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I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, smelling the Holidays is almost as good as opening presents 😉 I know when about my Seasonal Scents (Winter Holiday or not) I think of Scentsy. If you’ve never heard of Scentsy, I worry that you might have been living under a rock since, oh I dunno, 2004. Scentsy is most famous for their wickless candles or as I know them “wax warmers” but they have come an amazingly long way to offer you a multitude of ways to enjoy their amazing variety of fragrances.

I received a few Scentsy items from my amazing Scentsy Consultant, Thea Wheeler. She’s prompt, always has a big selection on hand (like for last minute shoppers like me!) and did I mention she is just awesome to talk to! She’s super sweet and takes care of her customers- what more could I ask for!

That being said, order HERE by December 18th to get your Scentsy products by Christmas 🙂

The Scentsy Bar  was one of the first items available for purchase and I’m sure one that most people are familiar with. Scentsy Bars comes in more scents than I can even begin to tell you! With new scents being released and old ones being retired every season. If you’ve got a favorite scent combination, even if you think it’s an odd one- it probably exists. OR you can pop in wax pieces from two different wax bars and create your own concoction! With these waxes, the possibilities are endless and I always like to have several on hand!

If you’re ever in a pinch and need your house to smell “Scentsy Good” (because all other brands are second best, let’s face it!) you can grab one of their newer Room Sprays. If I’ve got family or friends about to pop over for a visit, I usually have time to smooth out some toddler hand and put away dirty dishes- that’s about it! As a busy mom, convenience is key so these ultra concentrated room sprays are a major win in my book! Plus, you get nearly 3oz for only $8 which lasts us about a month between using our warmers!

And let’s not forget your vehicle 🙂 Scentsy has you covered there too. These Scentsy Circles give off just the right amount of scent to keep your car fresh and smelling great without being overpowering. You can get these Circles in a wide variety, much larger than any other car fragrance company I’ve ever seen!

Last, but not least, I can’t not mention the latest Scentsy sent innovation, Layers by Scentsy. Layers is a personal scent line created with all the Scentsy magic that contains bath tablets, shower gel, shower cream, body lotion, body butter, body spray, washer whiffs,  Dryer disks, hand soap, hand cream and my favorite- Solid Perfume. Everything to make you smell just as delicious as your house, but you know, a little different 😉 The solid perfume has a non-greasy, light feeling and absorbs into the skill quickly for long lasing fragrance.

Overall, it’s hard to go wrong with Scentsy! & when you’ve got a rep. as great as Thea standing by you, well, it’s a no brainer! Aside from these AMAZING stocking stuffer ideas, there are many other great deals and sales going on. Like Scentsy Buddies. These are ADORABLE stuffed animals with scent packs inside! You can get two for the price of one right now, a deal this mommy is going to have to do since we lost our buddies! There is also a buy one, get one deal on Fragrance Foams that are super compact to fit into stockings or that extra space in the gift bag you need to fill 😉

Be sure and check them out online and get your Scentsy Fix today!

Peter Pauper Press


I know the title seems like I tongue twister but what if I told you that Peter Pauper Press produces Premium Paper Products 🙂 Dizzy yet? Their products also make Perfect Presents and help keep you in proper order for party planning. No matter how you word it, fact is at Peter Pauper Press, you’re bound to find journals, stationary and more for everyone on your Holiday list this year!

Peter Pauper Press carries a wide variety of paper items from calendars and journals, to bookmarks, organizers and even fun items for kids. When it comes to paper and giftable paper products, Peter Pauper Press has you covered. Since the year is drawing to an end, I decided it was about time I started taking some notes. Both in a calendar and just in a lined notebook. I was quick to find some designs that were perfect for me.

The first thing I chose was this 16-month Calendar. I loved the “Keep Calm and Have A Cupcake” cover and I can’t say I don’t like pink. This calendar is super sturdy, cute and well made. I like the idea of a 16-month calendar so I’m not waiting for the New Year to begin to start writing down my appointments and reminders. This one actually started in September so I can go ahead and plan the Holidays now.

My favorite item has to be this Peacock Journal. It spine is covered with real leather. This journal is huge! Both in it’s weight and the number of pages. It will take me a long while to fill up this book! The detailing on the front and back cover is absolutely perfect. I love all of the attention to detail.

The theme and details are even carried on in the pages inside. Writing in and flipping through this book is super easy and this just feels like the most well made journal I’ve ever written in. I know I’ll be purchasing another if I ever fill this one up!

Browsing through the Peter Pauper Press website is not only fun, but you’ll realize just how affordable their prices are! They’ve got items for every member of the family and to fit any esthetic. If you know someone who loves stationary, journals or just doodling, this is the place to shop for them!


One of the best things about the Holidays is all the Seasonal Scents. Vanilla, Berry, Cinnamon, Apple- they all just scream Holiday Cheer to me! With little ones, a giant candle burning for several hours isn’t always the best idea. An open flame is just too tempting to little fingers. That’s why I love Candle Warmers and Wax Melts! The biggest selection I’ve ever seen is at

The first thing I picked out was my scents. Apples & Spice and Merry Berry Plum! They almost sound good enough to eat! carries over 40 varieties of Jamie Clair Wax Melts. Each is available in 2oz or 4oz size and are a great deal! These large ones retail for only $5.99

Each 4oz “block” is sectioned into 12 pieces and each piece last for a very long time! I’m only on my second piece. I keep my warmer on for just a few hours and the scent lingers all day. When I’m ready to switch to a new scent, I let the wax cool, then I just push on one side and “pop” the piece of wax out.

Now let’s get to the warmer. I wanted to do something festive, BUT I didn’t want to have to pack my warmer away after December 25th, so I went with snowflakes. This warmer illuminates and melts the scented wax at the same time. It uses an internal light bulb to melt the wax.

I also wanted to get a warmer that would go with my decor after the holidays, so I picked out this Vintage Turqoise one. This is one of their new designs and I have to say, it’s my favorite of the bunch! They have 43 different warmers so if this one isn’t your style, I’m sure they have something to fit anyone’s personal style.

Aside from the wax blocks and warmers, also carries standard jar candles and warmer lamps,  plate candle warmers, candle crock warmers and more. Everything you need for the wickless candle experience. Be sure and check them out this year for your Seasonal Scent selection!


Stadler Form- Max Heater


It’s late in the winter season, but here in Texas, we’re finally able to switch on the heater and get cozy! Most days, though, the heater runs for a short period of time. Since our house if fairly small and the boys play in only two rooms (for the most part)- I thought getting a heater to use would help save on some energy bills, but it would have to be safe. That’s when I found the Max Heater by Stadler Form.

We received our Max heater a few weeks ago, before we quite needed a heater just yet. That’s how we discovered that it’s not only a heater, but can we used as a fan as well. They say the fan inside (used for both heating and cooling) is whisper quiet and I couldn’t agree more. A few times, my two-year-old (in spite of it being a no-no) has turned our Max Heater on without my knowledge and I never catch it until I’m all the sudden having a hot flash!  This heater does an excellent job of heating a room or two to the perfect temperature.

The controls are really easy, you can control the temperature with one and the fans power with the other. The knobs glide easily and they fit in nicely with the whole look and feel of the Max Heater.

Overall, we love the design and how well this heater worked. Stadler Form took a lot of time and care into the entire design of this heater and even picked up a few awards along the way. When not in use, it is a bright statement in our house and people often ask about it. The Max heater is available in 3 colors: red, yellow or white. With kids in the home, I’m stoked to report that no matter how long you run this heater, it never gets hot to the touch. It gets a little bit warm, but not enough to hurt anyone, especially curious toddlers. That makes this a super family-friendly option in my book!

How are you staying warm this winter?

Night Owl Paper Goods


I have a love of office supplies and stationary and my favorite kind is the kind I can’t purchase anywhere else. Night Owl Paper Goods are not only unique, but they are beautifully crafted with every little detail in mind. In spite of their name, they also use wood in most of their designs. Their products are sold in over 700 shops around the world in many different countries. They add their spin on everything from cards, party decorations, notebooks, calendars and more & I was lucky enough to sample of few of these works of art.

My order came in this adorable drawstring bag, shipped all the way from Birmingham, Owlabama….yes, that is what it says 🙂 This was just a little sneak peak at the amazing folk art I would encounter after I looked inside!

The first thing I pulled out was their adorable card. It’s made on thin, bendable (but not brittle) wood. I love the look and the feel of these, even though now, Alabama is spelled correctly 😛

Aside from stationary items, Night Owl Paper Goods also makes Christmas card and these are sure to get everyone talking! Like the business card, they are made of wood, but there are countless designs that you can personalize with photos and words to fit your needs. There’s still time to order for the Holidays so be sure and check these out HERE.

On the back of each card was a 2013 Calendar, so when your friends and family are done celebrating the Winter Holidays, they can still display this interesting wooden card as a calendar. I thought this was a great touch. Here you can see how bendable these cards are!

I also chose this adorable calendar for the new year and you guess it, this one is printed on wood. It comes in a clear acrylic case that opens to create a stand so you can display these on a shelf or desk. The printing and the art on these are just out of this world!

Each card is it’s own pieces of art. I love the unique coloring and wood grain of each piece. I can’t wait until it’s officially 2013 so I can display these. This calendar set would make the best stocking stuffer.

And last (but certainly not least) I got a notebook and a jotter with adorable giraffes on them! The small jotter is the perfect pocket sized note taker with unlined paper inside. The notebook has lines sheets and in perfect for getting all of your ideas or lists down.

Each piece I received from Night Owl Paper Goods was a little piece of well made, functional art. I love that- for myself or as gifts! I’ll definitely be checking out more of their selection as I finish up my Holiday shopping this year!

Boogie Board from Improv Electronics- GIVEAWAY


Around the Holidays, everyone had their eye of the new electronics coming out. I know I do! It’s hard to justify some of the huge price tags on things that I might not “need” but what if I told you Improv Electronics has some products that are not only fun, but practical in a way I never thought possible.

Improve Electronics created a line they call “Boogie Board”. You’ve heard of the eReader, but have you heard of an eWriter? Boogie Board is a line of LCD screen writers that are not only fun to doodle, draw and learn but they help you save paper along the way. Boogie Board uses Reflex™ liquid crystal displays for unique, sustainable applications. These special LCD screens retain an image without power and offer superior optical characteristics including sunlight-readability and wide viewing angles. In addition to their paper saving technology and products, Improve Electronics found a way to make their line even more environmentally friendly!

In 2008, Kent Displays (creator of the Reflex™ liquid crystal displays) began using a new roll-to-roll production line to mass produce Reflex LCDs from rolls of plastic. The line is the first of its kind in the world and produces no waste water/chemicals and less solvent emissions than sheet-based processes.

The flexibility, durability and exceptional thinness of these plastic displays, combined with no power image retention and superior optical characteristics, result in a versatile, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paper and backlit LCDs – with nearly endless applications!

The first Boogie Board (the Original) features a 8.5″ LCD screen. The Original Boogie board comes in 6 colors: black, white, red, pink, blue & green.With the purchase of the Boogie Board, you also receive a stylus and a cleaning cloth. Writing on this eWriter is super smooth and fun for the whole family. The screen is pressure sensitive meaning the more pressure you apply, the thicker the line. The screen is encased in a durable, sturdy plastic for protection and also color coordinated for a bit of design esthetic. This eWriter is great for any where you might want to take down a quick note, doodle or take messages. As a mom, I love making lists or little notes to members of the family. I can leave the stylus near the note and hope for one in return 🙂

The Original Boogie Board is also perfect for entertaining little ones. It has been credited as the best new innovative kids’ toy, but for us, it’s so much more than that. My 3-year-old loves to practice tracing and writing his letters and numbers. I can see our Boogie board becoming an invaluable learning tool as my children get older.

The only “button” on the Original Boogie board is the erase button, which lays flat on the top header or the board. All you do is press the button once and the entire screen in erased with a few flashes of the LCD. Because of the technology used to create the screen, no energy (from the battery located inside) is being used while you are doodling on your board- only when you erase the board. Because of this, the batter will last you for 6 years with up to 20 erases per day! That is a lot of notes and doodles.

It’s safe to say that the Boogie Board couldn’t remain a children’s toy forever. After much feedback from customers, it was clear one thing was missing from the Boogie Board line up- the option to save your notes. With the release of the Boogie Board Rip, Improv Electronics made a few adjustments, like  a thicker, more protective casing, a thicker, easier to handle stylus (not to mention a place to store it!) , the ability to save and more. The new Rip is also rechargeable via USB (using Polymer lithium-ion batteries) so battery life never an issue. Because the major selling point of the Rip is the “upgraded” option to save, it does use energy while you write, BUT you can choose to bypass this and just have an old fashion doodle session without any power.

There are three settings on the Boogie Board Rip, all located at the top of the board. First is the status indicator, the erase button and the wave/save button. Along with these “controls”, there is also a power switch on one side and a micro USB port on the other. Internally,  the Boogie Board Rip can store 8MB (approximately 200 PDF images) but the micro USB port gives you limitless options to expand this internal memory.

In order to begin using your Boogie Board Rip, you simply switch the power on and you can begin doodling. If you wish to be able to save your work, you will need to press the “wake button”. When you do the status indicator will light up red. This lets your know that the Boogie Board is “recording” your marks. When you have finished a page, you press the wake/save button again and then you can erase and begin again.

Using the USB charging cable, you can upload all your saved files onto your computer to view later. Everything saves in the order it was created and is very easy to locate and sort. Along with this function, Improv Electronics also has a software program you can download from their website that accompanies the Rip. With this program you are able to connect your eWriter to your computer and right onto your computer in real time. While the Rip is considered my husbands new “toy”, this function is fun for the boys to watch as it is on a much larger scale than the  9.5″ screen of the Boogie Board itself.

I thought after having the chance to enjoy both the Original Boogie Board and the Rip that I would have a clear winner, but the truth is, they are both brilliant in their own right. If you’re business savvy, the Rip offers amazing advances in note taking on the other hand, if you need a quick note and something to keep your child happy in the grocery store, nothing beats the convenience of the always ready to go Original Boogie Board. The decision was just too difficult.

That’s why Improv Electronics has agreed that our giveaway today will be Winners choice!
We’ll be giving the winner either The Original Boogie Board (in the color of your choice) or the Boogie Board Rip. Either way, this is a gadget someone you love is sure to enjoy- that is if you can part with it 😉

To enter simply click on the image below to go to the Rafflecopter form.
Please note that ALL entries are mandatory & will be verified. No exceptions.
Open to the US only.

Malaboo Batter Bowl Set


I’m a sucker for kitchen items. I know I can’t be the only one, so whenever I got the chance to review a product from Reduce Base  Brands, I couldn’t help by pick their Melaboo Batter Bowl Set.

Reduce Base Brands features several lines of attractive and innovative eco-friendly products that are designed to help consumers “reduce” their carbon footprint. All their products adhere to strict quality standards and, as always, are BPA-free, lead-free, and user-friendly. The selection on their site is incredible. They had personal cups for every member of the family and many different handy kitchen items- like these batter/mixing bowls.

This set comes with three bowls a 3 quart, 2 quart & 1.5 quart- all in beautiful colors. Each bowl features a convenient pour spout. I’ve made pancake batter in these bowls several times and they are ideal for getting perfect pancakes and even filling cupcake pans- yes, these spouts are that exact! These bowls feel great in my hands and are very sturdy. I admit, I can be a bit of a butter finger and I’ve dropped each bowl at least one. Not a scratch on them.

The best part? These bowls are also made of Bamboo! Can you believe that? I would have guessed a high quality resin. BUT because they are made of Bamboo, they are biodegradable and sustainable and non-toxic. In addition, when you’re through with these beauties they will only take 18-months to break down in a land fill. How long does a resin bowl take? Forever. It will never break down in a landfill. Same with glass bowls.

Not only are you doing yourself of your gift recipient a favor by gifting them this amazing bowl set, but you’re also helping out the rest of us by not littering the earth 🙂

From the message to the perfect product, Melaboo come through on all counts for me. I have to tell you, I thought I would gift these to a family member who recently got engaged, but after I got my hands on them, I just couldn’t part with them! They’ve been a staple in my kitchen ever since!

Know someone who could use an amazing new kitchen product and the peace of mind that comes along with?
Check out Melaboo 🙂

GreenLeaf Gifts


I love gifting home items and at the top of that list is candles. Not just any candles, I want them to smell great, burn clean, look nice, come in a variety and if I’m really in the gifting mood, I want to have the option of purchasing smelly goodies for myself or my gift recipient. I get all of these things and more when I shop Green Leaf Gifts.

At Greenleaf Gifts, they make amazing home items in nearly 30 different scents. From sweet to earthy, they have a scent for everyone and in every form you can think of. From candles and sachets to room sprays and oils. Aside from the vast variety, their products are so well made and the fragrances are strong but never synthetic smelling. Their motto is “bring nature home” and I can certainly smell that in their products.

The first thing I pulled out of my package was this Merry Memories Tin Candle. Both the lid and the outside of the container are decorated with a “visual of the scent” and each scent’s design is unique. This wrapper reminds me of the Holidays and boy, let me tell you, the scent is spot on for the same thing. It’s a little bit of evergreen and holly berries and just the perfect bite of cinnamon. I’ll be honest and say I’ve saved this candle for the week of Christmas. It just makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside, but I DID burn my other candle…

Which was in the scent Sugar Berry. If I could, my entire house would spell like Sugar Berry- all the time! It smells so nice and  even though it is sweet (hence, the sugar) it is not overly sweet like so many other brands I’ve tried before in the past. My husband does not like sweet smells and I’ve been able to burn this one so much that it is in fact, almost gone! There is no smoke and the candle burned down almost level the entire way. I also really loved the box this candle came in. It almost wouldn’t need to be wrapped if you were planning to gift it. The top lifts up and the candle is nested inside.

I also received scented Sachets in both Merry Memories and Sugar Berry. If you’re like me and have small kids, candles aren’t always an option. These large sachets fill a room easily without the worry of an open flame. The scents lasts for a lot longer than I anticipated. I’ve been using the several I have for nearly two months now and they still smell amazing.

If you aren’t looking to fill an entire room or you’ve got limited space to stash a sachet, they also make a small and a slim version, seen above. These are perfect for closets and dressers and they are a real steal! Not sure what you would do with scented sachets? How about 101 different uses? That’s right Greenleaf Gifts has compiled a list of 101 different (useful) things you can do with their amazing sachets. Check it out HERE.

Just to name a few of my personal favorite places to stash these:

  • in sock drawers
  • in garage or basement
  • in trash compactors
  • under bathroom sink
  • place on guest bed as a sweet welcome

& many, MANY more.

Overall, I loved getting to try GreenLeaf products and scents. Not only did I love the way everything smelled, but the lasting power and quality in each and every detail put GreenLeaf ahead of all the competition for me.


Simple Green Giveaway!


I hope everyone is having a relaxing Saturday and catching up on the sleep you missed yesterday! I did NOT brave Black Friday this year. I spent about 3 hours last year in Target to get a camera I thought I really wanted. It ended up being wrong for me (because it used AA batteries and not a rechargeable lithium battery) so I went home (after returning it) vowing that I would never get caught up in that again! Haha. BUT I have been living through all my readers and friends who have been able to snag some amazing steals! I will be taking part is some deals and sales online! I’m excited for Cyber Monday!

That all being said, I’d love to hear what YOU got! I personally, stayed in and CLEANED! So, I thought today was a good day to tell you about my new favorite “get it all done” cleaner!

Simple Green All-purpose cleaner is Non-toxic, biodegradable, non-hazardous, non-flammable,  and non-corrosive. This makes it a winner in my house, but aside from the “specifics” of what is inside a cleaner, I need to know that it works! So, I took Simple Green into my bathroom for my most dreaded cleaning job- the bath tub. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like a clean bathtub, but something about a 50 year old “refinished” tub makes it a magnet for soap scum! Not to mention, it’s very bright white color makes it look dirty after just a few uses. Before Simple Green I was tackling this job with a magic eraser AND Clorox. (I’m chlorine intolerant, but that’s the ONLY thing that has worked). Not anymore!

One of my favorite things about this cleaner is that you use just a small amount (mixed with water) to determine the strength you need for your task. I used the average strength that only takes a small amount of Simple Green. Even with the “average” strength, it cut right through the soap scum “ring” in my bathtub. I barely had to scrub at all.

I’m not one to complain about the smell of any cleaners because I tend to associate smells like “bleach” with being clean, but my husband is not a fan. We often need to switch cleaners due to his headaches or stomach aches because of strong cleaner smalls. This one has a nice, earthy smell that doesn’t linger so after about 10 minutes, you can forget about it.

I took my “Black Friday” day off to clean, but as the Holidays approach, I know most of us will be in a mad frenzy to get our homes in order for guests! Spend more time wrapping presents and less time scrubbing with Simple Green 🙂
Right now, all kits are 50% off! Meaning you can get a combo kit of this cleaner for only $6.49!

One lucky reader has the chance to win her own bottle (and dilution bottle) of Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner!
Just click on the image below to enter to win!