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“What’s In My Bag” Tag!


I’m really excited to be doing this because, well it’s fun! At the end, I’ve selected a handful of awesome bloggers who I’m tagging and hopefully they will be showing you what they carry around in their purses as well! I’m a little concerned that everyone MIGHT try to stage an intervention! I realized two things while taking photos for this blog post. 1. My bag really can hold me WHOLE life and 2. I need to prioritize my purse items, seriously!

I did not add nor take away anything from my bag, just picked it up and photographed what was inside. (I did have to put my makeup bag and wallet back inside because I throw them in as I’m about to leave)

I am still carrying my amazing Mary Satchel from so, I’ll start with the back pocket/zipper!

First thing I pulled out what a voucher for a free item from B&BW. I got this because I picked up a few goodies the other day and this will be good at the end of this month. I wanted to mention it because I know we all love freebies!

I also have this mint container from The Salvation Army where my Mother-in-law is a board member (or at least that’s what I think her “official” title is) and we recently went to a lovely dinner they had.

Two Milani Lip Flash pencils I grabbed for $2 each in the clearance section of my local HEB. SCORE!

& an insane collection of coupons, receipts, notes, HEB Buddy bucks and some cash…Yeah…LOL This is as  close to “trash” as my contents of my bag got, I was pretty surprised with that!

Now for the larger zipper pocket!

Because I’m a mom of two in diapers (Parker is potty training but wears pull-ups in public as of now) I HAVE to carry wipies. It’s a no brainer. I usually have a soft pack in my bag, but I’ve had this one for the last week or so.

I ALWAYS end up with a car or two (or four!) in my purse. Sometimes I put them there, sometimes my little guys do, but it never fails that I’m looking for something and I pull out a die cast car- today it’s Mrs. Holly Shiftwell 🙂

On to MOMMY stuff! First thing is my Billie Lashes from Bullseye Lashes. I haven’t used this specific pair yet because I’m waiting for something glam to come up BUT I’ve been carrying them around as a reminder of how amazingly beautiful they are (and to inspire me).

My favorite Deep Steep hand cream in the whole entire world.

New B&BW Fall Scents! This is Honey Autumn Apple. If you like green/candied apple flavors and scents, you will LOVE these. I didn’t like the other Fall scents as much but they were still nice. These minis were 3 for 10 so I couldn’t say no!

My Betsey Johnson sun glasses. These just hang around loose because they are old and beat to all get out, but I love them so much I can’t part with them. (no matter how many other, not beat up pairs I own)

An adorable pack of Kleenex- because you never know when you’re going to WISH you had one of these!

My Lola by Mark Jacobs solid perfume ring. I think I carry this around out of guilt! Because it’s SO beautiful but I never (and I mean NEVER) wear the ring OR the perfume. I like both but I’m just never dressed up enough :/

My red leather Fossil ID wallet. This baby is OLD, but I love it and you can’t tell. The other wise has a plastic part with my Driver’s License in it.

My Konvine leopard print ballet flats. These are perfect for when your feet get tired from walking in heels. I’ll be doing a full review on these VERY soon, but just know that I love these and they now live in my hand bag!

My favorite glasses ever that I got from Firmoo ❤

Then I have two makeup bags at the bottom! One is my MyGlam from September and the other is a BIG Betsey Johnson cosmetic bag.

In my MyGlam bag is the most RANDOM assortment of things. Basically, if I find it floating around in my bag, I throw it in here. I’ve got some Jane lipgloss, Karen Murrell Lipstick, an Uglee Pen, my Travelo, Nailtiques Formula 2, Sweaty Bands, Twist bands, Julep Reveal…random party favors,…change. It’s just SO random!

Inside the inside zipper of my bag, there was also this randomness, a necklace I got from Claire’s for $1 (and I love), a nail file, my favorite pen ever by Sharpie! Cuticle oil from Entity Beauty, hand sanitizer and gum!

AND here is the inside of my Betsey Johnson Makeup Bag…the amount of lip products here is unreal…who needs this many in their purse? Not to mention the stragglers I found in other places! I can’t even begin to list all this out, but ta-da!

I’ve been wearing pink lips everyday in October ❤ These are my current favorites.

So, I want to see what you’re totting around ladies!
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Green Kid Crafts- July!


Last week we got a super fun monthly subscription box in the mail. Parker doesn’t quite know what the word “Favorite” means, but if he did, I bet he would call this is favorite box so far 🙂 It’s called Green Kid Crafts.

Every craft inside this box is made of products that are recyclable or bio-degradable (like their plant based cello bags that hold each craft) the business it’s self is Carbon Neutral and the box is made of 100% recycled materials.

For $19.95 per month, you receive at least 3 craft projects perfect for ages 3-8. Everything you need is included minus a few basic household craft items like glue, markers, tape and scissors. My favorite part is the while there are instructions and guides for how to easily recreate the completed projects- each one is designed to be open ended. Allowing small children like my nearly 3-year-old, Parker to get creative. After all- there’s never a wrong way to make art!

This month’s theme was ‘Sun, Moon & Stars’ The finished projects are shown on a postcard on the lid of the box.

In the box was some literature welcoming up and letting us know some more information about the company and how they remain “green” to help the earth. They really covered all of their bases!

If you didn’t think that 3 crafts for the price was enough of a value, they also included this little magazine that had easy ideas for even more crafts to fit this months theme! This was just the extra touch I love with subscription boxes for the kids. This would surly keep you busy between your boxes and create opportunities to talk about recycling with your little ones.

They included some cute stickers (yay! More potty training bribes!)
And a card that says if you use the code “FRIEND” to get $10 off! Hello! That is half off your first box! GO!

The first craft we did was the shooting Star. I completely adore this craft! I have never seen something SO easy but SO cute and it has held up amazingly. Even with little brother (Jack who is 1) playing with the finished product too!

Here are the other two, the Rocket Launcher and Sundial 🙂 These included some really great supplies too. Color pencils, paper and even some Crayola Moon dough!

So, here is Parker (with Daddy’s help) opening the stuff needed for his Shooting Star Craft.

I can’t even begin to explain how much he loved this!

Tying the knot!

All done! We have already gotten so much use out of this box and we’ve only done one of the three projects so far! My little guy loved that his box was just for him! We can’t wait to finish our projects!