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Mineral Hygienics Eyeshadows


If you’ve been a reader for a while, you know that a couple months ago I got to try a Starter Kit with Mineral Hygienics and I fell in love! Their foundations and concealer was spot on even on my oily complexion and I’m still enjoying those products now! I loved them so much that I couldn’t leave well enough and in the Holiday Spirit, they agreed to send me another present to enjoy and share with you all!

I received my eyeshadows and eyeshadow brush packed up perfectly just like before. Mineral Hygienics doesn’t skimp on the details; in their products, in their ingredients or in their presentation. I always know I’m going to get a product that looks beautiful in the bottle and on my skin ๐Ÿ™‚

I chose two colors that I knew would go with just about everything and especially a bold lip ๐Ÿ˜‰
Pesto is described as “a bright olive shadow with a touch of green sparkles throughout”. At first, I thought it wasn’t as “bright” as I expected, that was until I swatched it. The lime pop certainly comes through and the dark (almost Emerald) micro glitter in this shadow makes it a true “WOW” color for the winter. I cannot wait to pair this with with an Ugly Red Christmas Sweater. This is going to be EPIC!
Nestle (which just SOUNDS like a cozy Winter color, right?!) is described as “a soft cashmere brown with light coverage and a delicate shimmer”. This color proved to be an amazing, warm wash of color and glamor with even the lightest touch. When packed on, this adds an amazing bronzed look to my blue eyes and it makes them pop and sparkle, it’s really magical. I think this might be my favorite of the two because with this color alone, I often get compliments and people think I spent a lot of time layering and placing my shadow when really, Nestle is my one shadow wonder!

I’m never disappointed with Mineral Hygienics, but these velvet smooth, uber pigmented shadows have me wondering why I even both with other brands!

Have you ever tried Mineral Hygienics? What color do you need in your Winter Wardrobe?

Tarte Bambeautiful Eyeshadow Palette


A fellow blogger and friend of mine over at Erica’s Primp and Polish recently introduced me to Tarte. Now, I don’t live under a rock and I have heard of Tarte before but would you believe that I had never tried any of their products before?! I know. Crazy. So, we did a recent “swap” and I fell in love with them but one product didn’t work for my skin SO I contacted Tarte and their customer service is UH-MAY-ZING. They let me return the product I couldn’t use and exchange it for anything else I would like! I decided to get both Erica and I an eyeshadow quad ๐Ÿ™‚

I got the Bambeautiful Amazonian Clay palette in “Shades of Clay”. This palette retails for $25 and comes in a magnetic bamboo compact. Like everything Tarte makes- presentation is never overlooked. It looks adorable and feels really sturdy in my hand.

The compact itself features a large mirror perfect for touch-ups or application on the go. The magnetic works fine but is not the strongest I’ve ever had on a palette. I would feel comfortable putting this into my makeup bag and traveling with it because where the magnet lacks- the stiffer hinge makes up for- making it sturdy and unlikely to just “fly open”.

The palette itself is just slightly larger than my palm but these shadows are very generously sized. From left to right, the colors are: Shimmering Buff, Shimmering Sable, Shimmering Cocoa & Matte Coffee Bean.

Swatched in that same order. these shadows are SO smooth. I can think of countless smokey combination to be made with these four. There was no fall out when applied. I wore these for 8 hours with my Urban Decay primer and it lasted the whole time.

I finished off my eye look with Tarte’s Gifted mascara.

Everything from the wand to the formula of this mascara is wonderful.
It feels light on my lashes and lasts all day, just like these eye shadows ๐Ÿ™‚

Erica opted to get the other version of this palette with completely
different colors so be sure to head over to her blog and read her review ๐Ÿ™‚

MyGlam June!


I’m super excited that my bag go here so fast!
I love gettingย  MyGlam in the mail.

When I see that shiny pink bubble mailer popping out of my mail box, it’s a tell tell sign that MyGlam has arrived!
I love to re-use the mailers to send packages to friends & even blog Giveaway winners ๐Ÿ˜‰

Okay, so inside the mailer were these two cards (sneak peaks at some of the brands included!)
And the ever glamorous MyGlam bag!

This month’s theme was Out All Night, meant to help you get glam for a night out with your girlfriends!
I loved the idea and our sneak peaks boasted two cosmetic items!

Other side of the card.
Brands included this month are Philosophy, NYX, Living Proof & Marbella.

Contents of the bag.

First thing listed on the card is by Philosophy and it is their Take a Deep Breath, an oil-free energizing gel cream moisturizer. The smell is very fresh and reminds me of sunscreen a little bit (but not the SPF part, if that makes sense to anyone) A full size of this product is $34 for 2zo, making this .4oz sample worth $6.80. This was the product I was least excited about. Wait, what?! I know you may be shocked to hear that but that is only because I have oily skin and this summer I will be battling my skins excessive moisture, rather than adding to it. I usually give away moisturizers when I get them, but I will likely hold on to this one and hope I can use it this winter. Love me some Philosophy!

Next, was a full sized NYX lipstick. Listing to it’s customers, MyGlam included fun reds & pinks in this months bag. Not a single person received a brown lipstick! I am truly impressed with how quickly MyGlam was able to make a turn around after many people were unhappy with their lipstick colors.

I received the color 626 Vitamin.

This is a beautiful coral color. It’s not something I would have chosen for myself, but that is why I love it. Now that I have it, I will certainly give it a go. It looks like a color I would love to have on my nails.

I was a little shocked at how shimmery it was in the light (this picture was a little hard to get) but it is going to be so much fun to try! Especially after I’ve gotten some sun! Coral is a huge hit color this summer. This product retails for $4.

We also received a product from Living Proof. I’ve heard of this company before & when it was thrown around that we may be getting a product from this brand, I was hoping it would be from their anti-frizz line! & score! it is. This is their nourishing styling cream, it has a pleasant “shampoo” smell. Full size retails for $26 for 4oz, we received half size bottles with a value of $13!

Lastly is the Marbella Permanent Eyeliner Pen in the color 30 (or black) This is full sized and retails for $25, though you can find them on sale for $10 right now.The tip of this pen looks great, a fine point with the option to use it at an angle for a wider line.

I will say though, that is is VERY permanent. I have scrubbed this swatch on my hand twice already and it does not want to come off. That has it’s pros and cons. I’m excited to try it and not have to reapply for a day or more,ย  but if I were to slip and mess up- well, it would not come off! I’ve never heard of this brand before but it’s certainly one I’ll look into.

So, I wanted to finish up by talking about the bag. A lot of people were concerned that the bag looked cheap this month.
I found the magnetic clasp to be very sturdy.
The inside was off white canvas and I personally like it.

The only real downfall I found was the amount of glitter than came off onto my hand and my products, but I’ve had this happen with almost every glitter covered bag I’ve ever owned. Usually when you wash it the first time, this stops happening.

MyGlam is still one of my favorite monthly subscriptions,
at $10 it is also one of the cheapest! But they don’t skimp on the value!
This months bag was worth $33.80- that does not include the bag and that is counting the eyeliner at it’s sale price ๐Ÿ™‚