a new product from Kate Somerville. This .25oz sample is worth $8.75, it might not seem like a big sample (and it’s not) but hopefully I can get 2-3 uses out of this.

We also got another Jane Iredale sample. I’ve loved almost everything I’ve been able to sample from this company but I don’t really understand getting a self tanner at the start of Fall, I guess our tans are starting to fade…okay. I don’t like it. Plus this sample is SO tiny. What can I tan with this?!Β  This sample is worth $2.14

Next was a perfume sampel from Aromachology. This stuff smells pretty freaking good! One of my favorite perfume samples from SS so far. This .2oz sample is worth $5.89. I’m highly considering a full size- smells awesome. I think we might have tried this brand in another box but that scent was no good.

We also got a tiny sample of Erno Laszlo’sΒ  Photmila 3-9 Repair Balm. This is for the treatment of scars, wounds, burns and dry skin. Even though this is so tiny, the sample is worth $14.41 I do have a scar that I plan to try this on. If you’ve got a tiny spot, you MAY be able to see some results, but I’m not sure. I do love EL products so I won’t be too bummed on this one’s small size πŸ˜‰

And last- a shampoo by Oscar Blandi. I love Volume and after recently coloring my hair, I had to stop using those shampoos but this one is color safe- WOOP! This has a slight lemon/citrus smell that I actually really like. I DO wish we had gotten the conditioner too, but oh well! This sample is worth $4.86

The total sample value this month is $36.02. It’s a pretty good value. Do I wish their was makeup? Yes. Do I wish several of these had been bigger? Yes. Am I mad and rushing off to cancel?! No. Because I know Sample Society had some bomb boxes these last few months and sometimes, there are items that are just not for me. I’ll be giving away the ones I can’t use and will be happy and excited for the ones I do like πŸ™‚

Flat Iron Experts


I’ve been holding onto this baby for about 3 weeks now- loving every minute of it! A little bit of “hair history” on me. I used to wash, blow dry and flat iron my hair every single day. That was before I discovered the glory that is dry shampoo and now I would say I was it every other day and flat iron it a few days a week. I never used a heat protector until about a year ago- I know that sounds terrible, but it just never crossed my mind! Now, I’m wiser and done abusing my hair πŸ™‚ sent me this Cortes Solo 450 Flat Iron. This beautiful flat iron is an adorable Giraffe print and it features shiny titanium plates. Now, I’ve only ever used ceramic plates on my hair. I didn’t even know they made titanium plates!

They also sent my their #1 selling Thermal Shine by KQC. Normally this bottle retails for $18.99 but on their website,
you get $5 off and only pay $14!

They also sent this awesome flat iron holder. This retails for $14.99 and is worth every penny! I can stick this to my mirror or even (as shown here) the smooth paneling in my bathroom. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve melted something OR left my counter top burnt from my flat iron. Never again.

But back to the flat iron πŸ™‚ This beauty retails for $269.99 BUT on, you can pick this up for only $129.99- that is over 50% off, saving you $140! I can’t even tell you how awesome that is! & Cortex is not the only brand they carry. There are more brands than I care to name, all with extreme discounts.

Here is a close up of the shiny, titanium plates. They are super smooth over your hair without any pulling (I admit with my first use, the plastic around the plates caught on my hair- but that was a one time use issue) These plates also have some “bounce” to them. This allows me to get a really good, steady squeeze on my hair.

So, did it work? Well, here is my before hair. Fresh dried and pretty “dull looking” I sprayed on my Thermal Shine and powered on my flat iron.

And AFTER- Smooth, straight and awesome. I didn’t have to pass over any section of my hair more than once and it cut my time in half. When you’re a busy mom, doing your hair isn’t always a high priority, but I’m WAY more inclined to attempt my hair knowing it won’t take me nearly the time it used it!

Verge by One Styling


I’m excited to share my hair tutorial with you all & as much as I want to take credit for this awesome hair-do, I have to be honest and say it’s easy and anyone can get this look with the Verge Bubble Wand by One Styling!

Here is what I started with, freshly dried hair. My hair straightens out somewhat when I straightens some when I blow dry it, but it’s a flat, hot mess.

The first thing I do is section my hair out first by splitting it in the back, then by layers. I found that because of the way this curler works, you really want to have “square” pieces/sections as opposed to rectangles like I use with my standard curler or tapered curling wand. You want to be sure each piece has hairs that are all the same length.

After I’ve sectioned my locks, I spray my hair with Kenra’s Hot Spray. This stuff works wonders for curling, straightening or any other type of heat that you want a sculpted, but soft look. This will not only hold your hair in place after styling, but it’s a protector too. You spray this “generously” so I lightly spray each section then again before I do each curl. Bonus: this doesn’t leave any residue on your heat tools.

There are several features on the Verge Bubble Wand that make it easier to use than other curling hands I’ve tried. The biggest one being this small, easy to use clip. Your hair doesn’t slip from it’s grip and it’s easy to use.

There is one single switch and the curler hears up almost instantly to 410 degrees. The curler heats up faster than any curler or flat iron that I own.

All you do is, select some hair to curl, clip the end and “roll” upward towards you roots. The small black part at the tip is warm, but not hot enough to burn you or be uncomfortable so you can rest your fingertip there to steady yourself while winding and unwinding.

Each curl is going to look different. Don’t worry! I admit at first I was really confused by this and I wondered how it would turn out and weather I’d end up with a mop- you won’t! I promise πŸ™‚ Just keep going, not matter how crazy you think it looks πŸ˜‰

Once I’ve curled my whole head, it looks nice- sure, but I’m not done quite yet!

I turn my head the the side and use my fingers (placed at my roots) to gently shake out my hair and run my fingers through it slightly. This softens the whole look and leaves my previously “crunchy and stiff” curls soft and amazing looking!

Finished hair πŸ™‚ It’s curly and messy and perfect! with the combination of my Kenra Hot Spray and this amazing bubble wand, my hair looks amazing even into the next day- I just give my hair a quick makeover with some dry shampoo and I’m good to go!