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I wouldn’t classify as a Wine-o, but I love to try new wines with friends or on a calm night with my husband. Because I’ve only been drinking wine for a few years now, I’ve not quite got the palette I’d like to when it comes to a good, rich wine. I started my wine journey off with overly sweet, berry flavored wines and let’s just say, it was a bit of a shock to my system the first time a tried a dry red wine. I’ve come a long way since my first sip and one day, a professional wine tasting will be in order. For now, I can take my taste buds on a journey through Wine Country without ever leaving my home.

At TastingRoom.com is a Wine Super Nova with options to purchase by samples, by the glass by the bottle or in larger batches for gifts or parties. I got the chance to try a  Party Sample and I decided to go with a Holiday sampler put together by Emeril  Lagasse.

Emeril’s Holiday Party Sampler features six wines to help you bring the oohs + aahs and definitely some second helpings to your wine as well as your food. “I loved going through my own tasting to make these selections and food pairings and bring them to you. It was delicious, fun, creative and I can’t wait to do it again! This is truly the way to get to know your own palate and have a blast doing it.”  In the top of the box, was this large card with an overview of each wine you will sample. I loved having all this information at my fingertips to be able to educate myself and figure out what I truly like in a wine.

Nestled safe inside we 6 50ml (1.7oz) tasting size bottles. I loved the large variety in this  set. From Chardonnay to Zinfandel and even a solid Merlot.  I shared my sampler with family and we were all able to find something we liked. I can see how this would be a great mix for friends, dinner parties and more. Emeril really knows how to pick ’em!

It goes without saying that these little bottles are adorable, but the best part is that you can revisit TastingRoom.com and easily order a full bottle of your favorite sampler. These wines were all delicious and even though they were chosen by someone as high profile as Emeril Lagasse, I was shocked at the modest price tags! Most of the bottles retail right around $25! This particular Chardonnay is only $20.95

Overall, I loved getting to try all these Wines and being able to share with loved ones, it was the icing on the cake for our small dinner party last month. I love the concept behind the Tasting Room and I look forward to ordering from them again!

If you’re thinking you might want to give TastingRoom.com a try, they’ve got a special offer to invite a friend and give them a $25 credit towards a $50 order! If you’re interested in an invite, leave a comment and I’ll send you an invitation via email!



MyGlam August


So, I got my MyGlam bag a few days ago. I had some oppsies & spills in my bag & I was going to wait on this until I got my replacement, but I cleaned things up pretty okay and decided to at least blog on what was inside! I’ve got a pounding headache this evening, so I’ll be including details and values in the morning! Have a great night Fellow Glammies~

First thing I wanted to mention was the bag (love it!) but based on the sneak “shipping” picture, I thought it would be like last months rainbow bag but it was actually a rubberized bag. It’s super cool, water/spill proof and I’ll love having it in my summer bag full of sunscreens and lip balms 🙂

My first sample was from eclos. Just like I mentioned in my Beauty Army bag, I’m not “in love” with all the sub. brands Freeman makes- and eclos is one of them. BUT I love where MyGlam is going with this natural, earth friendly skin care. This .5oz sample of Anti-aging Cellular Activator Face Serum is worth $7.35

And no matter the brand, I want to say AMEN to MyGlam for including something else from the same line! Many skin care items are meant to be used hand in hand with the rest of the line, so thing should help anyone with this bag to actually see results 🙂 This .25oz sample of eclos’ Regenerative Cream is worth $3.12

Next was a perfume, what they did good here because we got a roll on oil! This is by Demeter in the scent Clean Skin. This is a very nice, light everyday scent. This .29oz roller ball sells for$10 on their website.

Next was a glammie exclusive by Salty Cosmetics. This is a 1gram jar of Glama-ZOID. This is a nice color, but I admit it’s a little hard to figure out how to use it. It is a white/light grey/lavender but it “glows” and shimmers pink. Right now, this 1.25gram size is on sale for $4.50 but normally this size sells for $8.97

My 5th item was another Circus by Andrea’s Choice nail polish! I don’t care what anyone says. I was STOKED about this. I got the yellow last time and would have been happy with either the pink or orange this time. Unfortunately, mine was open so it leaked and got SUPER thick so, I did contact MyGlam and will be getting a replacement (thank goodness!!)

Our last SECRET item was a MyGlam lip gloss! It’s in color 01 so I’m excited to see if there will be more in the future. The color is very nice and it’s sheer enough to fit every skin tone. I love the way it feels. It smells a little sweet so that isn’t for everyone. I personally- love this gloss.

Because Andrea’s nail line is not yet available for purchase, I can’t say what it’s worth and with the lip gloss, I can’t put a price on it either, but even without those, this bag has a value of $29.44 (I couldn’t our eyeshadow at it’s non-sale price) so I can say this bag is AWESOME. And I am still loving MyGlam 🙂 I’ll report back on my replacement for the eyeshadow and nail polish soon 🙂

Dream Water


Hi, my name is Alison & I am an insomniac. I often stay up well into the night and am often groggy and left super tired for most of my day. I have two kids who take 2-3 hour long naps so my poor sleeping condition is kept going by my own mid day naps.

I recently contacted Dream Water and I asked if I could test them out! I got an email back shortly after saying that they would send me some samples. They sent me a few bottles, so my husband got in on it too!

We LOVED it. I take melatonin on a regular basis & my husband has taken it a few times. I don’t hate melatonin but sometimes my sleep is not very restful and I toss it turn- not with Dream Water! Dream Water tastes a little bit like purple/blueberry gatorade with what my husband described as a slightly “vitamin-y taste” I thought it had a tiny bit of a bite- we both agreed it wasn’t a turn off by any means. We took this before starting a movie in our mostly dark and quiet house and were having trouble staying awake after about 20 minutes.

The rep. from Dream Water I spoke to, Erin, mentioned that she personally only takes half a bottle. My husband and I were both slightly groggy the next morning (for me it wore off after 15 minutes or so) so we agree we might be better off with half a bottle as well. But I slept VERY peacefully. I’m one to wake up at least twice at night and I didn’t do that once with this.

After looking at the price of Dream Water my husband and I both decided it’s well worth it! Especially if you only need half a bottle! This is a product we’ll continue to use and are SO glad we got the chance to try it. Dream Water is available all over the place! From CVS to Target 🙂 There is even an option to join their Dream Club and sign up for auto delivery to save up to 33%, something I will be looking into for myself!