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Pawalla Holiday Dog Box- GIVEAWAY


We visited Pawalla a few months ago when they first became available and were instantly smitten with this quality monthly subscription for Fun Babies (K-9 & Feline alike) and I’m happy to report that Pawalla has kept up the quality, value and bells and whistles of their subscription and we’re happy to be revisiting this company! The best part?! We’re also giving away 3 boxes to 3 lucky Rosy Snail readers or, er…their pets rather 😉

For the Giveaway, we got a chance to check out what was inside the special Holiday Pawalla box this month! As usual, Pawalla Box comes sectioned and filled with an amazing assortment for your cat or dog! Upon Arrival, Pawalla is ready for gifting or letting the furry ones sniff out their treats! Either way, it’s sure to please! Just a refresher, Pawalla retails for $26 a month, free shipping! It’s lower than the competitors pet boxes out there and I’m going to do a run down of the value so you can see what a great bargain Pawalla really is!

The first thing I pulled out of the box was a can of dog food by Nature’s Variety. We actually received a Chicken and a Beef formula. these are gluten  and grain free and are all natural.

These cans retail 12 for $32.99 making these a “sample value” of $5.50 for both cans.

Next I pulled out a GIANT 14oz box of Wet Noses Dog Treats in Cheddar. These are also Organic and Wheat, Corn & Soy Free! This box is going to last the little dogs in our family a really long time! This box retails for $8.99

Next was a product I had never heard of and sounds really interesting. This is called Fur-Zoff. It feels like a pumice stone (but is actually made for 90% recycled materials!) but it’s mean to remove pet fur from any item that your dog (or cat) might leave fur on. It’s a great alternative to lint rollers since you’ll never have to change the sheets. This retails for $9.99

Next was another treat, Primal Pet Foods Liver Munchies. These are freeze dried Turkey livers. Not my cup of tea, but dogs love ’em! We also got coupons for a free “starter pak” of their dog food so we’ll be on the look out for that! These treats retail for $6.99

And for those who love to chew, we got these sweet potato chews. I love the idea of these not being pig skin, etc but having the same effect! These retail for $6.50

We also received a full bottle of K9 GH Anti Aging Supplement for dogs.  This bottle is 60 tabs and is a one month supply for larger dogs or two months for little ones like we’ve got in the family. This retails for $25

And Last, but probably and pooch’s favorite- this PetLou’s Natural Twist toy. This little Donkey is adorable and super durable too with a burlap face and a rope tail! This little fella retails for $10.60

Overall, the value of this box was: $73.57! That’s nearly 3 times what the box cost not to mention, this was NO light box! I’m sure shipping was a pretty penny, but Pawalla customers don’t pay a dime of that. It’s fun to try out nutritional, good for your pet products that you may have never heard of. Plus, I love that every month, you’re guaranteed to get a variety of items. For example: (for the dog box you receive)  2-3 types of food, 2-3 premium dog treats, 1-2 quality supplements, 1-3 essentials or accessories and a toy (or special surprise!). While you never know what brands you’re going to get, you know your box will be full to the brim with useful, quality items for your furry friend!

With all that being said, how about that Giveaway!!
To enter, just click on the image below to head over to the entry form!


Stay Connected with AT&T


The Holidays tend to bring families together and one way to help a family stay connected these days in by phone. AT&T is helping families stay connected and closer than ever with phones that do it all! I let them know that I didn’t want to leave the “gamer” off my Holiday Shopping list this year and they hooked me up with a phone that my husband and all other male relatives have been unable to keep their hands off since I got it!

This is the Sony Ericsson Xperia play, aside from being on one of the most reliable networks in the nation, AT&T, this phone has features I’ve only dreamed about having in a phone! Getting this phone marked my first real experience with Android and I have to say, I’m enjoying the Gingerbread 2.3 version of Android. Everything is bright, vivid and full of detail on the 4″, 16million color screen!

The back also features an amazingly clear, 5.1 mega pixel camera. Above is the classic “Don’t put me on your blog” face. It must not have been stern enough this time 😉 The camera also has flash, a feature I never knew would become so invaluable to me on a phone!
Isn’t he cute 🙂

The phone has a slide out bottom that reveals a full gaming pad. This phone is fairly light weight at only 175g and is 62mm wide by 119mm tall and only 16mm thick. Even when I’m controlling the phone in “game mode” the construction is solid and I don’t worry about breaking this even when I’m getting a little too much into the game!

Aside from all the great features and specs on this phone, the really exciting part is the games! There are 7 pre-loaded games with MANY, MANY more in the Android market! There’s a little something for everyone and even though I thought I wouldn’t play video games on this phone, I find myself sneaking in time for Crash Bandicoot nearly every day! Of course my husband and the boys have their favorites too so between all of us and our new gaming addictions, it’s a good thing this phone has amazing battery life! We can usually play non-stop for over 3 hours before we need to charge!

Overall, I’m never disappointed with AT&T gadgets, but this one was above and beyond for the gamer gift I was looking for! Though I have to be honest & say, it would be HARD if I actually had to give this one away! Ours will be staying at our home to entertain the entire family. Around this time of year, AT&T is known for some amazing deals and the best part is you can walk in and pick up a phone, gadget or accessory SAME DAY so if you’ve been putting off shopping for all those teens on your list, relax and head to AT&T!

Body Media FIT


It’s nearly New Years, the time of resolutions and goals. Almost everyone I know is setting a goal to better themselves is one way or another. For a lot of people, that means loosing weight and getting in shape. It’s easy to say you’re ready to get fit, but it’s not always easy to stay on target and keep motivated. I decided I would give Body Media FIT a try and see if it could help me do just that.

I received my BodyMedia FIT Core Armband a couple weeks ago & I immediately got to work. This armband (and the optional display) works with an online program to track your body throughout the day. With the armband, you can track your sleep, calories burned, steps taken, intensity of your workout (or activity). You also input your meals into the program for help with your nutritional needs.

To start, I charged my armband with the included cable and I set up my account. The arm band comes with a 3 month subscription to the online program to help you get started. There is a small sound that lets you know that the arm band is connected to your body.

This is an actual screen shot from when I set up my armboand. I set a goal to be my target weight and loose about 50lbs by April. In order to do that, I need to take 8000 steps a day, have 45 minutes of activity and have a calorie deficit of 1,000. That means I need to burn 1,000 more calories than I consume.

I also received the optional display. With this, I was able to see real time stats that my Core armband was collecting, like calories burned and steps taken, on this display. I just clipped this to my shirt and went about my day. I really liked having this in case I was coming up short on my steps taken or my activity, I could easily track that information and do some more exercise or go for a walk or in most cases, get up and clean the house 😛

Most days, it was easy to get just over 7,000 steps in my day chasing around two toddlers, but I often had to push to get my last 1,000, but I really enjoyed the challenge!

While I didn’t find it hard to stay within or under my 1800 calories a day goal, the program was quick to catch mistakes I was making that I didn’t even realize I was doing. Like this day I decided to have Kolaches for breakfast! The fat content was out of this world! Needless to say, I haven’t had one since. There are tips that will pop up fro all aspects of your health, whether you’re diet should be improved or you’re not getting enough rest, I loved that this program was there to guide me.

It was also there to cheer me on! It would congratulate me for meeting my goals or having a personal best!

They say that the Body Media FIT program and armbands can help you loose 3 TIMES more weight, but I know what you might be thinking. HOW? It doesn’t actually burn calories for you, so what’s the point? I found that the best part was that this gave me more accountability and knowledge as to what I was putting into my body and what I was getting out of it. It wasn’t until I had to enter in all my meals, that I realized just how much Soda I was actually consuming in a day. I also realized that I get less than 5 and a half hours on any given night. Sleep is an important part in any weight loss journey, but more importantly in your overall health!

I thought the BodyMedia program was easy to use, the armband is comfortable and you forget you’re wearing it. Overall, I really enjoy this program. I was given a longer subscription, so I plan to continue to use this and see if I get any more results. My weight loss has been slow, but consistent so I’m happy with that. I was beginning to feel like I’d tried about everything to get started and something was missing 🙂





Contac Cold+Flu


I’ve been planning on writing about Contac for a little while and as luck would have it, I woke up this morning with a nasty cold. I started to think about all the things I needed to do today! Catch up on my blog, Christmas shopping and all my “Mommy Duties” and my head started to spin! (and not just from the nasal congestion I was having!) Then I remembered I had Contac Cold + Flu in my medicine cupboard.

“I’d rather be __________ than be sick with a cold!”

There are plenty of other things you can fill in that blank with as a busy mom with even busier kids, but, whether we like it or not, the start of cold and flu season is here (and it’s predicted to be worse than last year). You may have your kids covered in the event they catch something, but what about you? We all know the golden rule of mommyhood: “moms aren’t allowed to be sick!”

Contac® Cold + Flu Day & Night can help you bounce back quickly during cold and flu season, so you can get back to filling in that ________ with more enjoyable things.  Today, not only am I back to my bubbly self after taking my Day time Contac Cold + Flu, but I also know that I’ll be able to sleep through the night and wake feeling rested with my Night Time caplet too. Within 25 minutes of taking Contac, I noticed I stopped reaching for the tissues and I even felt up to a trip to the park with by boys’ “Auntie” today. It’s something I just couldn’t have done without this medication. Because it has Acetaminophen in it too, I didn’t have to try to battle my headache with another dose of anything. Just 2 caplets every 6 hours and I’m still going strong!

It’s easy to always stay stocked on things that are going to keep my boys healthy, but I’m always willing to admit that sometimes I put my own health on the back burner. I’m SO glad I didn’t have to do that today because I had my Contac® Cold + Flu Day & Night on hand. I’d love to make the same thing possible for you!

One lucky Rosy Snail reader will be able to have Contac on hand for when a cold or the Flu catch you off guard!
To enter, leave a comment: “What would you rather be doing than being sick with a cold?”

Seagate External Hard Drive


With all past and future Holidays, I’ve compiled quite a collection of photos and videos. I can’t imaging what would happen if I were to lose these memories should a computer decide to crash. I’m lucky enough to report that’s never happened to me, but I’ve had phones break and flash drives stop working and I can say, that’s the pits! For months, my husband and I talked about backing up our files. Especially our boys’ baby photos. All our photos and important digital documents have been spread out over 2 laptops and a desk top computer, so it also made sense to consolidate our collection.

The quest for the right External Hard Drive ended when I heard about Seagate.

Seagate became the first hard drive manufacturer ever to ship 1 Billion hard drives in 2008. Yes, that read BILLION. So, I would say it goes without saying that there are a lot of Seagate hard drives out there!  When it comes to Seagate’s selection, there are currently 5 different desktop hard drives and 5 portable (laptop) versions. I opted to go with something that was portable and didn’t take much space- for me, that was the Seagate Slim.

The Seagate slim is only slightly larger than a lot of smart phones on the market and as thin as a pencil. It is, in fact, the world’s thinnest external hard drive.  The Slim features 500GB (half a Terabyte) of space. It also comes in 100% recyclable packaging and includes a 3-year limited warranty.

Copying files to my flash drive was super easy. I used the included cable and simply used the “drag and drop” method and had all of my files backed up in about 30 minutes. It’s also easy to upload and backup all your media from social media websites with just one click.

My Seagate Slim is sturdy, reliable and a breeze to use. It also offers me the peace of mind that I’ve been looking for. You can get your own Seagate Slim for as low as $78 on Amazon making it an affordable way to stop the worry and hassle of possible loosing your files and information.

How are you staying organized digitally these days?

Ila Security


Luckily, I don’t live in a city with too much crime, (KNOCK ON WOOD) but that doesn’t make me immune to crazy people. With late night trips to the store and just the idea of being a women out by myself, I’ve thought about carrying pepper spray or another self defense item, but I’m just not a fighter in that way. Granted, I’ve never been put in that situation! What if my boys got ahold of some pepper spray I owned? I’d never forgive myself. That was when I heard about Ila Security and the personal alarm products they make for women.

ila Security’s range of multi-tasking fashion accessories means that you’ve a choice of great-looking personal alarms and security devices for any activity, day or night. Whether you’re out jogging, walking home from work, traveling or visiting friends, our handbag charm, pedometer, keyring and door protector all look fabulous so that you can match them to your wardrobe. And if you ever find yourself in a threatening situation, simply press a button or pull a chain to activate an ear-piercing alarm, or scream-like yell, to repel an attacker and help summon assistance. With a busy life why compromise on safety or style?

The first personal alarm I tried out was the Ila Pebble, this is a keychain so you attach it to your keys and you’ll always have it with you. At the touch of a button, a high decible  alarm will sound in less than one second. Not only would this help scare away any attacker but it could also be used to signal for help. You can get the pebble in two fashionable designs. I gifted this one to my sister-in-law who, up until recently, worked night shift at a local hospital.

Next was the Ila Dusk. I kept this one for myself, no only because it’s leopard print, but because I really liked the concept. Along with the dusk, I received a keychain, but this alarm is activated by pulling the cord at the bottom. The other difference in that this alarm literally “screams for you”. Have you ever heard that you shouldn’t yell “help!” if you’re being attacked? I’ve heard you’ll get more attention if you were to yell “Fire!” or even just “Hey!” because not everyone is looking to “help”. That might sound like a loss of faith in humanity, but it’s just something I’ve heard so you better believe I’m going to yell whatever would get more eyes on me in a dangerous situation! When triggered, it yells “Hey!! Hey!” and so on! It’s a great way to yell out if someone were covering your mouth or you weren’t able to scream for any reason. It’s VERY loud as well. You can get the Dusk in 6 colors.

Each of these alarms is well made, cute and LOUD.

I’m the first to admit that these are products you hope to never use, but it’s always a good idea to be planning ahead. Ila Security makes it easy to still accessorize and cover your bases when it comes to personal safety so for that I give them two thumbs way us!


Goat Milk Stuff GIVEAWAY


Goats Milk Stuff keeps their business all in the family with a brood of Mom, Dad, 8 kids and you guessed it, their goats! Each family member has a job and my order came specially packed, labeled and checked by each of their kids. Their adorable signatures were even printed on my invoice. If the family effort that was sprinkled all over my Goat Milk Stuff wasn’t enough to get me to fall in love, I soaped up and got to testing these products.

The look and feed of Goat Milk Stuff’s presentation is classic and just glat out adorable. I love the rustic bags they place each soap in and the stamp that marks which sent is inside. I got the opportunity to try 2 full bars of soap, 2 half bars, a lip balm and a lotion stick. My order also came with 3 samples- these are super cute to put out as guest soap and a nice way to discover more scents I can’t wait to try!

Each bar was packaged inside a cloth drawstring bag that was stamped with the scent/variety of the soap inside. This one is Cool Citrus Basil and it is the perfect crisp scent for a man or a women. These soaps foam up amazingly and leave your skin hydrated, silky and smooth. Sometimes for me, a true test is whether or not they are moisturizing enough for me to shave my legs with them- Goat Milk Stuff passed the shaving test with FLYING colors! It was better than my “special” shaving cream!

The health benefits of goats’ milk doesn’t go unnoticed in the food industry, but have you ever thought about how nice it would be in skin care? It’s fabulous! This family takes it to the next level by pumping their products full of amazing, natural scents that are perfectly balanced and just alluring. I admit to taking deep breaths of each bar and then having a VERY hard choice deciding which bar to use first. It’s a good thing I chose carefully because these bars last such a long time! Even the half bars last weeks in my hot, steamy shower.

Goat Milk Stuff also packed their Goat Milk goodness into several other bath and beauty products. I chose Honey Lip Balm and oh man! Am I ever glad I did! This balm smells like sweet milk and honey and goes on smooth. My lips feel like a dream when I wear this balm over night. They have so many flavors of this lip balm so I’m excited to try several more!

If you’re reading the scents I chose thinking, Okay Alison, but I like my big store brands that sell those sickeningly sweet scents! I know what you mean, BUT you haven’t tried Goat Milk Stuff Lotion Stick in Pink Sugary! This lotion is sweet enough to put you in a sugar coma! But in an amazing way! The lotion absorbs into my skin right away and makes my skin feel smooth and soft. I am not lucky with chemical filled lotions and they often break me out after shaving, this has been the ONLY sweet scented lotion that has not done that to me! I couldn’t believe it! I credit that to Goat Milk!

Overall, I LOVED all the lush products I got to try from Goat Milk Stuff! I had enough to share with some friends and family and NOW, I get to share with you guys too! One Rosy Snail reader will win a $25 Gift Card to Goats Milk Soap!

Click on the image below to enter to win!

2012 Holiday Gift Guide


The Holiday Season is fast approaching & I don’t know about you, but I’m getting excited! There is nothing more fun than shopping for your loved ones and watching their excitement as they tear into their gifts! As a busy mom, I know it’s not always easy to shop and online shopping helps free up some time, but what if the perfect gift is just out there- waiting for you to discover it, if only you had the time! I’m here to help you save that time and frustration of not knowing what to get and not having the time to look through all your options!

I plan to answer 4 basic questions to help you in your quest for the perfect gifts this Holiday season :) Who? Who is going to LOVE this gift. What? Well, what it is of course! Where? Where can you find this amazing gift?! and Why? I’m not just trying to tell you about any ‘ol thing! Why is this item so special! You can click on ANY image to go to my full product review and feature for more information on the product and brand!


Ballet flats from Oka-b

Who: Mothers, sisters, cousins and friends. Or even Bridesmaids ;)
What: Jelly style shoes that hug your feet! Available in over 100 color combinations. These shoes not only feel great, but they look great. I can dress these up or down and they are one of the most versatile pairs of flats I own.
Why: With so may choices, you’re bound to find the perfect pair for your friend or loved one. Not only are they cute, these shoes are built to last. I’ve had mine for 2 months and they still look brand new.

Kid safe headphones from Kidz Gear.

Who: I don’t know a kid who doesn’t love music.
What: Headphones specially designed with little ears in mind. These  are volume controlled to ensure the best listening experience for little ones 3 and up.
Why: Toddlers and kids love to have something special that makes them feel grown, but adults products are not usually made to be safe in little hands. Kids Gear takes the next step by letting your kid have the freedom without the risk.

Amazing Deals on jewelry from Shadora.

Who: That Lucky lady in your life!
What: Shadora’s prices are almost CRAZY! I don’t know how they make ANY money on their products. They offer free shipping on any order plus, I get sterling silver and real diamonds for usually under $20! They have a huge selection that is always changing
Why: Because she doesn’t need to know you didn’t spend a fortune! You can pick up the whole set for less than the cost of one earring at a major jewelry retailer so why not? They have amazing deals around the Holidays too so be sure to check them daily 😉

Spa products by June Jacobs.

Who: The women in your life who could use some relaxation and glow.
What:  High Quality Spa skin care items that really work!
Why: A trip to the spa isn’t always on the schedule, but I know plenty of women on my shopping list who deserve a good relaxing facial. You can bring the Spa home- in a jar with June Jacob’s Spa Collection.
Silicone jewelry from Smart Mom!

Who: Know a mommy whose baby’s busy hands are keeping her from accessorizing? Help her get that flare back!
What:  Durable, fashionable and dual purpose silicone jewelry designed to help baby get their teething fix and be comfortable and fashion forward for Mommy.
Why: With so many options, you’re bound to see one happy Mommy after gifting some Smart Mom Jewelry. Accessorizing in one way to express yourself, but as Mom’s we always put baby first! This is the best way to give mommy back her style and help calm and sooth babies aching gums.
Fancy Box from

Who: Everyone looking for the quirky, unique and just plain odd!
What:  Fancy Box is a “grab bag” of sorts featuring unique and fun products sure to speak to the inner off ball in us all!
Why: At $30 for over $100 in products, Fancy Box is an absolute steal! I got $120 in products and all the items are useful or quirky and I cannot rave about it enough! I actually went ahead and ordered next month’s too! If you’ve got a teen, quirky friend or need some gag gifts for an exchange- this is sure to cover ALL those bases. (maybe even in one box!)
Luxurious Home Fragrance items from GreenLeaf Gifts.

Who: Can you really go wrong with amazing smelling, quality home fragrance items? There might be a few exceptions, but even my DAD loves a good candle!
What:  Candles, scented sachets, oil diffusers and more- all ready to fill your home with one of their 28 scents.
Why: GreenLeaf Gifts is sure to cover all the details so you don’t have to stress this Holiday. Whether you’re shopping for a loved one or an office gift exchange, they’ve got you covered with ornate, beautiful smelling products at great prices. quarterly cosmetics box!

Who: The beauty & fashion lover in your life!
What: is a quarterly subscription that changes with the season and is truly customizable by you! It’s like having a personal cosmetics shopper that truly knows you in an out! They also just released their jewelry box!
Why: Wantable blew my mind with how spot on their selections are! You can create a full look with the 5-6 full size items and you more than double the value with amazing brands and quality items. On top of that, if you’re even not 100% in love with their products, they pay shipping both ways to make an exchange and get the products you really love. If you’re nervous about makeup shopping for that lady in your life- this is a sure way to be spot on. She even fills out all the tough questions herself!
Color Changing sunglasses from Del Sol!

Who: Everyone on your list who likes to accessorize!
What:  Del Sol doesn’t just have sunglasses. They carry clothing, accessories and even nail polish- all activated to change color when they are in the sun. The variety is outstanding so you’re sure to find something you love!
Why: Giving unique, hard to find gifts is underrated and in a big way! Even thought these color changing fashion statements are easy to purchase on DelSol’s website, they’re sure to spark conversation and turn heads anywhere you go!
Eco-friendly, sustainable batter bowls from Melaboo Ware!

Who: Anyone who loves to spend time in the kitchen! With an earth conscious edge, Melaboo isn’t just for your “green” friends.
What:  Wonderfully constructed, good for the earth kitchen items!
Why: On top of an amazing mission to help reduce your carbon foot print, Melaboo created amazing products that are bright, durable and sure to be a welcome addition to any kitchen.

Hair Ties & More from Twistband!

Who: Anyone who appreciates a GOOD hair tie!
What:  Hair ties & headbands that do the unthinkable, they DON’T leave a crease when you remove them from your hair!
Why: Twistbands are soft and take hair ties to the next level by adding comfort and a solution to the oldest hair tie woe around. They’re affordable and available in almost AND color making them easy to gift for all the ladies on your list!

Gleam Body Radiance by Melanie Mills.

Who: The dancer, the short skirt wearer or anyone who loves the latest and greatest in beauty!
What:  An all over body “makeup” that applies like lotion to cover all flaws and give skin an amazing glow.
Why: Gleam will make your skill look flawless, but it’s also formulated to be good for your skin, not just “good looking”. Empower a women in your life to glow from the inside out.

Small Items Belt, the SPIbelt.

Who: The on-the go workout and naturelover.
What:  A small pouch that is a major upgrade to the “fanny-pack”. SPIbelt holds everything you’ll need to hit the hiking trail.
Why: There’s nothing worse than leaving the house without those few essential items you need to get through the day, like your cell phone or identification, but when you’re in workout mode- pockets are usually scarce! Help a loved one solve this problem this season by gifting the SPIbelt.

Comfy, padded sports socks from Thorlo.

Who: The jogger, hiker, sports lover on your Holiday List.
What:  Socks specially designed to give your feet extra protection when you need it most for activities that can be hard on your feet.
Why: The days of traditional sock gifting is over! Give your loved ones socks that are going to not only look cool and keep their feet warm but also protect and pad their feet when they are out having fun.

Amazing Smelling Body Product by Zents!

Who: Men, Women…children? Okay, maybe adults only but anyone who loves to feel fresh and smell clean!
What:  Everything from shampoo and conditioner to body wash, bath salts and luxurious lotions all coordinated with scents to please anyone’s taste.
Why: Zents takes notes of the finer things in life and captures them in a scent then into a bottle for it’s customers. I’ve yet to try a Zents product that did not become a fast favorite and with a variety like theirs, your bound to find the right fragrance for you or a loved one.

Cute and functional Tea Sets and Accessories from

Who: Like I said in my review, tea is not just for old ladies. There are plenty of tea lovers out there and you can find the best, unique tea set for them, no matter what they like!
What: A HUGE variety of tea sets, accessories and of course, tea.
Why: Because even tea drinkers like to drink in style. Nothing adds to the tea experience like fine teas and handmade tea pots. You can go that extra mile without the extra price tag.

Iris Cracker Basket From Emerson Creek

Who: I think Emerson Creek has amazing gifts for the woman in your life- whether it’s your mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, there is something for all tastes. Think home gifts AND entertaining.
What: Handpainted, American made pottery made to last.
Why: Emerson Creek Pottery is made with that special touch. From the hand painted designs to the wonderful America craftsmanship, each piece is wonderfully made and would make a great piece to anyone’s collection.

Nite Note from

Who: Anyone who sleeps. Whether they love sleep or need more of it, anyone can appreciate a gadget or gift that will help them get restful sleep!
What: Everything from sleep masks and ear plugs to clocks that help you rise with the sun. One stop shop, sleep central!
Why: Because everyone deserves a good night sleep.

Mavea Filtration Water Pitcher

Who: Drinking more water is always a good idea, no matter who you are, but think your health conscious friend or family member or your girlfriend who is expecting a baby, pregnant ladies love water ;) This would also make a great house warming gift.
What: Pitchers that expertly filter water while taking modern, functional design into consideration.
Why: Because water is good for everyone! You don’t want to gift someone just any ‘ol pitcher. With a digital read and a modern design, this won’t be a boring gift even if you think water is boring.

La Fresh Travel Towelettes for Every need.

Who: Anyone. Planning on stuffing some stocking this year? Whether it’s your mother, child, friend or spouse- there is something
What: To-go towelettes for everything from beauty and cleaning to hand sanitizers and bug repellants.
Why: Because not only are La Fresh towelettes convenient but they work! They are also all natural, save water and they are never- under any circumstances- tested on animals.

Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadows (and more) from Opalima.

Who: Anyone who loves makeup and loves their naturals pure and free of nasty chemicals.
What: Beautful eyeshadows, blushes, lip cremes and more all made with only the most natural and pure ingredients.
Why: Because with Opalima, they take out all of the nasty things you don’t want in your makeup without sacrificing any quality. Their cosmetics are pigmented and last all day.

Beauty Deals and Steals from

Who: The Diva, your sister, your roommate, your mother, your best friend and any other women who loves to feel pretty & pampered!
What: Affordable, name brand makeup, skincare and more.
Why: Because let’s face it, women love to get name brand, high end beauty items but you’re not trying to go broke this Christmas! I’m not going to tell her you got the deal of a lifetime, what’s stopping you!?

Core Bamboo kitchen and cooking items.

Who: I can’t think of anything you couldn’t shop Core Bamboo for! Everyone has a kitchen! I think Core Bamboo products would make especially great gifts for people who enjoy cooking and hosting as well as new home owners and college students.
What: Kitchen supplies made entirely of Bamboo!
Why: Core Bamboo products are sure to get people talking! They make quality, unique items that are sure please. If you’re not sure what to get someone, Core Bamboo would be a safe (but unique) gift.

Karen Murrell Natural Lipsicks.

Who: Any Lipstick Lover. Because Karen Murrell offers a variety of bold and neutral colors, it’s easy to find something for a women of any age. We never grow out of loving makeup!
What: All Natural, quality lipsticks.
Why: Did you know that the average women consumes 2 Kilograms of lip products in her lifetime? If you’re the lucky one at the other end of a lipstick covered kiss, you’re eating her lip products too! Karen Murrell’s Lipsticks are all natural and contain none of the chemicals or fillers in traditional lipsticks. One top of that, her colors are bold and long lasting.

A bag or purse from

The special women in your life who loves style! Whether it’s your girlfriend, wife or best friend, it’s hard to go wrong with a purse this beautiful!
What: All sizes of bags from huge Satchels to clutches- all with small price tags!
Why: Because it doesn’t have to cost a million dollars for her to look like a million bucks 😉 BagBlaze is affordable for the average person without having to sacrifice quality. These bags are cute, in style and sure to put a smile on any woman’s face.


I’ve seen a real upgrade in subscription boxes lately. Boxes are pumping out full size items, the ability to pick your own items and even “full look” boxes that contain makeup for your whole face, but what if I told you there was a box that does ALL of that?

Well, Wantable does- and a whole lot more.

Wantable is a quarterly service- meaning their selection changes with the seasons. I got the change to try out a winter box. Wantable began with only makeup boxes but they just released their jewelry subscription as well! You can choose to either subscribe to Wantable and get a box automatically every 3 months for $36 OR you can pay a little more, $40, and just try a box as a one time deal. Every box contains 5-6 full size items and, as I learned, usually another little extra. Each Wantable Makeup collection is hand selected by Beauty Expert Teresa “T” Sammarco. Each collection has a retail value of $80-$100. When you decide to “get started” you answer a series of questions to let them know what you REALLY like and dislike! If you don’t select that you want a highlight- you’re guaranteed not to get one! Their quiz goes into more detail than any other subscription that I’ve tried. I selected that I wanted nail polish and I said I liked Creme, glitter and shimmer. It asks you not only what colors you’re into but also what finishes or varieties you’re into. There was even an option to say you liked BRIGHT lip colors! That’s my kind of box!

If Wantable’s true want to get to know your style isn’t enough to lure you in, when I got my box there was a curious mailing label inside, right on top with my packing slip. Why? Because if you aren’t happy with any item in your box- return it. They want you to love your products and if you’re not happy, shipping is free both ways. I have to be honest in my review and say, I didn’t love my lipgloss I originally got. It’s beautiful, but I’m just not a fan of glittery lips. It’s just not my thing, so I emailed them and I had a replacement in about 3 days! It was that easy!

This color is a lot more my style and I am addicted to the way this gloss feels on my lips! This is from MyFace Cosmetics and it’s their Lip Pop Gloss in “Hot Stuff”. In all honesty, this is the least sticky lip gloss I have ever applied, but not in that watery, drippy way. It applies color to my lips and stays put but without even a hint of tacky texture. This full size gloss retails for $18- remember a subscription of Wantable is only $36- so far, that’s half!

Next I pulled out a MiA BelleZZa eyeliner pot. I LOVE cream eyeliners so I was thrilled to see this in my box. I received this in the color “Verde”. Now, looking at it, you can’t tell much. It almost looks like a dusty black color and I was surprised that it was called a green shade at all. That was until I swatched it.

As cliche as it sounds, pictures do not do this color justice. It is a fabulous dark green with gold and green shimmer in it. On top of the brilliant color, it’s super creamy and stays put! I swatched this on my arm and it was there even at the end of the day. I had to bust out makeup remover to get it off. This eyeliner retails for $16.50

Next was my eyeshadow. I know what you’re thinking, yes it broke. BUT I got this along with my new lipgloss, replaced just a few days later! I admit, my new one was stolen by a friend so I pressed this one back together and am seriously enjoying it. This shadow is also my MyFace Cosmetics and the gold glitter in it is out of this world! It looks amazing with my blue eyes and I never see any fall out. Which is just shocking for the amount of BLING in this Blingtone shadow. This shadow retails for $20 and even without the awesome deal I got through Wantable purchasing it in this box, I’d purchase it again in a heartbeat!

This might be my favorite item in my box, but it’s SO hard to choose just one. This blush is also by MiA BelleZZa. I tend to have a bit of a “safe zone” with blushes that is very peachy and a touch of coral. Probably because I’m so fair skinned. This blush (in “Captive”) has the same peach/coral tone but with a pinch more red than the rest of my collection. This made it a welcome addition and a new Winter favorite for me. It was fun to step out of my comfort zone just a TINY bit! Also, the coral shimmer in the blush is a wonderful pop! Retail on this blush is $16.50

& of course, all nail polish lovers dream- Color Club. I practically salivated when I saw the gold nail art lacquer. How insanely perfect for the Holidays in this?! I’ve been using color club for a long time and while they are certainly on the affordable end, they are quality. I can get a good 5 day manicure out of an application of Color Club polish. I love getting to try the nail art bottle because I haven’t tried them out yet. The standard bottle retails for $8 and the Nail Art bottle is $4.

As a sweet little bonus, I got a sample (worth $.70) of Kai perfume.  This perfume smells very earthy and it almost has a calming effect on me. I think this would be perfect for a cozy date night 😉

I loved everything about Wantable and getting to try them out. From presentation to the contents, I think this is a subscription to certainly try out. I thought the mix of companies I knew and already loved and ones that I’d never tried, but ended up falling in love with, was spot on. It was also exciting to get my box and instantly be able to put together a FULL look with just a few basics I already had like foundation and mascara. I even had a scent that goes pretty well with my greens and golds!

It’s one thing for a company to have a great business plan and products but Wantable also has amazing customer service! You might be thinking I got some sort of special treatment as a blogger, but that just isn’t the case. If you checkout Wantable on Facebook, you can see their wall is covered in satisfied customers singing their praises! THAT’S why I can’t wait to get my NEXT box from them.

That’s right! I’m officially becoming a paying customer. Why? Because they have a deal I cannot pass up!
Right now Wantable has a deal posted on their Facebook that if you buy any one box between now and December 9th- you can gift two more for FREE! That’s right, buy one get two free! It’s the Giving Season so I could not pass this up!

I chose to get the Vintage Jewelry Collection box! It will come with 5 pieces but you never know what you’re doing to get!! I love all the pieces in this photo so I can’t wait to see what I get. And what my two friends get as well!