Anastasia Beverly Hills


When the Holidays come around, there is one thing I REALLY go ga-ga for- Holiday Gift Sets! But the Creme De La Creme of Gift Sets for me has got to be in the Cosmetics department. There’s nothing like getting everything you love from a company all in one set! When it comes to my eyes and brows, no one does Gift Sets like Anastasia Beverly Hills! In my book, their Holiday Gift Sets are legendary!
This year I got to try two of them.

This year, Anastasia Beverly Hills released Two Kits: One for the eyes, Want You To Want Me & one for the lips: Kiss On My List. Each Kit is a steal of a deal with multiple items at one low price. Since 1997, Anastasia Beverly Hills has been bringing the professional cosmetic experience to your own home with a balance of science and beauty in their amazing, high quality cosmetics.

The first set I opened was the Want You To Want Me Set. This set is all about the eyes, the focal point of your face. They call this a kit within a clutch because it all comes perfectly presented in a velvet magnetic box with rose gold tone chain detailing. The presentation of this kit is beautiful and ideal for gifting. I personally wouldn’t even wrap this! It’s already a treat to open. This clutch is also easy to take with you and features a large mirror. But the REAL treats are the products inside!

As you would expect with an eye kit, there is an eyeshadow. The difference? This is duel sides and even features a crease brush on one end. I love the idea of being able to pack on color and blend when needed. I have to say this is certainly not my favorite brush in the whole entire world, but it gets the job done and it’s VERY handy to have in my kit or on the go.


Next, I checked out the two “tube” items. First was Anastasia Beverly Hills’ signature Brow Gel. This gel has become my everyday go-to product when it comes to keeping my unruly brows in check. I fill my brows with their a powder or a pencil, then I give them a quick once over and I’m set all day. I don’t even have to think twice about my brows. Before I used this get, I would sometimes have to double check or touch up my brows half way through the day- not my idea of fun! Or other gels I used didn’t hold up the way this one does and I ended up plucking or smoothing out stray hairs. Again, no thanks!

Also included in the hit- a liquid eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner can be all you need to turn a day-time eye look into a sultry night on the town look. This liner is easy to apply and dries into a dark, matte line that is smooth and lasts all day. (or night) I love throwing this mini into my purse to keep on hand in order to just have a quick mid-day make over. It lasts even through working out and all the other sweat inducing Mommy tasks I tackle everyday.

While I loved all the products in this kit, the true star has to be this mini palette. Hands down! It features 9 colors that are on the neutral side all perfect to mix and match with endless combination possibilities. 2 of the 9 shades are matter and the other 7 have a subtle, silky shimmery finish. Each shadow applies like satin, lasts all day and never creases.

Swatched (without primer) these shades are super pigmented in just one pass. I love all the possibilities this compact palette offers and of all my palettes, it’s certainly the most portable I own. Plus, with it’s velvet cover, it’s already help up to a few falls. (Let’s face it, those are bound to happen). The palette itself also has a mirror inside.

I really loved this kit for it’s endless possibilities are easy on-the-go feel. It’s idea for both daytime, business, casual, nighttime or even formal looks and for the price- only $34, it’s an affordable multitasking kit. I certainly caught the bug I’ve heard you get with your first Anastasia Beverly Hills product and I couldn’t wait to try out another kit!

My Next kit is all about kissable, hydrated lips! This set of 6 is titles Kiss On My List ( a cute play on words) and retails for only $30! That is $5 a lip gloss, which is a steal for most brands but especially one as high end as Anastasia Beverly Hills. Just one of these glosses retail for $18! So for less than the price of two, you get 6 of their lipglosses. I’m considering buying another set! The shades are Jolene, Lola, Maggie May, Roxanne, Sharona and Moi. All beautiful ladies 😉

Each color is more beautiful than the last and I have a hard time deciding each day. These colors moisturize instantly with over 90% of women asked said that after 10 minutes they felt that their lips were moisturized. These glosses are the perfect balance of smooth and long lasting and leave my lips feeling great. They also leave behind a slight stain of their color which is great for when your lipgloss wears off through drinking or eating, you’re still left with a nice flush of color. I can’t believe no one else has done this with their glosses yet! I thought that was a brilliant idea.

If you’ve got a cosmetic junkie on your Holiday Shopping list, be sure and check out Anastasia Beverly Hills for quality and a great deal on these sets. They’re perfect for beginners, collectors and even beauty experts!

Sweet Romance Jewelry


I’m a big fan of BIG jewelry. I live in Texas and there are a lot of “big things” I’m not a fan of, like big skirts or big hair, but big jewelry; That I can get on board with! While big jewelry is a dime a dozen in my neck of the woods,
I go for jewelry with an edge and I love to have what other’s done.

When I heard about Sweet Romance, I was instantly hooked by their unique designs and pieces I couldn’t find anywhere else.
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Sweet Romance is a jewelry line designed by Shelley Cooper. Shelley Cooper is not only a jewelry maker and designer, but she is also a historian. She is inspired by jewelry through the ages and  had a special esthetic for the vintage and antique. Each collection is more inspiring than the last and I soon got lost in a sea of jewelry must-haves. I soon settled on three pieces that are truly other worldly.

The first thing I selected was this Ollipop Tang Butterfly Gemstone Cuff. The goldtone version of this bracelet was featured on the lovely Vanessa Williams when she was on the show, Desperate Housewives. The first thing I thought when I saw this was that is was a touch small as I have slightly bigger wrists. (7.25-7.5″ bracelets fit me best) but this bracelet is easy to adjust by applying slight pressure. The detail of the faux gemstones on this cuff  is amazing. Each tiny piece is placed by hand and perfectly positioned for the design. I gifted this bracelet to my Sister-in-law who thought it was just as stunning as I did.

I also got this Nautical Chain Necklace. I love all things Nautical and my jewelry collection is mostly silver so I thought this would make a welcome addition to my jewelry box. Of the two pieces I kept for myself, I wear this one most often. I goes great with my Fall and winter wardrobes and it really jazzes up a boring top. Even thought the antique finish of this necklace makes it look rustic, the bling around some of the links adds real pop and brings the look into a more “current” fashion for me. Even though I have small children, this chain has stood up against curious toddlers pulling and  even biting on it.  I love having beautiful jewelry that I don’t have to worry about breaking or repairing after wearing a few times. I really believe these pieces will last me a long time!

Last, I got this Locks & Keys Necklace. This one is probably my favorite necklace I own at the moment. I ADORE keys and this necklace does old keys better than any jewelry piece I’ve ever seen! The length of this necklace is perfect to lay just below your collar bones acting as a collar itself. The chain easily hold the weight of these charms.

The detailing on each charm is just magic. From the decorative detailing to the large, antiqued chain- I think this piece is a work of art.

Overall, I thought each piece was sturdy, well made and even more beautiful in person than I expected! I was really blown away when my package arrived and I have a few of these pieces on my Wishlist this year! If you know someone that likes unique, lively jewelry- Sweet Romance is the place to shop. You’re sure to find something your loved one will enjoy that she can’t find anywhere else.

Peter Pauper Press


I know the title seems like I tongue twister but what if I told you that Peter Pauper Press produces Premium Paper Products 🙂 Dizzy yet? Their products also make Perfect Presents and help keep you in proper order for party planning. No matter how you word it, fact is at Peter Pauper Press, you’re bound to find journals, stationary and more for everyone on your Holiday list this year!

Peter Pauper Press carries a wide variety of paper items from calendars and journals, to bookmarks, organizers and even fun items for kids. When it comes to paper and giftable paper products, Peter Pauper Press has you covered. Since the year is drawing to an end, I decided it was about time I started taking some notes. Both in a calendar and just in a lined notebook. I was quick to find some designs that were perfect for me.

The first thing I chose was this 16-month Calendar. I loved the “Keep Calm and Have A Cupcake” cover and I can’t say I don’t like pink. This calendar is super sturdy, cute and well made. I like the idea of a 16-month calendar so I’m not waiting for the New Year to begin to start writing down my appointments and reminders. This one actually started in September so I can go ahead and plan the Holidays now.

My favorite item has to be this Peacock Journal. It spine is covered with real leather. This journal is huge! Both in it’s weight and the number of pages. It will take me a long while to fill up this book! The detailing on the front and back cover is absolutely perfect. I love all of the attention to detail.

The theme and details are even carried on in the pages inside. Writing in and flipping through this book is super easy and this just feels like the most well made journal I’ve ever written in. I know I’ll be purchasing another if I ever fill this one up!

Browsing through the Peter Pauper Press website is not only fun, but you’ll realize just how affordable their prices are! They’ve got items for every member of the family and to fit any esthetic. If you know someone who loves stationary, journals or just doodling, this is the place to shop for them!

EveryBodies Lingerie- Shoe Shopping


It’s no secret that I’m not a size 2 & frankly, I don’t know a lot of women (or moms) that are. I’ve shopped in a few lingerie boutiques and browsed Victoria’s Secret and I can say it was less than ideal. Things in my size are either scarce or they’re just unflattering. It’s like they’ll throw anything in their stores for their “plus size” section just to saw they have one! Not to mention the sizing! On a trip to visit a boutique with a friend last year, I probably spent an hour in a hot, stuffy dressing room trying to get something that fit my waist and bust and NO women wants to wear a 5x when she’s typically a L/XL…ever. Under ANY circumstance. I eventually found a nightie and went about my day, but it’s the experience that comes to mind when a girlfriend of mine chimes up with the idea to go shopping. After that, I took up looking online and found a lot of the same issues: a confusing sizing system and a limited selection for the average or plus size women. Then I found and my headache went away!

EveryBodies Lingerie owner, Nichole G., set out with a mission- to offer lingerie and other accessories for women of all shapes and sizes. She wanted to have a place where everything was easy to find and the selection was big enough to match anyone’s personal style. After browsing her site for an hour or so, I have to say she succeeded- in a big way.

I was able to browse lingerie by what style I wanted (or even search color) THEN by what size I needed. So, instead of searching through a few pages in the “Plus Size” section, I was able to choose my favorite night time attire- baby doll nighties and then select my size. I wasn’t limited to 5-10 selections like I have been in the past. I was able to click on a nightie I liked and sure enough- it was available in my size! Plus, on every page featuring an outfit or clothing product, the size chart is clearly laid out in the details. You can choose by your weight, bust, hip or even your dress size, whichever is easier for you! I really felt like all the bases were covered!

I have to admit that I’m not used to having THAT many choices when it goes to Lingerie! It was almost overwhelming and narrowing it down to an item I wanted to review was too hard! So, I went to my safe place. Shoes! I couldn’t turn down these leopard print heels! Shipping with EveryBodies Lingerie is fast- orders ship same or next day. (Meaning you still have time to order before the Holidays!)

I got these Ellie Shoes Satin & Lace Stilettos & I have to say, they’re perfect! These are some serious heels for sure, but they are insanely comfortable for a 6″ heel. The leopard print is super smooth satin and these are detailed in black lacy ribbon with charms on the back heel. They’re bling encrusted keys.

I loved the attention to details on these. Each bow and strip of ribbon was perfectly in it’s place and these shoes are just beautifully designed. Since I picked out this pair, the selection at Everybodies Lingerie has continued to grow!

Aside from your “basic” lingerie, they also carry, shoes, clothing, accessories, cosmetics and they even boast a selection for men. Their styles are current and in style and like I mentioned earlier, it’s hard to pick just one! The damage I could do on a shopping spree at 😉

If you’re looking for something to wear for that special night it, be sure and check out their selection. Whether you’re looking for something wild or mild, and no matter your “number” they’re sure to have something that’s the right fit for you.
PLUS, right now, they have 10% off your entire order! Applied automatically when you add any item to your cart!

Seagate External Hard Drive


With all past and future Holidays, I’ve compiled quite a collection of photos and videos. I can’t imaging what would happen if I were to lose these memories should a computer decide to crash. I’m lucky enough to report that’s never happened to me, but I’ve had phones break and flash drives stop working and I can say, that’s the pits! For months, my husband and I talked about backing up our files. Especially our boys’ baby photos. All our photos and important digital documents have been spread out over 2 laptops and a desk top computer, so it also made sense to consolidate our collection.

The quest for the right External Hard Drive ended when I heard about Seagate.

Seagate became the first hard drive manufacturer ever to ship 1 Billion hard drives in 2008. Yes, that read BILLION. So, I would say it goes without saying that there are a lot of Seagate hard drives out there!  When it comes to Seagate’s selection, there are currently 5 different desktop hard drives and 5 portable (laptop) versions. I opted to go with something that was portable and didn’t take much space- for me, that was the Seagate Slim.

The Seagate slim is only slightly larger than a lot of smart phones on the market and as thin as a pencil. It is, in fact, the world’s thinnest external hard drive.  The Slim features 500GB (half a Terabyte) of space. It also comes in 100% recyclable packaging and includes a 3-year limited warranty.

Copying files to my flash drive was super easy. I used the included cable and simply used the “drag and drop” method and had all of my files backed up in about 30 minutes. It’s also easy to upload and backup all your media from social media websites with just one click.

My Seagate Slim is sturdy, reliable and a breeze to use. It also offers me the peace of mind that I’ve been looking for. You can get your own Seagate Slim for as low as $78 on Amazon making it an affordable way to stop the worry and hassle of possible loosing your files and information.

How are you staying organized digitally these days?


One of the best things about the Holidays is all the Seasonal Scents. Vanilla, Berry, Cinnamon, Apple- they all just scream Holiday Cheer to me! With little ones, a giant candle burning for several hours isn’t always the best idea. An open flame is just too tempting to little fingers. That’s why I love Candle Warmers and Wax Melts! The biggest selection I’ve ever seen is at

The first thing I picked out was my scents. Apples & Spice and Merry Berry Plum! They almost sound good enough to eat! carries over 40 varieties of Jamie Clair Wax Melts. Each is available in 2oz or 4oz size and are a great deal! These large ones retail for only $5.99

Each 4oz “block” is sectioned into 12 pieces and each piece last for a very long time! I’m only on my second piece. I keep my warmer on for just a few hours and the scent lingers all day. When I’m ready to switch to a new scent, I let the wax cool, then I just push on one side and “pop” the piece of wax out.

Now let’s get to the warmer. I wanted to do something festive, BUT I didn’t want to have to pack my warmer away after December 25th, so I went with snowflakes. This warmer illuminates and melts the scented wax at the same time. It uses an internal light bulb to melt the wax.

I also wanted to get a warmer that would go with my decor after the holidays, so I picked out this Vintage Turqoise one. This is one of their new designs and I have to say, it’s my favorite of the bunch! They have 43 different warmers so if this one isn’t your style, I’m sure they have something to fit anyone’s personal style.

Aside from the wax blocks and warmers, also carries standard jar candles and warmer lamps,  plate candle warmers, candle crock warmers and more. Everything you need for the wickless candle experience. Be sure and check them out this year for your Seasonal Scent selection!


Emani Trio Eye Colors- Review & GIVEAWAY


Nothing makes a better shocking stuffer than cosmetics. Okay, maybe that’s just me! But I’ll help you lovely ladies stock your own stocking with this awesome giveaway 😉

Emani is a cosmetics line establishes in 1998 that is cruelty free, Vegan friendly and PETA certified. Their products are not only friendly to animals, but they are meant to improve your complexion and allow your skin to breathe.  Emani set out to bring a new twist on natural cosmetics and take the boring out of mineral cosmetics. I got the opportunity to try out two of their Trio Eye Colors and I have to say, they’re doing it right!

The first thing I noticed about Emani Minerals is their packaging. It’s beautiful and sturdy. I have plenty of eyeshadows that I would never carry around with me on-the-go or fear they would get broken- this is not one of those! I can even attest that they can withstand a 3 foot drop onto a bathroom flood…twice. There’s a reason my mother didn’t name me Grace…

These trios come in 5 combination. I chose Tantalizing and Aqua God. Each trio features 3 colors with a total of .14oz (4 grams) of eyeshadow- these are BIG trios! & each collection makes a great shadow look with a lid color, crease color and highlight, but the combinations are endless! You can even wet a liner brush and line your top lashes for some extra POP! I even had fun mixing and matching my trios for even more options.
Emani Mineral shadows work best with primer (as I’ve found with most mineral shadows), but with a little bit o a primer base, these shadows lasted all day and were true to color! I couldn’t decide which trio to use to show you guys a look, so do me a favor & leave a comment letting me know which Trio is your favorite!

Now for the Giveaway! One lucky Rosy Snail reader will win her choice of TWO Emani Trio Eye Colors!
Click on the image below to enter!

Payless Shoe Source


I’m a sucker for a good pair of heels. I know it’s a weakness for many women out there. I’ve got a pretty good collection going, but if you can believe it, I’ve paid less than $30 for each pair. Why? Because I hunt for bargains! The exception? Sometimes I just walk into Payless– not hunting required!

I received these beauties from Payless Shoe Source for review and let me tell you, they’re perfect! These are by Brash and they call them the Kosmic Playform Pump. Originally $34.99, right now, these are on sale for only $24.99!!

These are real show stoppers and most people are shocked when I tell them the price! They’ve got a pretty big heel (these have got to be at least three inches) but the platform at the toes makes them feel stable for some serious heels! These are the most comfortable pair of 3″ heels in my closet. Plus, the soft red fabric make these even feel lush!

I couldn’t believe how inexpensive these heels are and you can even get them in 4 other colors! I’ll be getting the gold and nude ones VERY soon! They’d make perfect Holiday shoes along with my red ones 🙂

Master of Malt


I’m sure most of you wives and daughters will attest to the fact that the men in our lives are the hardest to buy for. I think I’ve found something that us likely on their wishlist and is sure to be a treat.

At Master of Malt,  they have over 25 years of Whiskey expertise. They claim one of the largest collections of single malt scotch whiskies and if they don’t have it? They said they can find it for you. They have compiled their vast knowledge into their website and aside from just offering a product to their customers, they want to educate you & help you make the most informed decision you can about your Whiskey. That perfect, 30-year-old whiskey may be a specialty gift that could set you back a pretty penny and that is why Master of Malt began their Drinks by the Dram sampling service. Try a 1oz sample of a Whiskey you’d like to purchase before you commit. This also spawned their ever popular tasting sets.

I had the honor of trying out the Regions of Scotland Whiskey Tasting Set. Inside I received 5 Drams of Whiskey ranging from 12 and 15, all the way up to 40 years old! Each wax sealed and featuring a rustic label with it’s name and some information on the contents. There is so much amazing detail put into even these small “sample” bottles that I could see why this would make such an amazing gift. It’s gorgeous!

Each bottle is unique from what’s inside to the seal making just one of them a great stocking stuffer. It’s wonderful to be able to sample sets from different regions of the world.

The inside of the lid is printed with the information that truly makes the Master of Malt experience. Each drams tasting “notes”, “palate” and “finish” is late out in a wonderful description. You thought you knew a good Whiskey….you were wrong!

I fell in love with Master of Malt. I thought their knowledge and attention to detail paired with
great tasting Whiskey was a true win!

Stadler Form- Max Heater


It’s late in the winter season, but here in Texas, we’re finally able to switch on the heater and get cozy! Most days, though, the heater runs for a short period of time. Since our house if fairly small and the boys play in only two rooms (for the most part)- I thought getting a heater to use would help save on some energy bills, but it would have to be safe. That’s when I found the Max Heater by Stadler Form.

We received our Max heater a few weeks ago, before we quite needed a heater just yet. That’s how we discovered that it’s not only a heater, but can we used as a fan as well. They say the fan inside (used for both heating and cooling) is whisper quiet and I couldn’t agree more. A few times, my two-year-old (in spite of it being a no-no) has turned our Max Heater on without my knowledge and I never catch it until I’m all the sudden having a hot flash!  This heater does an excellent job of heating a room or two to the perfect temperature.

The controls are really easy, you can control the temperature with one and the fans power with the other. The knobs glide easily and they fit in nicely with the whole look and feel of the Max Heater.

Overall, we love the design and how well this heater worked. Stadler Form took a lot of time and care into the entire design of this heater and even picked up a few awards along the way. When not in use, it is a bright statement in our house and people often ask about it. The Max heater is available in 3 colors: red, yellow or white. With kids in the home, I’m stoked to report that no matter how long you run this heater, it never gets hot to the touch. It gets a little bit warm, but not enough to hurt anyone, especially curious toddlers. That makes this a super family-friendly option in my book!

How are you staying warm this winter?