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Body Media FIT


It’s nearly New Years, the time of resolutions and goals. Almost everyone I know is setting a goal to better themselves is one way or another. For a lot of people, that means loosing weight and getting in shape. It’s easy to say you’re ready to get fit, but it’s not always easy to stay on target and keep motivated. I decided I would give Body Media FIT a try and see if it could help me do just that.

I received my BodyMedia FIT Core Armband a couple weeks ago & I immediately got to work. This armband (and the optional display) works with an online program to track your body throughout the day. With the armband, you can track your sleep, calories burned, steps taken, intensity of your workout (or activity). You also input your meals into the program for help with your nutritional needs.

To start, I charged my armband with the included cable and I set up my account. The arm band comes with a 3 month subscription to the online program to help you get started. There is a small sound that lets you know that the arm band is connected to your body.

This is an actual screen shot from when I set up my armboand. I set a goal to be my target weight and loose about 50lbs by April. In order to do that, I need to take 8000 steps a day, have 45 minutes of activity and have a calorie deficit of 1,000. That means I need to burn 1,000 more calories than I consume.

I also received the optional display. With this, I was able to see real time stats that my Core armband was collecting, like calories burned and steps taken, on this display. I just clipped this to my shirt and went about my day. I really liked having this in case I was coming up short on my steps taken or my activity, I could easily track that information and do some more exercise or go for a walk or in most cases, get up and clean the house ๐Ÿ˜›

Most days, it was easy to get just over 7,000 steps in my day chasing around two toddlers, but I often had to push to get my last 1,000, but I really enjoyed the challenge!

While I didn’t find it hard to stay within or under my 1800 calories a day goal, the program was quick to catch mistakes I was making that I didn’t even realize I was doing. Like this day I decided to have Kolaches for breakfast! The fat content was out of this world! Needless to say, I haven’t had one since. There are tips that will pop up fro all aspects of your health, whether you’re diet should be improved or you’re not getting enough rest, I loved that this program was there to guide me.

It was also there to cheer me on! It would congratulate me for meeting my goals or having a personal best!

They say that the Body Media FIT program and armbands can help you loose 3 TIMES more weight, but I know what you might be thinking. HOW? It doesn’t actually burn calories for you, so what’s the point? I found that the best part was that this gave me more accountability and knowledge as to what I was putting into my body and what I was getting out of it. It wasn’t until I had to enter in all my meals, that I realized just how much Soda I was actually consuming in a day. I also realized that I get less than 5 and a half hours on any given night. Sleep is an important part in any weight loss journey, but more importantly in your overall health!

I thought the BodyMedia program was easy to use, the armband is comfortable and you forget you’re wearing it. Overall, I really enjoy this program. I was given a longer subscription, so I plan to continue to use this and see if I get any more results. My weight loss has been slow, but consistent so I’m happy with that. I was beginning to feel like I’d tried about everything to get started and something was missing ๐Ÿ™‚





EveryBodies Lingerie- Shoe Shopping


It’s no secret that I’m not a size 2 & frankly, I don’t know a lot of women (or moms) that are. I’ve shopped in a few lingerie boutiques and browsed Victoria’s Secret and I can say it was less than ideal. Things in my size are either scarce or they’re just unflattering. It’s like they’ll throw anything in their stores for their “plus size” section just to saw they have one! Not to mention the sizing! On a trip to visit a boutique with a friend last year, I probably spent an hour in a hot, stuffy dressing room trying to get something that fit my waist and bust and NO women wants to wear a 5x when she’s typically a L/XL…ever. Under ANY circumstance. I eventually found a nightie and went about my day, but it’s the experience that comes to mind when a girlfriend of mine chimes up with the idea to go shopping. After that, I took up looking online and found a lot of the same issues: a confusing sizing system and a limited selection for the average or plus size women. Then I found EverybodiesLingerie.com and my headache went away!

EveryBodies Lingerie owner, Nichole G., set out with a mission- to offer lingerie and other accessories for women of all shapes and sizes. She wanted to have a place where everything was easy to find and the selection was big enough to match anyone’s personal style. After browsing her site for an hour or so, I have to say she succeeded- in a big way.

I was able to browse lingerie by what style I wanted (or even search color) THEN by what size I needed. So, instead of searching through a few pages in the “Plus Size” section, I was able to choose my favorite night time attire- baby doll nighties and then select my size. I wasn’t limited to 5-10 selections like I have been in the past. I was able to click on a nightie I liked and sure enough- it was available in my size! Plus, on every page featuring an outfit or clothing product, the size chart is clearly laid out in the details. You can choose by your weight, bust, hip or even your dress size, whichever is easier for you! I really felt like all the bases were covered!

I have to admit that I’m not used to having THAT many choices when it goes to Lingerie! It was almost overwhelming and narrowing it down to an item I wanted to review was too hard! So, I went to my safe place. Shoes! I couldn’t turn down these leopard print heels! Shipping with EveryBodies Lingerie is fast- orders ship same or next day. (Meaning you still have time to order before the Holidays!)

I got these Ellie Shoes Satin & Lace Stilettos & I have to say, they’re perfect! These are some serious heels for sure, but they are insanely comfortable for a 6″ heel. The leopard print is super smooth satin and these are detailed in black lacy ribbon with charms on the back heel. They’re bling encrusted keys.

I loved the attention to details on these. Each bow and strip of ribbon was perfectly in it’s place and these shoes are just beautifully designed. Since I picked out this pair, the selection at Everybodies Lingerie has continued to grow!

Aside from your “basic” lingerie, they also carry, shoes, clothing, accessories, cosmetics and they even boast a selection for men. Their styles are current and in style and like I mentioned earlier, it’s hard to pick just one! The damage I could do on a shopping spree at EveryBodiesLingerie.com ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you’re looking for something to wear for that special night it, be sure and check out their selection. Whether you’re looking for something wild or mild, and no matter your “number” they’re sure to have something that’s the right fit for you.
PLUS, right now, they have 10% off your entire order! Applied automatically when you add any item to your cart!

Besame Cosmetics Classic Lipstick


I’m a big fan of classic Red Lips. It’s timeless and eye catching. I admit, it’s not someone everyone can pull off, but I guess I’m lucky like that ๐Ÿ˜‰ A bold red lip has been a cosmetic staple since Queen Elizabeth’s days and it history is any indicator, it’s not going anywhere. There are so many companies that make a great red lipstick, I personally have a collection of a dozen or more, but the true beauty of a red lip comes in the “vintage” or “retro” appeal, that’s why my current addiction is Besame Cosmetics Classic Lipstick in Besame Red.

Even the packaging of this tube of lipstick is timeless. Besame Cosmetics makes a full line of beauty essentials that look like they were plucked straight out of the 1940’s. From the bullet shaped case right down to the semi-matte finish, this lipstick is spot on. This has to be, hands down, the most pigmented red I have ever tried. It also does not bleed and provides and amazing feel on my lips. That is thanks to vitamins A, E and C, aloe and green tea. Makeup standards have come a long way in the past 70 years. That being said, this “replica” lipstick is all natural.

In just two gentle passes, the coverage on this amazing blue-based red has some amazing wow- factor.
The finish, the feel and the coverage all combine to make this a winning red and a very flattering look. The unique shape of this lipstick and it’s “corners” make it easy to create sharp lines without the need of a lip liner.

Overall, I adore this lipstick! I cannot wait to try more from Besame?What is your favorite classic cosmetic look?



I’ve seen a real upgrade in subscription boxes lately. Boxes are pumping out full size items, the ability to pick your own items and even “full look” boxes that contain makeup for your whole face, but what if I told you there was a box that does ALL of that?

Well, Wantable does- and a whole lot more.


Wantable is a quarterly service- meaning their selection changes with the seasons. I got the change to try out a winter box. Wantable began with only makeup boxes but they just released their jewelry subscription as well! You can choose to either subscribe to Wantable and get a box automatically every 3 months for $36 OR you can pay a little more, $40, and just try a box as a one time deal. Every box contains 5-6 full size items and, as I learned, usually another little extra. Each Wantable Makeup collection is hand selected by Beauty Expert Teresa “T” Sammarco. Each collection has a retail value of $80-$100. When you decide to “get started” you answer a series of questions to let them know what you REALLY like and dislike! If you don’t select that you want a highlight- you’re guaranteed not to get one! Their quiz goes into more detail than any other subscription that I’ve tried. I selected that I wanted nail polish and I said I liked Creme, glitter and shimmer. It asks you not only what colors you’re into but also what finishes or varieties you’re into. There was even an option to say you liked BRIGHT lip colors! That’s my kind of box!

If Wantable’s true want to get to know your style isn’t enough to lure you in, when I got my box there was a curious mailing label inside, right on top with my packing slip. Why? Because if you aren’t happy with any item in your box- return it. They want you to love your products and if you’re not happy, shipping is free both ways. I have to be honest in my review and say, I didn’t love my lipgloss I originally got. It’s beautiful, but I’m just not a fan of glittery lips. It’s just not my thing, so I emailed them and I had a replacement in about 3 days! It was that easy!


This color is a lot more my style and I am addicted to the way this gloss feels on my lips! This is from MyFace Cosmetics and it’s their Lip Pop Gloss in “Hot Stuff”. In all honesty, this is the least sticky lip gloss I have ever applied, but not in that watery, drippy way. It applies color to my lips and stays put but without even a hint of tacky texture. This full size gloss retails for $18- remember a subscription of Wantable is only $36- so far, that’s half!


Next I pulled out a MiA BelleZZa eyeliner pot. I LOVE cream eyeliners so I was thrilled to see this in my box. I received this in the color “Verde”. Now, looking at it, you can’t tell much. It almost looks like a dusty black color and I was surprised that it was called a green shade at all. That was until I swatched it.


As cliche as it sounds, pictures do not do this color justice. It is a fabulous dark green with gold and green shimmer in it. On top of the brilliant color, it’s super creamy and stays put! I swatched this on my arm and it was there even at the end of the day. I had to bust out makeup remover to get it off. This eyeliner retails for $16.50


Next was my eyeshadow. I know what you’re thinking, yes it broke. BUT I got this along with my new lipgloss, replaced just a few days later! I admit, my new one was stolen by a friend so I pressed this one back together and am seriously enjoying it. This shadow is also my MyFace Cosmetics and the gold glitter in it is out of this world! It looks amazing with my blue eyes and I never see any fall out. Which is just shocking for the amount of BLING in this Blingtone shadow. This shadow retails for $20 and even without the awesome deal I got through Wantable purchasing it in this box, I’d purchase it again in a heartbeat!


This might be my favorite item in my box, but it’s SO hard to choose just one. This blush is also by MiA BelleZZa. I tend to have a bit of a “safe zone” with blushes that is very peachy and a touch of coral. Probably because I’m so fair skinned. This blush (in “Captive”) has the same peach/coral tone but with a pinch more red than the rest of my collection. This made it a welcome addition and a new Winter favorite for me. It was fun to step out of my comfort zone just a TINY bit! Also, the coral shimmer in the blush is a wonderful pop! Retail on this blush is $16.50


& of course, all nail polish lovers dream- Color Club. I practically salivated when I saw the gold nail art lacquer. How insanely perfect for the Holidays in this?! I’ve been using color club for a long time and while they are certainly on the affordable end, they are quality. I can get a good 5 day manicure out of an application of Color Club polish. I love getting to try the nail art bottle because I haven’t tried them out yet. The standard bottle retails for $8 and the Nail Art bottle is $4.


As a sweet little bonus, I got a sample (worth $.70) of Kai perfume.ย  This perfume smells very earthy and it almost has a calming effect on me. I think this would be perfect for a cozy date night ๐Ÿ˜‰

I loved everything about Wantable and getting to try them out. From presentation to the contents, I think this is a subscription to certainly try out. I thought the mix of companies I knew and already loved and ones that I’d never tried, but ended up falling in love with, was spot on. It was also exciting to get my box and instantly be able to put together a FULL look with just a few basics I already had like foundation and mascara. I even had a scent that goes pretty well with my greens and golds!

It’s one thing for a company to have a great business plan and products but Wantable also has amazing customer service! You might be thinking I got some sort of special treatment as a blogger, but that just isn’t the case. If you checkout Wantable on Facebook, you can see their wall is covered in satisfied customers singing their praises! THAT’S why I can’t wait to get my NEXT box from them.

That’s right! I’m officially becoming a paying customer. Why? Because they have a deal I cannot pass up!
Right now Wantable has a deal posted on their Facebook that if you buy any one box between now and December 9th- you can gift two more for FREE! That’s right, buy one get two free! It’s the Giving Season so I could not pass this up!


I chose to get the Vintage Jewelry Collection box! It will come with 5 pieces but you never know what you’re doing to get!! I love all the pieces in this photo so I can’t wait to see what I get. And what my two friends get as well!

Shop Shadora this Holiday!


It’s no secret that I love to shop online at Shadora.com for amazing deals on jewelry. My jewelry collection has EXPLODED (without emptying my wallet) since I first discovered them a little over a year ago. At Shadora.com you get extreme discounts on natural gemstone and even diamond jewelry. Most of their items are set in Sterling Silver, which adds sparkle without the extreme price tag! They add new deals everyday at Midnight so there is never a shortage of new pieces on my wish list!

I recently picked up a new ring from them and I can’t say enough about it! This ring features 2ct of Blue Topaz and even a small diamond on each side. It’s solid sterling silver and had a great weight to it. They estimated this ring would retail $189 which is what I would expect if I went to a jeweler and picked this out! It was only $14.99! Check it out HERE. Most Shadora deals are only available for a short time so I was surprised to see this one still available!

I chose my size and the fit was spot on! Usually Shadora’s rings are available in a few different whole sizes. (This particular ring comes in 6,7,8 or 9) But you can also get these rings resized by your local jeweler if they don’t come in your size.

Overall, it’s easy to get addicted to Shadora’s insanely low prices and huge selection (typically about 100 deals at any one time!) and I’m constantly sending the husband little email hints with links ๐Ÿ˜‰ He’s pretty good about remembering. I got an amazing pair of earrings for Valentine’s this year! They happen to match this ring ๐Ÿ˜‰



Knot Genie Review & Giveaway


As a kid, I grew up in a beautician’s home. This meant constant hair styling and dare I say it- perms- until about the age of 5. To this day, brushing the knots out of my hair is, for me personally, my most dreaded form of personal “beautifying”. Because I have two boys, you would think their hair styling would be much more simple and for the most part it is, but with high energy boys, one with thick, curly hair, getting brushing out of the way and pain free is always the objective.

We got our Knot Genies a few weeks ago and my boys were instantly drawn to the colors. They call this print, Camo Cloud.

Upon examining the unique shape and design of the Knot Genie, I noticed several things I liked right off the bat. Knot Genie does not have a handle, rather it’s domed shape is easy to grasp firmly in your palm. Even my youngest found the shape easy to grasp with his pint sized fingers and spent about 15 minutes brushing Mommy’s hair, something he’s never had any interest in doing before. They claim that it is not only easy to use but it will get through knots with ease, even on the most tangled of do’s.

Aside from it’s lack of handle, what makes the Knot Genie so different? Well, there are two “sets” of bristles on the Knot Genie, each at different levels/heights. These different sized bristles are what gives the Knot Genie it’s “magic powers” and it’s ability to whip through tangles with ease. There is also a well defined curve in the brushes bristle covered side that perfectly contours to the scalp. I found this feature to be especially useful with squirming toddlers. Because it is curved in this way, it covered a larger surface area and leaves every hair in its’ path well groomed, meaning brushing a toddler boys hair is literally done in just 3-4 quick passes.

Knot Genie retails for $19.99. While as a beauty lover, I spend this much on my personal hair brushes, I thought at first I wasn’t sure I would be able to “justify” this sort of price tag on a child’s brush. After using the Knot Genie, I have to say, I think it is well worth the price. My boys love this and no longer run in fear when it’s time to “tame their manes”. Instead, they enjoy brushing my hair and their own to shiny, smooth perfection.

Think the Knot Genie would be the saving grace to your child’s hair care stresses?
One Lucky Rosy Snail Reader will win their very own Knot Genie ๐Ÿ™‚
Click on the image below to enter!

Opalima Eye Look- Feeling Pretty :)


Sometimes, I get an extra minute to do my makeup and sometimes, magic happens ๐Ÿ˜‰ Haha. Please excuse my brows, it was one of those days!

Here are the shades I used. #7 from the Violet Eyes Collection, #6 from the House Of Browns Collection & #9 from the Night & Day Collection. I also used my new Starlooks shadow base.

& I used my two favorite brushes from Starlooks- heck, I always use these two so you should know the names by now! Haha. Kidding, but really. I act like I own no other shadow brushes.

Here is what I came up with. I used #9 as a base, #6 as a crease color and I took #7 and blended it in the center of my eye, only on my lid. It makes me feel ready for fall, but I like a pop of color as well ๐Ÿ™‚

Let me know if you guys would like to see more looks and tutorials like this one ๐Ÿ™‚


Mia Mariu Review & Giveaway


I recently got the opportunity to try an amazing mineral makeup company called Mia Mariu. Their products not only natural but they left me with a healthy glow- even after I took my makeup off!

The first item I tried was their Perfecting Mineral Finish Foundation in Vanilla. While the color was a tad too yellow for me, I added it in with some primer for a lighter application. This foundation offers medium to full overage that feels and looks flawless. I did find that it offered a drier application than most my foundation, but we should all be applying a moisturizer anyhow ๐Ÿ˜‰ This 1oz bottle retails for $25

Next was this BEAUTIFUL blush in Maria Azucena. I chose this candy based on the online photos and fell in love, but it was even better in person.

The color is SO rich and pigmented and adds amazing color to any look, but you can’t over do it; trust me, I tried! This blush is also super smooth. This retails for $17

So, this is my final look! I’ve been using this combo everyday for over a week and several people have commented on my glow-y skin ๐Ÿ˜‰

Mia Mariu is also letting one lucky reader win the tools to get this same “Rosy” look ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Head on over to Mia Mariu on Facebook and hit “like”. Feel free to leave a comment letting them know The Rosy Snail sent you ๐Ÿ˜‰
2.Go ahead and get the same for The Rosy Snail on Facebook.
3.Leave a comment letting me know why Mia Mariu is right for you ๐Ÿ˜‰

Want extra entries?!
2 extra entries if you follow Mia Mariu on Twitter.
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Be SURE to leave a comment with ALL details needed to verify your entries!
(email address, Facebook name, twitter name, etc)
If you donโ€™t, none of this will count!

winner announced September 14th.

May/June Glossybox 2012


This is my very first Glossybox & the very first one available for purchase in the USA! I’ve been anticipating this being on my porch since I ordered about a month ago!Glossybox is a monthly subscription and it costs $21, the price tag is quite a bit more than other subscriptions, in some cases it’s double, but they are known for being the very best in beauty subscription boxes.

Right off the bat, I notice something that already puts them before the competition in my mind- this pull tab to open the box. I cannot tell you how much time I have wasted wrestling with boxes just to get to the products inside. I pulled the tab and voila!

Inside the outer shipping box is this beautifulย  sturdy powder pink box. The logo in the middle is the Glossybox crown. This box is the largest beauty subscription box I’ve encountered yet- by a lot. I could easily fit two Birchbox boxes inside.

The inside is lined in black with baby pink crowns & of course everything is wrapped up very neat with a bow. This box is going to be so fun to reuse. I already have several ideas for what to store in it.

One side of this card it just a message from Glossybox about what they promise to bring to your door every month. It boasts a variety and items from all around the world- sounds amazing.

Looking at the list, I would say they delivered. I think the idea of getting items from 5 different counties every month is probably my favorite concept I’ve seen applied to a beauty box thus far. I hope they keep that up!

And- the contents. HOORAY! So let’s get started on what we all really care about ๐Ÿ™‚

The first thing on the list is by Amore Pacific it’s their Moisture bound Refreshing Hydra-gel. This brand is from South Korea. It does smell very refreshing and the tub it comes in is very cute and unique. The mirrored top is a little wonky, all images in it are distorted.
A full size (1.7oz) retails for $100, I receivedย  .27oz for a sample value of $15.88

Next is a Burberry Lip Mist in Copper #202. When I first read the colors name I was expecting something with gold flecks in it. Thank goodness that was not the case. Because Glossybox is still in Beta, we aren’t able to create beauty profiles to let them know key things about our beauty needs yet so they claimed to be sending shares that are universally flattering- I would say this is certainly that. Burberry hails from the UK.

I love this lip product. I’ve very bummed that I only have a small tube, though this has a $7 sample value and the full size retails for $30. This may be one of the few things from a sample box that I rush to purchase. It feels AMAZING on my lips and as shown in the photo above, it’s very buildable. The first swatch is 2 passes and the second is several passes. They is no shimmer in this, just a great glossy feel.

As with everything I’ve ever seen by Burberry, there is an adorable plaid design- even on the lip stick itself.

We also received a Marvis Whitening toothpaste. While a few people were confused about getting a toothpaste in a beautybox, I loved the idea. I think whitening my teeth is an important part of maintaining myself. I’ve also been dying to try this brand for a while. Marvis is a brand from Italy & this is a full sized product with a retail value of $7.50

Next is a Phyto intense hydration mask. This is for your hair. I love hair masks and leave in treatments so I’m very excited to try this out. I’ve read a few reviews on this brand before so I’m thinking I’ll love it. This brand is from France. A full size is $38 for 6.7oz and we receivedย  1.7oz making this a sample value of $9.64

The last thing I got was a full sized Zoya nail polish in Meg. Zoya is based here in the United States. Being full sized, this has a value sample of $8. I had hopes that I would receive a different color, but I will never turn away a Zoya polish!

As a bonus we received a Glossbox powder brush. This is a goat hair brush. It is somewhere in the middle as far as quality goes. It’s not super soft but it is certainly useable and something I am glad I got.

Overall, I’ve really happy with Glossybox. I look forward to the next one. The value of this box was right around $48 which is double what I paid & does not include the blush. I know they will be opening up new subscriptions here very soon, so follow them on twitter & like them on Facebook to know in advance with subscriptions will open up.