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I wouldn’t classify as a Wine-o, but I love to try new wines with friends or on a calm night with my husband. Because I’ve only been drinking wine for a few years now, I’ve not quite got the palette I’d like to when it comes to a good, rich wine. I started my wine journey off with overly sweet, berry flavored wines and let’s just say, it was a bit of a shock to my system the first time a tried a dry red wine. I’ve come a long way since my first sip and one day, a professional wine tasting will be in order. For now, I can take my taste buds on a journey through Wine Country without ever leaving my home.

At TastingRoom.com is a Wine Super Nova with options to purchase by samples, by the glass by the bottle or in larger batches for gifts or parties. I got the chance to try a  Party Sample and I decided to go with a Holiday sampler put together by Emeril  Lagasse.

Emeril’s Holiday Party Sampler features six wines to help you bring the oohs + aahs and definitely some second helpings to your wine as well as your food. “I loved going through my own tasting to make these selections and food pairings and bring them to you. It was delicious, fun, creative and I can’t wait to do it again! This is truly the way to get to know your own palate and have a blast doing it.”  In the top of the box, was this large card with an overview of each wine you will sample. I loved having all this information at my fingertips to be able to educate myself and figure out what I truly like in a wine.

Nestled safe inside we 6 50ml (1.7oz) tasting size bottles. I loved the large variety in this  set. From Chardonnay to Zinfandel and even a solid Merlot.  I shared my sampler with family and we were all able to find something we liked. I can see how this would be a great mix for friends, dinner parties and more. Emeril really knows how to pick ’em!

It goes without saying that these little bottles are adorable, but the best part is that you can revisit TastingRoom.com and easily order a full bottle of your favorite sampler. These wines were all delicious and even though they were chosen by someone as high profile as Emeril Lagasse, I was shocked at the modest price tags! Most of the bottles retail right around $25! This particular Chardonnay is only $20.95

Overall, I loved getting to try all these Wines and being able to share with loved ones, it was the icing on the cake for our small dinner party last month. I love the concept behind the Tasting Room and I look forward to ordering from them again!

If you’re thinking you might want to give TastingRoom.com a try, they’ve got a special offer to invite a friend and give them a $25 credit towards a $50 order! If you’re interested in an invite, leave a comment and I’ll send you an invitation via email!



Unreal Candy


If you guys didn’t already know, I’m a Bzz Agent 🙂 And while I’ve been with the program for several months, I recently got my first campaign! I was chosen to try Unreal candy! I had actually started seeing their super colorful packaging and was curious about it. I was excited to try candy- especially chocolate, but then I found out that this was NO ordinary chocolate candy.

With BzzAgent, I got to try one of these for FREE, the others, I splurged on 😉 We like candy around here. Unreal is different because it is free of artificial flavors, coloring or ingredients, its contains no Hydrogenateds (i.e. hydrogenated oil, etc), no corn syrup, no preservatives and no GMO’s. In my mind, it seems like a no brainer to leave these out of my sweet treats- apparently, Unreal is the only candy company that agrees!

I’m a big fan of Snickers (it feels wrong comparing the two, but like me, I’m sure it’s what you are familiar with) so I went with their peanut and caramel chocolate bar. It also has a purple wrapper- how could I say no!

I LOVED it. I admit I could taste the difference. 1. It was not nearly as sweet. I mean that in a good way! I get two bites into a Snickers and I feel a sugar coma coming on. This was sweet, but edible. 2. The caramel was just, better. It didn’t stick to my teeth as much and it had a much more pleasant after taste. Given a choice, I would go with the Unreal bar any day. The prices are the same. I picked this bar up at CVS for $1.19

When I was checking out at CVS, the cashier asked about my coupons and I briefly explained BzzAgent. I also asked her if she had tried any Unreal candies. She said she had tried the peanut butter cups- she disliked them. I asked her if she had ever had natural peanut better, because she claimed it was too dense for her liking. She had not. I grabbed a few of their peanut butter cups to try out!

I took one bite and knew what was wrong. Unreal if you’re listening- your flavors are delicious! But your ratio is ALL WRONG! We need more peanut better! My husband and I have discussed a few times how the Reese’s cups ratio is just- PERFECT. But would we switch to a better for you brand if their ratio was good- absolutely! They did however, print their logo on the botton- touche Unreal. I like it.

Overall, I really like this brand. I’m not one to keep a lot of candy around the house because it’s not something we try to eat a lot of, but given a special occasion, I love the idea of having the option of leaving out all the nasties.