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Starlooks Starbox- December!


As promised, December’s box was huge! I finally got my 15-pan eyeshadow palette, valued at $99! Remember that Starlooks is only $15, plus $1.98 shipping- this was a total steal!

My box arrived in it’s ever changing packaging, as per usual. This month was red and gold to match the Holiday spirit for December.

Inside, we received our card that explains everything inside along with little confetti- an adorable touch.Β  I was lucky to have opened my box outside because the confetti did go everywhere, but it was fun.

I’ll go ahead and get to the good stuff πŸ™‚ Here is my palette. There are 5 colors: Red, Purple, Blue Green & Orange and there are 3 shades of each. I loved the idea of playing on the color wheel. I’ve been a fan of Starlooks’ eyeshadows and pigments since the first time I got the chance to try them and this just adds to my collection. The options are endless! Each shadow is smooth, applies wonderfully and the color payoff is superb. Of the 15 shadows, only two are matte- the bright red and the deep plum. The rest are beautiful shimmers that add pop and make the eye look more awake.

I decided I would go ahead and swatch them all because I hadn’t seen to many swatches online just yet πŸ™‚






The value is insane with every Starlooks Starbox I’ve tried but December’s box took the cake. I’m so excited to see what they have in store for next year! If you haven’t signed up yet, be sure and check them out & don’t forget that a subscription box makes a GREAT gift for the beauty junkie on your list!

If you’re kicking yourself for having missed this box, you can pick it up HERE for only $10 more!

Starlooks’ Starbox October!


I’m SO happy for finally have my Starlooks box! I got mine a little later than some of my friends locally because of the weekend and I had all last weekend to pout about it, but I’m SO happy now! πŸ™‚

This months box was black and embellished with my favorite color- Purple! If you don’t already know about Starlooks’ Starbox yet, it is $15 a month and for that price, you get 3-4 FULL sized products sent to you from their cosmetics line. BUT Starlooks cosmetics is not just any old makeup line! Their products are comparable to MAC in quality and the boxes they create to send out every month (inspired from a look featured in their Look Book) is comparable to NONE. You can expect amazing colors that will work together to create an amazing, on trend, high fashion look and pieces you’ll LOVE having in your collection! Through Starlooks I’ve discovered SO many favorites, it’s UNREAL!

Right on top, SPOILER ALERT! Now, I already posted about how December’s box is one you will NOT want to miss, but now you know why!! The feature product in that box will be Starlooks’ Fifteen Shade Pro Eye Shadow Palette!! I’m SO, SO excited about this box. Can you believe they are giving out $99 palettes for $15!! And it goes without saying that Starlooks shadows are outstanding. I’m wearing one right now! Also, don’t forget that if you subscribe before the end of this month (October) you can let them know The Rosy Snail referred you and get a FREE bonus item! Plus, that way, you’ll be guaranteed to get the December box! With this information just leaked about the December box, I’d be worried they might just sell out!

Back to this month’s box πŸ˜‰ Looks like we got three full sized products. Take Makeup + Full Size – Skin Care – JUNK + Starlooks quality and you get?! One VERY happy women. The theme this month is Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil, See no Evil and there is certainly a little bit of a “Fall Festival” undertone with some of the names and the look book πŸ™‚

The first thing I got was a Eyeliner Pencil in “Gold Dust”. This is a beautiful gold. I like that this gold is shimmery but it is free of glitter. That makes it suitable for my waterline. This pencil glides on super smooth and is very rich and pigmented.

Just one pass and this color is not going anywhere. Since I have blue eyes, I’m especially excited about a gold pencil. This pencil retails for $8

Next was a Eye Shadow Pigment in Post. Did I mention before that I love purple? This pigment is so finely ground. I always thought Starlooks pressed shadows were smooth, but then I tried this and it’s like BUTTER. The color lasts all day long and I love the subtle blue undertones this pigment shows in the sun- possibly my favorite eye color I own now. This one retails for $12!

Lastly was a Starlooks Lipstick in “Masquerade”. Pretty fitting for Halloween, right?

Masquerade is a perfect mix between a burnt orange and a classic red- but with shimmer πŸ™‚

Swatched, this lip color is moisturizing and long lasting. I love the richness of this color! This swatch is only two passes! It’s easy to create crisp lines around your lips with this lipstick but it is not going to dry out your lips. I can’t wait to put together a full look to feature this color! This lipstick retails for $11

We got a lifestyle this month,, these are Eye Rocks eye tattoos. These are pretty neat and I admit I will probably try these! I think this is a great product to have for all the Halloween parties coming up.

And as always, I got my crystal in my box as well πŸ™‚ I’ve got a great collection of these so far and I think I will do what they suggest and make a cup of these into a brush holder.

My box this month had a value of $31- which is pretty awesome! More than that, I could NEVER go to Ulta or Sephora and spend $15 and get three full size anything, not even of their store branded items. Be sure and check out Starlooks and if you’re eying this box, you can order it after December 1st- as well as any past boxes!

Starbox Update! Get a BONUS item!!


I can’t tell you guys enough how much I ADORE Starbox! Maybe it’s the high quality cosmetics or the super smooth makeup brushes or maybe it’s the beautiful box in my mail box or being the envy of all my friends- whatever it is, I GUSH when I talk about Starlooks and their monthly subscription service, Starlooks.

Starbox has been getting better and better every month and when asked, I always recommend this subscription for anyone in search of a true “makeup junkies” box, but if you haven’t already jumped on board- you need to NOW! I’ve heard that it’s going to be a VERY Merry Christmas at Starlooks HQ!!

If the TINY price tag of $15 a month for 2-3 full size items isn’t enough to deall you savvy shoppers than, you can enter the comment “TheRosySnail” in the comment box during checkout to receive an EXTRA item in your first box! I got inside word that because the value and customer base of Starbox is growing, there will be NO MORE promo codes or special offers offered after November 1st so if you want to get this special deal, act fast!

Click HERE to sign up and take advantage of this awesome deal!!

I can’t wait to share October’s Box with you guys here in the next week or two! Stay tuned!

If there was a box from the past that you loved but missed out on, don’t worry. You can check out past boxes HERE!

Starlooks Starbox September


If you have not gone over to Starlooks.com & signed up for Starbox- stop what you’re doing and go! I’ve always been very impressed with my Starbox’s but this month…I’m OVER THE MOON. They’ve continued to delivered amazing, quality products but this month? We got 6 of them. Not to mention a brand new, never released item and well…I’d just rather show you πŸ™‚

Why am I having to use my finger to hold up my Starbox you ask? Oh, no reason. Just because it’s WAY too heavy to stand on it’s own πŸ˜‰

Here was everything inside! At the very bottom, you’ll notice a post card. That has a special offer on it and if you refer just one friend, next month you will get a special Starlooks makeup bag! I can’t that bag pretty bad! So if you do sign up, please let them know The Rosy Snail sent you!

The first item I pulled out was this amazing iPrimer eyeshadow base. I’ve been hearing about this for what seems like forever & I can’t wait to test this for wear time. The only other primer I’m very familiar with is Urban Decay, but right off the bat, I notice that Starlook’s formula is smoother and takes less “working in” on my eye lid. Being that I’m paranoid about wrinkles, etc, I’m loving that! Also, the finish is silky and attracts the shadow, rather than being “sticky” and “holding” the shadow. Man, I hope that makes sense πŸ˜‰ I’ll be updating you all on how it lasts/creasing or not, etc VERY soon….maybe tonight!!

Next was something all girls love…diamonds. Okay, they’re body jewels! But I admit, I have the though “Oooh shiny….” I received about 15 pieces in two different colors. They are both so wonderful for Fall. One is an Amber color and the other is a opalescent white. These came in a cute little plastic vial.

And Lastly, the thing that just tipped me over the edge- a 5 piece palette. Yes, you read that right, 5 full shadows in a monthly subscription box. Have you ever even hear of that in your whole life? These are all somewhat sheer, monographic shades. The possibilities are endless with these! They will make amazing eyeshadows of course, as well as highlighters, eye lines…and the way you apply them had endless possibilities too!

Here are some swatches, these do not do these ANY justice! They are amazing and each one shimmers 2-3 different colors and no two shades are the same. I think I will enjoy layering these are some brown smoky shadows this fall for just a hint of twinkle, but come winter, I’m going full out Ice Queen with these!!

Be sure to check out Starlooks on Facebook for special news, promotions and specials.
The value of this month’s box was well over double the cost ($15). The 5 shadow palette is $30 on it’s own. I’m yet to hear what the iPrimer will retail for, but I’m assuming around $12-$15 bases on quality and the price range for most Starlooks products. I’m VERY impressed with Starbox and I’m excited to use these products (and share pictures!!).

Did you get Starbox this month?! What was your favorite product?

Starbox by Starlooks! August!


This month’s Starbox is the first Special Edition! Everything included is hand picked by fashion designer to the Stars, Lauren Bradley! She recently released her new lingerie line “Le Sang Bleu”. If you don’t already know what Starbox by Starlooks is, it’s a monthly subscription box that cost $15 a month and you get 3-4 FULL SIZED pieces from the Starlooks line. Starlooks cosmetics have proved to be amazing quality and several of my go-to pieces, I’ve gotten in past boxes πŸ™‚

So, packaging this month chanced again! It’s got a cute logo on it for Lauren’s line as well as a cool new red font and a matte black box.

You get a card telling you about the month, what to expect in your subscription and where to find more products πŸ™‚

On the back is a list of the products. We got three this month and a special bonus!

First thing on the list was this Pink Petal Rose Lip gloss- a nice pink that glows purple in the sun.This is a full size and an ultra smooth formula. On their website, these sell for $11.

Next was another one of their awesome brushes! This is the 844 Pointed Slant Eyeliner Brush.Β  I love the super dramatic slope and this brush is VERY soft. This retails for $15.

The last item in our box is this Infinity Cream Liner is Sculpture. This is a beautiful, uber pigmented gel liner. I don’t own anything like it. It’s a deep bronze with a hint of olive and some gold shimmer.

And here are swatches of both the liner and lip gloss πŸ™‚

The Bonus This month was an “autographed collectors gift card” which sounded like store credit to her line at first but is in fact a picture of Lauren Bradley, in some of her lingerie, with her signature on the back.

We also got a crystal again but mine game smashes.
Everything else in my box was find so I’m not sure how this happened. Oh well πŸ™‚
** After seeing a few people’s boxes it seems we may have been shipped several crystals
so it looks like I just got some smaller ones πŸ˜‰

The value of this box was $35- not bad for a $15 box. Starlooks line of cosmetics and their brushes are truly favorites in my HUGE collection of makeup and just today I showed of my collection of their brushes and some makeup to a fellow blogger. If you do decide to give Starbox a go, I’d love for you to mention that you heard about it here on The Rosy Snail πŸ˜‰

Starlooks 15 Piece Brush Set


So, here it is guys! A run down of what brushes are to be included in Starlook’s brush set. I heard through the grapevine that this will most likely be available for purchase on their site the middle of August. No word yet on the price of the entire set (some of these brushes don’t appear to be available on Starlook.com just yet,
but I will link to the ones that are and include their price)

A little about Starlooks as far as their cosmetics and brushes; I first heard about Starlooks when they launched their Starbox, I was still getting my blog established so I started reviewing them just last month which was their third box, you can see this month’s box HERE and June’s box HERE. Their monthly boxes include 3-4 full sized cosmetic pieces from their collection for only $15 and $1.95 shipping. If you do decide to sign up, let them know you heard about it first from TheRosySnail πŸ™‚
I loved their cosmetics but I received a brush in my June Starbox that blew my socks off- which leads us here- to a first look at this fabulous set πŸ™‚
I don’t usually show pictures this large, but I wanted you all to be able to see the details in these brushes.

The 15 piece set comes in a vinyl case, or “roll” that neatly snaps shut with a magnetic snap closure. I forgot to get a picture of it all rolled up, but I’ll get one posted on Facebook & Twitter soon πŸ™‚ It has a white version of the Starlooks logo on the bottom right corner. The vinyl is super soft and has a faux leather feel to it.

I’m just going to start with the smaller brushes and work my way to the bigger ones. From right to left you have:
Fine Liner 829 which retails for $12
Lip 701 which retails for $14
Lux Brow Comb 846 which retails for $9
& Slanted Liner 824 which retails for $15

Skipping around just a little bit, these are going to be more of the eye brushes I would use for laying down color.
Delux Angel Shader 830 which retails for $15
Small Chisel 817 which retails for $15
Chisel Pointed Fluff 808 which retails for $15
Medium Dome fluff 802 which retails for $15

MediumΒ  Precision 812 which retails for $15
Small Precision 813 which retails for $15, this is actually the brush that was included in June’s Starbox so I included to show the size difference between the small and medium precision brushes.
Pointed Fluff 810 which retails for $15

Camouflage #8 (916) which retails for $15 (top)
Deluxe Shading 841- this one is not up for individual sale on their site, as of yet.

These last three bigger brushes are not posted on the site yet. No word on whether they will be exclusive to this set or if they will be available individually at a later date. One top is the Ace Powder 925, then Blush 903 & last Angle Blush & Shader 926.

So, I haven’t busted these out yet for a full face,(just played with a few) but now that I’ve photographed them and shared with you guys, I’ll be on that right away! I was really impressed with the brushes individually and as a group- there was a brush for everything & while I’ll be adding to my Starlook’s brush collection soon, this set along would be perfect for at home and professional shoot application.

Just like Starlook’s cosmetic line, these are cruelty free as well. I talked to Marci from the Starlooks team because like most people, when I hear that brushes are cruelty free, I expect synthetic brushes, not real hair. She got back to me right away with more information, “The animals that are providing the hair receive a nice, gentle, fresh shave, and all the hair is preserved and handled with care. Just the same as a person getting a haircut and donating to locks of love πŸ˜‰ The animals are also not farmed and are treated with much love.Β  In no way are the hairs ever yanked, or removed improperly. We take a lot of pride in providing this type of tool to customers.” She also told me on a separate occasion about how the hairs used for these brushes aren’t dyed, bleached or altered like so many of the other companies. So, you can expect no bleeding colors when you wash your brushes and they retain their original soft lusher- something I can vouch for first hand.

One of my favorite things about this brush collection as a while is that these brush handles are some of the longest in my collection, that makes them easy to find in my organizer and it gives me a lot of control during application. Aside from their longer than average handle, these brushes are super soft and because of that, I find that they help manage the amount of fall out I get from some of my more crumbly cosmetics.

I’ll be doing many follow-ups on this brush set and other brushes from Starlooks. If you’ve been thinking about investing in some quality brushes but weren’t sure where to start with all the big names being bounced around, I say, try just one Starlooks brush before you decide. I can’t say enough great things about these brushes.

If you’re like me and can hardly wait for the next Starbox, check out Alexandra Butler’s Signature Red Lip Set. She’s a fabulous makeup artist who recently partnered with Starlooks to put together a trio to help you achieve the perfect sultry red lip. The set is specially priced at $30 (shipping is free!) and it’s only available until August 15th.
Let them know TheRosySnail sent you πŸ˜‰

If you have any questions about these brushes, have a certain brush you would like me to compare any Starlooks brush too or want to see a tutorial featuring a brush that caught your interest- leave a comment!

Starlook’s Starbox July


I’ve been anticipating this box for a while now! After I got my first box last month, I didn’t think I’d survive a month before the next box came- in case you’re wondering I did! πŸ˜‰ And since last months box shipped a little late (they were giving people a longer window to sign up), I actually only waiting 22 days! I’ve used items from the last box every day to tide me over.

If you didn’t already know, Starbox is a monthly subscription service that costs $15 per month (plus $1.98 shipping) and contains 3-4 full sized products from the Starlooks like. Starlooks makes mostly makes cosmetics (and they work with a chemist that used to formulate for MAC) but they also have hair products, tools brushes and a few other goodies. So far, we’ve only tried their cosmetics and one amazing brush, but I’ll be looking forward to the rest of their line as well.
If you decide to sign up, leave a comment and let me know what you’ll be looking forward to trying most πŸ™‚

This months “behind-the-scenes” and LookBook showed a beachy theme with bold, yet versatile colors with a title of “Maui Babe”. Other than the beautiful models’ looks- we had no clues as to what would be in the box.

One thing is different this month- the box. They changed it up on us with a cute, off-white box that was smaller than the previous editions. It had a cute gold bow accent and peach colored paper inside. I’ve been really liking Starlook’s presentation so far. It isn’t something that all subscription companies think of, but it goes a long way with me.

As always, they include a card with a break down of what is in your box. Unlike other companies, they include the price of the full sized item right on the card. That’s great for two reasons- should you want to repurchase AND so you can automatically see how much of a value you are getting. (and you can see how incredible inexpensive their line is compared to others in the industry with the same quality)

So, to the most important part- the contents. I approve! Haha. It’s all awesome. We got 3 full sized products and two gifts.

First up is a Tender Gloss Lipstick in the color Citron. I’ve been wanting to try an orange since Tangerine is the color of the year. This “lipstick” is incredibly glossy and wearable. It’s not even the slightest bit sticky and it feels amazing. It reminds me of Burberry Lip Mist, but bigger and less expensive- score! If you think you can’t pull this off, try it. Swatching it on my hand I was still not 100% sure, but when I put this somewhat sheer formula on my lips, I was sold. (Check out Twitter for a picture!)Β  At first, I was ready to call this my favorite item in the box, but then I moved on to the eyeshadow…

Next was a full sized (of course) eyeshadow in the color Gold Dust. I have blue eyes so give me yellow, gold, bronze- or any combination of the three & I’m thrilled! But I can’t think of an eye color that a nice yellow won’t enhance! I know it’s a bit of a bold color for some, but try blending out a green or nude, this color is SO wonderful for so many things. Just like last month, I love the formula of this eyeshadow, it’s incredibly smooth and never caky or chalky. I couldn’t ask for more from any eye shadow.

The last cosmetic item in the box this month was a blush/highlighting bronzer inΒ  Classy. Love the name. At first, I was scared of the color. I was worried that it wouldn’t show up on my skin because I am so pale.

I was wrong, to say the least. It’s so pigmented and gave my skin an amazing glow, shimmer & hint of color. This is the smoothest blush I have ever used. Period.

Swatches of all three products. (no primers, etc)

One of our surprised was a Quartz Crystal. This are suppose to “attract energy, help maintain focus and are the ultimate symbol of beauty.” I can see how this might seem wonky to some people who aren’t “into” this sort of things, but I have big jewelry plans for this crystal, so Thanks Starlooks!

Our second surprise was a compact. Mine was a little scratched up, but because I’ll likely just be throwing this in my purse to get scratched and beat up anyhow, I didn’t mind. It has two different magnifications of mirrors inside.

The value of this month’s box was $35 plus our surprises. Well worth the price of the $15 per month subscription. I’m so excited for what’s to come with Starlooks and I look forward to trying more of their products!
(hint, hint- check back soon for one awesome first look!)



Japonesque Brow Kit


I have to share with you guys my new favorite brow kit! I’ve been using this everyday since I got it.
I seriously can’t get enough.

So, Japonesque’s Brow Kit retails for $28 and has everything you need for perfect brown.Β  Before I had this, I was a brow pencil girl. I had a good quality brow pencil but I wonder how I ever went without this!

Here’s everything taken out ofΒ  it’s cute pink faux snake skin case.

There were 3 brow stencils made of a heavy duty reusable plastic material. All of these shapes were very universally flattering. I already had my brows shaped when I got this in the mail, but I’m going to be trying these out soon.

These tweezers are perfectly pointed (hand filed according to the website) and gripped each hair with no problem at all.

Brown gel to set your eyebrows. This stuff works amazingly! My brows were flawless all day.

But, the BEST thing inΒ  the kit is this cute little compact with a brow wax and two different colors of powder.

The only negative thing I can say about any of it is the brushes included were crap. But I kept them inside just in case I am out and about and find myself in a bind (thought I’ve never even had to touch up with this kit). I just opted to use my Small Precision brush from my June Starlooks Box for the perfect soft brow.

StarBox June


I’m excited that I got my Starlooks Starbox in the mail! If you’ve forgotten what this box was all about, get a refresher with my Introduction to Starbox πŸ™‚ I love the presentation with a Tiffany blue bow and tissue paper.

So, as heavily hinted at- this month focused on eyes! I was thrilled at that idea, but I didn’t expect to enjoy these products so much!

The first thing that caught my eye was this small precision brush (813) This is perfect for blending or your eye crease if you have smaller eyes.

This brush retails for $15 on the Starlooks website & it is out of this world! I want the whole set, this is an amazing brush. I spent a few minutes stroking this one before I took everything else out of my box.

Next was the Diamondline Pencil in “Myth”. This is a super smooth pencil and I love the micro glitter that is in it. It’s beautiful. (swatches below!) This pencil retails for $8
**The card did read Mystic but this was a type-o. Even the video showed we would receive Myth πŸ™‚

We also got a Black Precision Eye Pen. This is a super easy to apply felt tip liquid eyeliner. I love the way this dries. I’ve used it twice already and had no flaking or cracking. It’s flawless. This retails for $11

Last was a full sized eyeshadow in “Caricature”. This color is so universally flattering. It seems like a basic color but it has a ton of depth when light reflects off of it. I’ve worn this twice as well. This sells for $9

Here are swatches of the three different cosmetic items we got in this month’s Starbox. They make a wonderful night out look, stand well on their own and will blend well with other items I already own.

The brush has super soft hairs and the eyeshadow was never powdery or chalky.

Overall- I’m completely blown away by this box. It’s always fun to get subscription boxes in the mail, but having one that is solely cosmetics is just what I’m looking for. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Starlooks cosmetics but I was thrilled with what I got- especially since they only charge $15, the value of this box $43! You basically paid for the brush and got everything else free!

You can sign up for your own Starbox HERE!
If you do sign up, drop a comment and let me know what you are looking forward to the most from Starbox!

Starbox by Starlooks!


So, I wanted to introduce you all to a fairly new monthly subscription called Starbox.
Now, this is different than all of the monthly subscription boxes I have tried & for all the right reasons.

You’re going to love this πŸ˜‰
Not only will get get full size items, but it’s makeup…just makeup.
3-4 full sized products a month for $15, plus a small shipping fee.
All items included are products made by Starlooks.

Here is last months box, as explained by the lovely SuperFreaky1RU.

As you can see in the video, this box (and the box before- the first one ever) focused on the lips.
After talking to the super sweet Marci Star, I did get the inside scoop that the next box will include eye products! Aside from this monthly subscription, Starlooks is certainly something to look into- they have over 1500 individual products!

I can’t wait until my box arrives so I can show you all what is included- it’s a total mystery,
but with so many amazing looking products on their website, I know it will be good.

What Starlooks products would you love to see in future Starboxes?