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Body Media FIT


It’s nearly New Years, the time of resolutions and goals. Almost everyone I know is setting a goal to better themselves is one way or another. For a lot of people, that means loosing weight and getting in shape. It’s easy to say you’re ready to get fit, but it’s not always easy to stay on target and keep motivated. I decided I would give Body Media FIT a try and see if it could help me do just that.

I received my BodyMedia FIT Core Armband a couple weeks ago & I immediately got to work. This armband (and the optional display) works with an online program to track your body throughout the day. With the armband, you can track your sleep, calories burned, steps taken, intensity of your workout (or activity). You also input your meals into the program for help with your nutritional needs.

To start, I charged my armband with the included cable and I set up my account. The arm band comes with a 3 month subscription to the online program to help you get started. There is a small sound that lets you know that the arm band is connected to your body.

This is an actual screen shot from when I set up my armboand. I set a goal to be my target weight and loose about 50lbs by April. In order to do that, I need to take 8000 steps a day, have 45 minutes of activity and have a calorie deficit of 1,000. That means I need to burn 1,000 more calories than I consume.

I also received the optional display. With this, I was able to see real time stats that my Core armband was collecting, like calories burned and steps taken, on this display. I just clipped this to my shirt and went about my day. I really liked having this in case I was coming up short on my steps taken or my activity, I could easily track that information and do some more exercise or go for a walk or in most cases, get up and clean the house ๐Ÿ˜›

Most days, it was easy to get just over 7,000 steps in my day chasing around two toddlers, but I often had to push to get my last 1,000, but I really enjoyed the challenge!

While I didn’t find it hard to stay within or under my 1800 calories a day goal, the program was quick to catch mistakes I was making that I didn’t even realize I was doing. Like this day I decided to have Kolaches for breakfast! The fat content was out of this world! Needless to say, I haven’t had one since. There are tips that will pop up fro all aspects of your health, whether you’re diet should be improved or you’re not getting enough rest, I loved that this program was there to guide me.

It was also there to cheer me on! It would congratulate me for meeting my goals or having a personal best!

They say that the Body Media FIT program and armbands can help you loose 3 TIMES more weight, but I know what you might be thinking. HOW? It doesn’t actually burn calories for you, so what’s the point? I found that the best part was that this gave me more accountability and knowledge as to what I was putting into my body and what I was getting out of it. It wasn’t until I had to enter in all my meals, that I realized just how much Soda I was actually consuming in a day. I also realized that I get less than 5 and a half hours on any given night. Sleep is an important part in any weight loss journey, but more importantly in your overall health!

I thought the BodyMedia program was easy to use, the armband is comfortable and you forget you’re wearing it. Overall, I really enjoy this program. I was given a longer subscription, so I plan to continue to use this and see if I get any more results. My weight loss has been slow, but consistent so I’m happy with that. I was beginning to feel like I’d tried about everything to get started and something was missing ๐Ÿ™‚





Whispering Willow Natural Products


There is nothing better than natural, handmade bath, body and home items. Hands down, that extra touch changes that lip balm in the bottom of your purse or in your pocket from an impulse buy to a treat for your lips with every application- that couldn’t be more true than with the amazing Whispering Willow’s products I have been testing for the last few weeks. My husband even got in on this- yes, they’re that good!

The first thing I have to rave about is their lipbalms. I got to try 4 flavors Mint, Orange, Vanilla and their best seller, Lavender. I make my husband try all lip balms that come through out house because fact is, I’m a lipstick girl and my husband is the lip balm wearer or the two of us. I appreciate a great lip balm, don’t get me wrong. I just like to put a color over them so I’m not as good for a “pure” review as Shane is ๐Ÿ™‚ That being said, I must quote him, “These are just as good, if not better than my Burt’s Bees.” Those were his exact words. I would certainly say he’s picky when it comes to lip balms, he was very blunt in telling me he did not like the one we got in Conscious box so I’m blown away! I enjoyed this balm too, they are all just scented enough and they glide on smooth. Not to mention, the price is a steal. You can get 2 for $6 or 4 for only $10!

Believe it or not, the lip balms (as amazing as they were) are not my favorite item! It’s only early Fall but I’ve already discovered some dry rough patches on my elbows and knees, left untreated, those would only get worse the colder it got. Lucky for me, I have the most convenient lotion I’ve ever seen! These are Solid Lotion Sticks and they are a new must have. You just roll them up, use them and roll them back down and pop the lid back on. They take up less space in your bag than a regular lotion and you don’t even have to get your hands messy to put lotion on your arms or legs. The formula is really what blew me away. It is shiny for about a minute, they it absorbs into your skin for soft, fresh scented, silky skin.ย  These retail for $8 or you can mix and match 3 for $20. I’ve been using the Lemongrass scent almost daily for over a week and I’ve barely put a dent in it! These are going to last WAY longer than a bottle would.

And Whispering Willow wouldn’t be a natural “bath” company without bar soap. But they don’t make just any bar soap. The first thing I that caught my eye was that they also make bar soap for dogs! Check out the adorable pictures for their Doggie Fresh Natural Bar Soap. How cute is that pup?! They also make classic body soap, facial bar soap and even charcoal activated soap. I got to try the Facial Soap for oily skin. This bar can be used on the body as well and is good for normal to oily skin. This have Fuller’s Earth Clay (to naturally dry up some excess oil) as well as my favorite natural antibacterial/acne cleanser, Tea Tree Oi. Then smell is heavenly, but I am partial to the scent of Tea Tree Oil- I’d bathe in the stuff, and now I can! Haha.

I also got to try the Lemongrass Shea Soap. This bar smells delicious and will go great with my favorite lotion. With Shea butter, this bar is SO moisturizing and leaves your skin feeling great. Did I mention that SO many of the ingredients used are organic?! Which makes the small price tag of $6 a serious deal for these hand crafted bar soaps.

If the organic ingredients and minimal “wrapping” wasn’t enough to convince you that Whispering Willow is doing their part to conserve and create as little waste as a company as possible, check out this Soap Odds & Ends Listing. For $3 you can get all the odds and ends of useable soap not packaged and used for their retail bars. Looks like it would make a beautiful “guest soap” display to me!

Be sure to check out Whispering Willow online. They started off as an Etsy shop, but with products this great, they outgrew the Etsy market place. They recently launches their new website, view that HERE.

You can also visit Whispering Willow on Facebook.

Bulu Box- August


It’s time to kick start your healthy lifestyle with another awesome box from Bulu ๐Ÿ™‚ I got a tiny hint via email that there would be a lifestyle extra this month and I can’t wait to share that and the rest of this month’s goodies with you all.

Bulu box came shipped in this familiar box.

There was a chance this month in the amount of literature included- but that’s a good thing! Several brands included 20% off should you want to purchase more and there was even a scannable to ship a free box to a friend.

An outline of what was included in Bulu box this month. With our typical 5 items, we also received a bonus. (probably my favorite item in the box!)

Full of goodies ๐Ÿ™‚

First on the list is ElementzNutrition Protein Shot. This little 2.5oz shot contains more protein per ounce than the leading protein beverage. Not only is it 100% natural but reading this thing has me wondering “How?!” It’s free of fat, GMO, Gluten (yeast and wheat), Lactose, Aspartame, eggs and stimulants but not only that you can add this or do nearly anything to it. You could freeze it or even boil it and it would remain stable. It sounds like the perfect way to be sure you get your protein. This one bottle retails for $5- half the cost of your Bulu box right there.

Next is Defend Plus Energy from a company called Immuno-viva. I love multi-taskers, though I’ll have to be careful with and energy supplement. This is meant as a boost of energy as well as support for your immune system. One of these packets (mixed with water) had 4x the amount of calcium as a glass of Organge juice. Each of these has a sample value of $1.17

We also received a 5 day supply of Probulin. Probulin is meant to help restore the good bacteria in your digestive system and help relieve any tummy issues you may be having. The only thing I see that is not so awesome is that this is a 3 pill serving. This sample is worth $8.33

Next is a taste-free powder called Vplenish. It’s a Vitamin boost that you can mix into anything. This has a good doze of vitamins, but it’s not quite as good as taking a daily pill, but it is more convenient. You can get 2,000 of these packets for $12.18 on Amazon. Making these samples worth less than a penny each.

Our last sample was from Click and this is actually a product I’ve already heard of. This is their Espresso Protein Drink. It has a double shot of espresso, 15 grams of protein and several other vitamins and minerals- all with 120 calories. This sample is worth $1.93

Our bonus this month was really cool! This is called the Athletic Body Wipe by Shower Pill. It’s the perfect body wipe for that midday workout when you just don’t have time to take a shower and freshen up the old fashioned way. The cloth is 9″x 8″ and seems to be really thick. You can get a 10-pack for $12.50 making this sample worth $1.25

This month’s box had a value of $18.85- almost double the cost of this $10 box, not to mention the extreme value in learning about new and exciting products to help you stay interested in taking care of your body ๐Ÿ™‚

Bulu Gear!


I’m sure you all already know that I’m in LOVE with Bulu Box. I have never been more sure of a box company before. I’ve tried a little bit of everything as far as monthly subscription boxes go and this is my absolute favorite fitness/health/good for your body monthly box out there! The best part- it’s also the most affordable! It’s only $10 a month! If that isn’t enough for you- you can go to their site and use the code: woohoo10 and get your first box for FREE. Enough said.

For all my support, Bulu box offered to ship me one of their awesome shirts! I was SO excited! I can’t wait to wear this to the gym! Bulu Box is something that I love sharing with people and I can honestly say that it’s been the kick in the but I needed to really continue to take care of myself. It can get boring day in and day out taking your vitamins and going for a jog- but when you’re getting a box of goodies every month- it’s so easy to have a refreshed attitude about getting and staying fit!

On the back right shoulder, they also printed their “Woo Hoo for Bulu” saying. I adore this saying! Bulu boxes are shipping out today- as we speak so I CANNOT wait to see what is in August boxes!

They also sent me a decal that I can’t wait to get on my car (it’s in reverse because it would be attached to the inside of a car window, etc)

In addition, I got a handwritten note from the co-founder/CEO Paul Jarrett! It’s was super nice thanking me for spreading the word, but I’m mostly showing you this because- CHECK OUT THIS stationary! Sign me up! I want some. Haha. Paul also let me know that if there was enough demand for these Bulu branded goodies that they may open and online shop where everyone could purchase these! I would be stoked if that happened! So, if you agree- head over to their Facebook page and let them know! Feel free to let them know TheRosySnail sent you ๐Ÿ˜‰


If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, I’ll be posting a picture the first time I sport my Bulu shirt! The first person to “Like” the photo on Instagram will get a special package from me featuring some great brands from past Bulu Boxes!!
My instagram name is alisonrigsby ๐Ÿ™‚

EVOLVh Hair Care


I’m certainly not one to brag, but in this picture, my hair looks SUPER healthy. & I credit that all to my new hair care routine.
I was lucky enough to get to try EVOLVh so I could share my experience with this Luxury Organic hair line with you all and I have one word to sum it all up- Woah!

The first step to my hair care was the UltraShine Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner.
These claim to turn straw into silk while providing moisture, volume, and frizz control.
It sounds like everything I want in a shampoo but can I really get moisture and volume in the same bottle?
Yes, you can! These retail for $24 for good sized 8.5oz bottles that will go a long way because you only need a small amount.

For styling, I tried the Ultimate Styling Lotion and the SuperFinish Polish Balm ($28 each).
They styling lotion was the perfect amount of hold for loose curls with my clipless curling iron without the “crunchy” effect of so many other products I’ve tried. But my absolute favorite was the Polishing Balm.
This made my hair incredibly soft and it even protects against heat from tools like the blow dryer and flat iron.

Even with a higher price tag than most hair care, these will be something that I will be repurchasing.
The results were worth it, but with these big bottles, that isn’t something I’ll have to think about any time soon.
If you ever get a chance, try these! You won’t be disappointed.

Conscious Box June 2012- WIN IT!


My June Conscious Box finally showed up at my door today! It’s a little late but I’m still excited to share it with you guys!
Conscious Box is a monthly subscription that costs $12 plus $7 shipping and it delivers samples of the best health and nutrition products on the market.

All you have to do is leave a comment and tell me what was your favorite item in June’s Conscious Box.
Click HERE to “like” Conscious Box on Facebook!
Be sure to Subscribe to The Rosy Snail via e-mail so you will know who wins!
Winner will be announced July 4th!

This months theme was “Leap Into Summer”
On the inside lid of the box is a note card with a short description on what you can expect inside.

June’s box was packed full, as usual!

This months bonus was a cute postcard with a tree landscape on it. With Conscious box,
you can get bonuses just by participating on their Facebook.

First thing on the list is Vega One, a plant based nutritional shake.
You just add water. This is in the flavor chocolate so it should be good!

Next was Artisana Almond Butter– this only has one ingredient, organic Almonds.
My toddlers ate this in just a few seconds, they love almond butter.

We got a .16oz sample of KO Denmark Body lotion.
This is a really small sample for body lotion, but I’ll still give it a try.

Also included is an eBoost energy & immunity shot for natural energy.
I’ve seen these around, but I’m excited to try this Super Berry flavor.

This is a Life Ocean Salt sample with a card that says make your own energy drink.
I’m a little confused on how adding this salt product to water is going to make something I’ll want to drink.

Next is a mini Larabar! I’m excited to see this especially since I got a Cappuccino one. Score!

Mighty Leaf teas have been popping up all over the place in sample boxes,
but I hear they are delicious!

Next was a Natural Vitality Energy drink.
This one doesn’t needed to be added to anything and it’s also organic and made of Natural Foods.

At first, I thought this one was a lip balm (hoped it was a lip balm)
But this is Savvy Boheme Natural deodorant. I think the sample packaging is pretty clever.

Next was Vita Rocks, these taste like you would think, Vitamin flavored pop rocks,
but the idea is just too much fun. If you are not one who likes to take their vitamins, I could see this really working for you.

We also got a soap sample from Natural Newborn.
This soap naturally deters several outdoor pests. I’ll be interested to see how well this works.

Next is Kelp Crunch. I’m one to always say I’ll try it first.
So while a Sesame flavored crunchy Kelp energy bar doesn’t sound amazing in taste,
I’ve heard it’s out of this world.

For the $12, the value is definitely there. I do think the $7 shipping is a little high. The box is just not that heavy. I think this is a great resource for people who are trying to live Conscious lifestyles, and has a great balance of items.

Woo Hoo For Bulu


Bulu Box is the newest subscription box geared towards nutrition and suppliments. To get 4-5 samples for only $10 a month! Unlike some of the other health based boxes I have blogged about, this one is non-gender specific. SO- HURRY and go to their website. Use the code 500FREEย  & if you are one of the first 500 people to sign up, your first box is FREE!
I got my Bulu box a mere 2 days after I signed up. I could not believe it.
I also got one for my husband and it arrived at the same time.

I opened the box- about the size of a small USPS flat rate shipping box, to see it packed full of goodies!

Included right on top, were two cards, one telling you other places to find Bulu and the other introducing you to all the items found in the box.

First thing I pulled out was Life Equals Omega 3 Sample. My husband pointed out that with this small a sample, we weren’t really going to know if we liked it or not nor be able to notice a difference, but I dug a little deeper and found this literature on the company also included in the box. “Buy Healthy. Give Healthy” For every bottle you buy from Life Equals, they donate that same amount in Children’s Vitamins. It reminds me a lot of Toms one for one & I thought this was an amazing company to introduce through Bulu box.

Next was a tube of Rev Honey Energy.This is actually a sweet tasting peach and honey gel/paste. Honey and freeze dried honey are the only ingredients. While I’m not sure how this will improve your health, I do think it tastes wonderful and is a great alternative to grabbing a candy bar or cookie. I think we’ll probably throw this on some buttered toast! Okay, that isn’t healthy but that would be soooo yummy!

We also received a full bottle of Vitamin D3 from a company called Pure Matters. This bottle includes 30 capsules. This is a huge sample and a great surprise! I know so many of us don’t get enough vitamin D & without vitamin D, it’s nearly impossible to get the Calcium you need. I’ve been taking these for a few days and I feel energized in the same way I do from a little bit of sunshine.

Another tasty treat in this months Bulu Box is Night Food, this is a cookies and cream flavored nighttime snack that is suppose to help you sleep easier and more restfully. The first ingredient in this as a sweetener is organic and it actually has real Oreo Cookie bits! It does contain 1.5mg of Melatonin & 500mg of Chocamine so it looks like it may just be a Melatonin infused comfort food. I’ll try it.ย  This was super filling and did make me groggy. I’m not a big advocate for eating before bed but it had good flavors and if you’re a midnight snacker- give this a try.

Our last sample was Super HD Fat Targeting & Sculpting agent. This is a weight loss pill- just one. While my husband knew this was something he wouldn’t use and said it was again too small a sample to know, I disagree. I would love to be trying an energy and weight loss boost but a lot of them leave me jittery. With one pill, I’ll know if this is one that will do that to me.

With just the samples provided, I am loving Bulu box, it’s one that I will definitely continue getting. BUT there was more! Pure Matters also included a $10 gift card (code). Online, they offer free shipping on every order with some full bottles starting as low as $10.95. I scored a bottle of 60ct. 3mg Melatonin for $.95- free shipping. This insomniac is very happy! They also run deals so be sure to sign up for an account to get their email alerts!

KlutchClub May & GIVEAWAY!


I’m really excited to tell you all about a different kind of subscription box- Klutchclub.
Klutchclub is a monthly subscription box that focuses on health and welless. Everything from skin care to working out & all the tasty (but healthy) snacks and drinks to keep you going. Klutchclub is $18 a month, with discounts applied automatically with 3-month and 1 year subscription purchases.

My Klutchclub box arrived today.
It took about a week to get to me from the date they shipped it out.
Klutchclub was kind enough to send me their May box to share with you all- in addition,
one lucky reader will also win this same box for themselves!
Details at the end!
Klutchclub has some really cute details in their packaging, the outer box slides off to reveal all of you sweet goodies.

The very first thing I pulled out was a large paper card for a free Yoga class Download from YogaDownload.com They have all levels of Yoga from beginner to expert so not matter how familiar you are with Yoga, this will work for you. Classes run about $8 for a 60-minute class.

Next is a $25off of any order of $26 or more from Moving comfort.
The $26 has to be before shipping, so basically,
you can check out their sale section and get a sports bra for only the $5 shipping!
Their items look really nice & I’m excited to order one myself. They also give you a code to give to a friend!

Also included was this Klutchclub water bottle.
It’s your standard water bottle, but it’s always great to stay hydrated before, during & after a workout.

One of the most exciting items (for a beauty junkie) was this Hydroxatone 90 Second instant effect Wrinkle Reducer.
This is a full sized product & it retails for $70! I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews.

If you’ve heard of Coconut Water, you may have heard of the brand O.N.E.
It was one of the first brands I heard of when Coconut water first became the next big thing.
I was excited to see something so well known included in Klutchclub.

Included in their literature for O.N.E was a little note that they give away a whole years worth of Coconut Water every week.
I don’t know about you, but I will be sure to check that out.

Lastly were two very tasty looking Think Thin bars.
One is a Think Thin Crunch bar in Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nuts
& the other is a regular Think thin bar in Chunky Peanut Butter. YUM.

So, howย  can you get your own Klutchclub box?
It’s SO easy.

  • First of all, go to the Klutchclub Facebook Page & “like” it.
  • Then, headover to The Rosy Snail Facebook Page & do the same.
  • Now, look to your right & please “Follow TheRosySnail via Email”
  • & I want you to comment below to tell me what is your favorite item in this Klutchclub box.

Your comment will count as your entry, but the other three are required in order for you to win if your name is drawn.
You can gain additional entries by referring friends. Just have them include your name in their comment!

***Gain TWO extra entries by clicking HERE and then click “Vote” You can also comment below that photo to be entered into another drawing.***

Drawing ends next Monday (6/25) at 10pm Central. The winner will be announced the following day at Noon!
Good Luck Everyone!!