Hey Guys! I know sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the amazing Giveaways and Contests going on here at The Rosy Snail so I opened this “tab” to help make them easy to find. You should be able to click on each picture to be directed to the blog post with instructions on how to enter πŸ™‚

Zents Spirit of Giving Giveaway (with 10 winners!)
Ends November 15th!

Enter to with your own Knot Genie in “Camo Cloud”
ends November 4th.

Enter to win this Amazing Pink Ribbon Set from Penny Wise!
Congrats Michelle D. & Melissa D.! 3 More winners announced 11/5

Enter to win a pair of Zipz Interchangeable Shoes.
Congrats Mina N!

Enter to win an Emerson Creek Cracker Basket.
Congrats Caitlin M!

Enter to win a Mavea water filtration pitcher.
Congrats Heidi M!

Enter to win a Cometique Beauty Blockbuster Palette.
Congrats Sarah M!

Enter to win a pack of paper products from Roaring Spring.
Congrats Alyssa M!

Enter to win a purse from BagBlaze.com!
Congrats Ashlyn C!

Enter to win the Haunted Hunt chocolate game for your little ones.
Congrats Krista S!

Enter to win a 45/90 Load Pack of Rockin’ Green
Congrats Danette F!

Enter to win a True Citrus Prize Pack!
Congrats Laura K.

Enter to win a 4 pack of Skoy cloths.
Congrats Anne S!

Enter to with HBL’s Volumizing System.
Congrats to Katherine D!

Enter to win Monkey Balm.
Congrats BK.

Enter to Win 2 Murad Products.
Congrats Fiorella!

Enter to win a 3 pack of UGLee Pens.
Congrats Alice C.

Enter to Win a 3-piece cosmetic set from Mia Mariu
Congrats Alice J!

Win a $25 gift card to Glass Dharma
congrats to Erica!

Enter to win your own Stick With It Cosmetic Palette
congrats to Rebecca!

Enter to win a one month’s supply of snacks from Crum Creek.
Congrats to Leah!

Enter to win an all-natural Deodo Mom Deodorant.
Congrats to Kelly, Erica, Daune S, Danyell B, & Rebekah!

Enter to win a BH Cosmetics Palette.
Congrats to Melissa P!

Enter to win “My Very Own Pirate Tale” from I See Me.
ended August 25th- Congrats to Linda H!

Enter to win the NEW Vegan version of Conscious Box!
ended August 20th- Congrats to Sarah A!

Win a 1oz bottle (a full month’s supply) of Nerium AD
Congrats to Ashley H!

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  1. The Rosy Snail sent me, amazing giveaways, I truly support Breast Cancer Awareness, as to me it means many things. It shows suppots to those who are currently living with it, support to those who have died from it, as well as letting people know to be aware that it exists and to be checked regularly.

  2. BCA is so very important! My aunt and my best friend have been affected by this and the word needs to be spread! Get tested!

  3. The Rosy Snail Holiday Preparation Kit Review and Giveaway!!
    I will be spending time with family and friends, cooing, eating good food, shopping,decorating the tree and house, watching FOOTBALL, wraaping gifts, opening presents, and then partying like it is 1999……

  4. I am posting this for the holiday preparation kit giveaway….we will be staying home and enjoying family time…thank you for the opportunity to win and hope you have a great holiday season πŸ™‚

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