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I wouldn’t classify as a Wine-o, but I love to try new wines with friends or on a calm night with my husband. Because I’ve only been drinking wine for a few years now, I’ve not quite got the palette I’d like to when it comes to a good, rich wine. I started my wine journey off with overly sweet, berry flavored wines and let’s just say, it was a bit of a shock to my system the first time a tried a dry red wine. I’ve come a long way since my first sip and one day, a professional wine tasting will be in order. For now, I can take my taste buds on a journey through Wine Country without ever leaving my home.

At is a Wine Super Nova with options to purchase by samples, by the glass by the bottle or in larger batches for gifts or parties. I got the chance to try a  Party Sample and I decided to go with a Holiday sampler put together by Emeril  Lagasse.

Emeril’s Holiday Party Sampler features six wines to help you bring the oohs + aahs and definitely some second helpings to your wine as well as your food. “I loved going through my own tasting to make these selections and food pairings and bring them to you. It was delicious, fun, creative and I can’t wait to do it again! This is truly the way to get to know your own palate and have a blast doing it.”  In the top of the box, was this large card with an overview of each wine you will sample. I loved having all this information at my fingertips to be able to educate myself and figure out what I truly like in a wine.

Nestled safe inside we 6 50ml (1.7oz) tasting size bottles. I loved the large variety in this  set. From Chardonnay to Zinfandel and even a solid Merlot.  I shared my sampler with family and we were all able to find something we liked. I can see how this would be a great mix for friends, dinner parties and more. Emeril really knows how to pick ’em!

It goes without saying that these little bottles are adorable, but the best part is that you can revisit and easily order a full bottle of your favorite sampler. These wines were all delicious and even though they were chosen by someone as high profile as Emeril Lagasse, I was shocked at the modest price tags! Most of the bottles retail right around $25! This particular Chardonnay is only $20.95

Overall, I loved getting to try all these Wines and being able to share with loved ones, it was the icing on the cake for our small dinner party last month. I love the concept behind the Tasting Room and I look forward to ordering from them again!

If you’re thinking you might want to give a try, they’ve got a special offer to invite a friend and give them a $25 credit towards a $50 order! If you’re interested in an invite, leave a comment and I’ll send you an invitation via email!



Master of Malt


I’m sure most of you wives and daughters will attest to the fact that the men in our lives are the hardest to buy for. I think I’ve found something that us likely on their wishlist and is sure to be a treat.

At Master of Malt,  they have over 25 years of Whiskey expertise. They claim one of the largest collections of single malt scotch whiskies and if they don’t have it? They said they can find it for you. They have compiled their vast knowledge into their website and aside from just offering a product to their customers, they want to educate you & help you make the most informed decision you can about your Whiskey. That perfect, 30-year-old whiskey may be a specialty gift that could set you back a pretty penny and that is why Master of Malt began their Drinks by the Dram sampling service. Try a 1oz sample of a Whiskey you’d like to purchase before you commit. This also spawned their ever popular tasting sets.

I had the honor of trying out the Regions of Scotland Whiskey Tasting Set. Inside I received 5 Drams of Whiskey ranging from 12 and 15, all the way up to 40 years old! Each wax sealed and featuring a rustic label with it’s name and some information on the contents. There is so much amazing detail put into even these small “sample” bottles that I could see why this would make such an amazing gift. It’s gorgeous!

Each bottle is unique from what’s inside to the seal making just one of them a great stocking stuffer. It’s wonderful to be able to sample sets from different regions of the world.

The inside of the lid is printed with the information that truly makes the Master of Malt experience. Each drams tasting “notes”, “palate” and “finish” is late out in a wonderful description. You thought you knew a good Whiskey….you were wrong!

I fell in love with Master of Malt. I thought their knowledge and attention to detail paired with
great tasting Whiskey was a true win!

Pirate Booty GIVEAWAY!


Halloween is around the corner and in the spirit of this ghoulish celebration, you’re probably getting ready to pick up several pounds of sticky treats that will never get eaten. What if there was another VERY special treat that kids love just as much, but without the sugar or the guilt on your end?

I give you Pirate’s Booty! Pirate’s Booty is an amazing puffed snack that will have your kids begging for more! I know it caused my kids to fight over their bags and quite a few fits when they weren’t suppose to be snacking, but did I mind it?! Compared to having them beg for sugary sweets, not one bit!

What is Pirate’s Booty? First of all- it tastes amazing! But above that it is a healthy alternative to Halloween goodies this year! Pirate’s Booty is all natural, baked, gluten free, nut free and all around WAY better for your kids and their friends that Halloween Candy. So why am I comparing this crunchy treat to Halloween Candy? Because this Halloween, you can swing by your local Target stores and pick up Halloween Themed boxes (24, 1/2 oz packs as shown above) that are ready to replace all the sugar loaded stuff in your trick-or-treat bowl!

In addition, Pirate Booty has offered to give one lucky reader their very own 24-pack
AND some extra special Pirate Booty Gear!

Click on the image below to enter!
This giveaway will end NEXT SUNDAY so the winner gets their Pirate’s Booty in time for the Holiday!

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates


I’m sure we all know someone with a peanut or tree but allergy. After all, it is one of the “Big 8” when it comes to food allergies, topped only by Milk and Eggs. Did you also know that comes peoples nut allergies are SO strong, that only the smell or touch of nuts can bring on a reaction? In a lot of food and candy processing, it is impossible to keep particles of nuts away from products that do not include them in their recipe when in that same plant, they are creating something that does call for the use of nuts- this is why you sometimes see nut-less candy bars with a warning label “may contain nuts”. To someone like me who’s not allergic to nuts, this is no big deal, but if you are, it means a no go on a lot of large candy labels. Of course, this story needs a hero and today, that hero is Vermont Nut Free Chocolates.

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates sent us a sample of some of their Halloween confections, given the fact above, I can imagine that Halloween is a VERY difficult time for people with nut allergies and parents with kids who have nut allergies. I know it’s hard to tell my children they can have a very limited amount of their sweets everyday, I can’t imaging having to trash most of their goodies due to nut warnings! Over at Vermont Nut Free Chocolates they are taking away the worry but keeping chocolate lovers engaged. What if I told you, they found away to exclude ANY type of nuts but still give you that added crunch?!

The first thing we tried was one of their Halloween Pops, these come in 6 different shapes including a ghost, a witch and a cat and two different flavors: milk or dark chocolate. We received their Dark Chocolate which my husband and I happen to be big fans of. Their solid chocolate pop was creamy and smooth and the dark chocolate had just the right amount of bitter bite. At $1.35 a pop- these are also a great deal!

Next we tried their Halloween Medallions. These can wrapped in an orange mesh bad with an orange ribbon- very festive. These are the perfect size for someone like me who like to just have a taste of chocolate for those random cravings, but doesn’t want to commit to something as large as the pop above. This handful (beautifully wrapped) retails for $5.45 and is the perfect sharing size.

Each coin also has a spooky surprise when you unwrap it- oooooh! 😉

The last thing we tried was the Crispy Jack-o-lantern. This is a whopper of a treat (it’s huge!) and it’s a great example of how Vermont Nut Free Chocolates get some added crunch into their chocolates without the use of nuts! They add crisp rise to give it that delicious crunch.

Aside from this crunchy Jack-o-lantern, they also do chocolate covered pretzels and 3 different kinds of Nut Free bark including Caramel Pretzel Bark- yum!

You can check out more from Vermont Nut Free Chocolate’s Halloween Selection HERE.
What’s your favorite?!

Crispy Green Freeze Dried YUMMIES!


We first got to try Crispy Green when we got a small sample in Consious Box. My almost 3-year-old hated the stuff. Took one bite and turned his nose up at it, baby brother on the other hand gladly finished off the rest of the bag and begged for more! So, I contacted them and they gladly sent us more flavors to sample!

We got to try a little bit of everything! Crispy Green freeze dries EVERY fruit you can imagine! From Apples and Bananas to Mangoes and Asian Pears- I was truly blown away by the variety we received. They also have two sizes, a larger resealable bag that was perfect when the whole family wanted to have some and save some for later and smaller bags that were a perfect serving size. Those were also easy to give out to toddlers who think they need to have their very own bag- you moms know EXACTLY what I’m talking about!

Jack loved every flavor and even my oldest, Parker eventually gave in and enjoyed several flavors as well. Because all their fruit is pure- you are getting the freshest tasting fruit imaginable. Everything tasted so amazing and “like the real thing” well because it IS the real thing. Just a freeze dried, travel friendly version! My favorite was the kiwi. They had just the right amount of “fizz” in each bite.

Jack’s least favorite flavor was “sharing”. Hehe.

Please enjoy the following video of me sweetly trying to talk Jack into giving his mother a bite 🙂

Madelaine Chocolate- Halloween Candy Like No Other!


Around here, Halloween is kind of a big deal. Probably because this Mama loves to get dressed up and get candy! Okay, not anymore, now, I let the kids do it for me 😉 But when I look at shelves at local places, I’m distracted by the same ol’ candy I’ve been seeing for years. That was until I discovered Madelaine Chocolate.

Here is the first thing I picked out, the “Haunted Hunt” this reminds me of count-down calendars for Christmas, but with a ghoulish twist! There are 16 different “doors” to open to reveal candies and cute, themed rhymes. There are perfect for kids and “rationing” out treats and with the rhymes, it can also be a learning experience getting your child to sound out the fun words. I loved the variety inside (both caramel and solid chocolate) and I can’t wait for my boys to get to play with theme (and to use them as a bribe…hehe)

Here was a caramel Frankinstein I found 😉

Next was probably my favorite item, the Gooey Ghouls Pail. How adorable is this?! If someone gave me this, I would probably jump for joy. It’s fulled with caramel ghouls which are also my favorite. The caramel at Madelaine is SO creamy, I find myself lacking words for how incredibly delicious it is. I think it might very well be the best caramel I’ve ever tasted!

Inside the pail is a very generous bag of Ghouls. Each one has a special foil wrapper that makes it look like a monster or scary creature!

& I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the creamy center! (Please excuse my bare nails) SO yummy!

Lastly, were these Caramel Filled Apples. These make me think of Snow White and the poison apple all the way. I guess I’m a little twisted because I’d get a kick out of seeing someone dressed up handing these out 🙂 These featured the same yummy caramel but had more melt in your mouth chocolate than the ghouls!

Check them out for your candy needs! I can’t wait to share more from this company with you all. I also wanted to make mention that even in this Texas heat- my order arrived PERFECT. It wasn’t too hot (and melting) nor too cold (and sweating or frozen) it was just right.


True Lemon Review & Giveaway


I hope you all aren’t getting sick of giveaways 😉 I’ve been testing out True Cirtus (creaters of True Lemon, which you all have probably heard about) for a few weeks now so I’m excited to share this review with you all & give one lucky reader a chance to also win an AWESOME Prize Pack!

Here is a sneak peak at the package 😉

The first time I ever heard of True Lemon was when I first tried & fell in love with their lemonade. I bee-lined for this product because I 1.) love lemonade & b.) double love raspberry lemonade 🙂

Inside are 10 super convenient packs with mix to fill a standard 16oz water bottle. True Lemon products are made with 100% natural ingredients(plus, nothing you can’t pronounce!) , are preservative and gluten free and darn it, they taste delicious! This lemonade mix is also sweetened with Stevia & only have 5 calories! That makes this a go-to for my diet!

This was my first refreshing glass. The powder mix dissolved easily, even in this ice cold water and was ready within seconds.

I also got to try their Original Lemonade, their unsweetened Lemon for your water & unsweetened Orange for your water. These were especially wonderful for sparkling water!

Next were a few more convenient packets. Their True Grapefruit is another one I love to put into sparkling water, but also into teas and other beverages. I’m a huge Grapefruit fan so this is probably my second favorite item in the bunch! They also carry 3 flavors of similar items Orange, Lime & Lemon that are Crystallized. You can use these for Water, Teas or recipes. They have no calories or sugars!

Lastly, were two shakers that are just like the boxes above with Crystallized Lemon & Lime. I like these because it’s easy to measure out an amount needed for recipes. There is even a conversion on the back for when your recipe calls for fresh lemon or lime. These taste like a mix between the juice and the peel which I like because I usually add both to recipes even when they only ask for juice 😉

I’m SO excited for a reader to win this awesome pack!
All you need to do is click on the logo below to head over to the Rafflecopter form!


Beanfields Chips


Recently, I got the opportunity to try out Beanfields Healthier Snacks and I’ve got to say, this changed the way I think about chips and dip! My family and I LOVE to dip. Even  our little ones, so chips and salsa and other dippable treats are a frequent menu item at out house. We typically purchase corn tortilla chips and honestly, I never thought twice about it! Until we got to try Beanfields…

Beanfields chips are GMO free, Gluten Free and corn free. I’ve never thought about it before, but WHY is it that corn is in SO many products. It’s filling, sure, but is it always a good idea to eat SO many products made from corn?

Because these chips are made with beans, you can taste it. It’s a little bit like already have dipped in bean dip and I have to say I love the way these taste! Even thought these are not you “traditional” corn chips, you don’t have to give up the amazing crunch or the amazing “salt craving” taste. They have traditional flavors like Sea Salt or Sea Salt & Pepper or their Pico De Gallo with just a little bit of a kick!

The first bag we tore into is one of their newer releases, their Nacho Bean & Rice Chips. At first I thought “Rice? In a chip?” But this was like tex-mex in a bag. These were great all on their own. These are not only Gluen, GMO and Corn free but these “cheesy” Nacho flavored chips are also dairy free.

Because all of Beanfield’s chips come from beans instead of corn, the health benefits are greater by leaps and bounds! Packed with Protein and Fiber, I find myself letting by toddlers have some crunchy afternoon snacks too 🙂

Our whole family loves these and I’ve even got my sister-in-law (who has decided not to eat corn recently) addicted as well. We keep asking each other “Where can we get more?!” You can not only purchase these online HERE or you can use the store locator HERE. It looks like they are still branching out in terms of who carries them, but I’ll personally be writing a letter to my local natural market asking them to carry these awesome natural chips!


Glass Dharma Review & Giveaway


So, confession: I LOVE to drink from straws. I know it will probably give me MASSIVE wrinkles when I’m older, but I don’t care. I love it. I don’t drink anything without a straw, it is my strange obsession. To the point where my husband gifted me one of those cute old-fashioned looking straw caddies where you pull up the middle and pick your straw- he must really love me! The thing is that all these plastic straws I sip and throw away are really adding up :/ I was probably going through 2 plastic straws a day. Aside from the cost of my habit, fact is I’m just adding more plastic to the trash pile- not anymore 🙂

In comes Glass Dharma, the original glass straw. (proudly handmade in the US). Glass Dharma is not only the original creator of the glass straw but they are by far the most diverse. They have 4 diameters for everything from sipping wine to chugging that yogurt smoothie, 4 lengths and even 6 different color dot options- perfect for avoiding mid part drink confusion.

The first straw I tried was the Decorative Dots Sipper. This super small straw is ideal for sipping red wine (I prefer to use a straw to keep wine away from my teeth- is that odd?) It comes with a small, curable cleaner and with the adorable blue dots, I’m not going to mix up my wine with my hubbies 😉

Here is an up close of the detail of the decorative dots. It blows my mind a little that all of this is handmade. I’ve always been interested in glass blowing, but the details are so cool. There is not a single imperfection in any of the straws I got to try!

The next straw I opened was the smoothie straw. I haven’t gotten to try this with a smoothie yet (I know I’m bad!) but I start my 90 day weight loss challenge tomorrow so I see myself having a LOT of breakfast smoothies! This straw is flawless.

Aside from how wide this straw is, I also wanted to point out the amazingly smooth edges. Have you ever stabbed yourself in the roof of your mouth with a straw?! Well, I have and it’s TERRIBLY PAINFUL! With Dharma Straws, that can’t happen because the rounded glass is SO smooth. Speaking of painful accidents, I can’t imagine how upset I would be if one of these broke, but I’ve put them through the wash and even dropped on and it didn’t crack or anything- should you find some force of nature break one, they are covered for LIFE.

Speaking of life, I’ve found the straw I’m going to use even when I’m 90. Haha. These is the Beautiful Bents Ice Tea Straw. It’s got a slight bend in it just like a bendie straw! It’s my match made in glass straw Heaven 🙂

These are just a few of the exciting combinations you can find at Glass Dharma, the possibilities are endless and you can find something for any occasion. Aside from sending me these amazing straws to try out and share with you guys, they are also giving away a $25 Gift Card to their online store to one lucky reader!


1. First of all, make sure you are subscribed to The Rosy Snail via email. I won’t be emailing the winner, you will see it here in a blog post!
2. Head over to the Glass Dharma on Facebook and hit “like”.
3. Comment with your favorite beverage to sip with a straw :

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Be SURE to leave a comment with ALL details needed to verify your entries!
(email address, Facebook name, twitter name, etc)
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Winner selected on September 8th.